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A Gem Of A Movie
This was a gem of a movie. Please watch it in it's native language with subtitles. The English dubbing was not great and was a real distraction. I had to watch this movie twice to catch all the nuances of the plot. I just watched it on Bluray and it looked terrific. The cinematography looked great and the music stood out. Sure, the plot is your basic revenge story. A man is imprisoned (where? not sure)for fifteen long years released and is finally released (stuffed in a suitcase!)with very little money as he sets out to solve the mystery and get revenge on his captors. Good stuff here and worth checking out! The performances were terrific too! There's a scene on a rooftop with a guy trying to commit suicide that has a funny (and sick) ending to the scene.


Where can I enroll? :)
After seeing this movie every high school kid in their right mind is going to be dying to go to college! The parties are out of control, the girls are smokin hot (and barley dressed) and the Frat house guys are hilarious! I was never bored once during this movie. Even Gary Owen was in it. He plays a big dumb frat guy who has been in college forever. I didn't even know he was in it until I saw it. The other guys are great too, don't dismiss "chicken little" or whatever they call him, he was one of the best characters in the movie.

All in all, a fun filled, drunken slut fest! Great movie keeps you laughing.


This was quite the inspiring real life story. Surfing is a big part of it, but there is much more to tell than just surfing tales.

A doctor "Doc P." leaves his traditional life and starts a new on the road. This highly religious couple bears 9 children (yes, count them nine!) and raises them outside the school system in a tiny mobile trailer. You wouldn't think this even possible, but they make it work by enforcing their unique rules: everyone must surf, only eat certain foods, and treat each other with respect.

All nine kids were home schooled. My favorite quote from one of them, who is now an adult was something like this: most parents say don't swim with the sharks because it is not safe, our parents said, swim with the sharks, it's safe, but don't go to school, that's not safe.

Boarding Gate

Great thriller
This hypnotic, angular thriller about sex, murder, betrayal and money takes you on a feverish journey from nowhere to somewhere.

The plot may lose you at first, but actress Asia Argento is a clear and commanding force throughout.

This film plays with various genre codes and conventions very differently than most run-of-the-mill modern thrillers. Keeps things modern and original.

Entertaining and chilling at the same time. Argento's character is relate-albe and hate-able at the same time.

Good flick.


two thumbs up!
This was a great heist movie.

They found a way to keep it original and throw in some drama and romance.

Shannon Lucio was great, everyone else was great as well. Love Chris Marquette!

All in all, great movie.

What a cool, fun story: A friend's family member is sick, you're mad at your dad for having and affair, so let's rob his bank! But, let's do it during the ceremony for graduation! Loved it, I'll watch it again when I get a copy.


Flawless is right!
Award worthy performances from both main characters.

This movie was very different from the familiar robbery story. They did a great job of working comedy into the dialog and the sequence of events was surprising. It gives you a detailed look into the deed itself after the fact. I loved the change up. Well done.

Demi Moore does a great job in an older role. You are able to relate to her character and feel what she is feeling.

Also, the "time warp" back to the 60's was a blast! They did a great job with the accuracy, sparing no detail. The wardrobe was great, I even enjoyed the overalls!

The Signal

Crazy Movie!
Holy crap this movie was nuts!

I am in shock because of how good it was!

I haven't seen a horror movie like this in forever! If you even think you like movies of this genre, you must go see it.

It was really well done, I'm still freaked from it.

I swear if I hear or see any white noise I'm going straight to the loony bin!

I pre-ordered it on amazon (it's not out on DVD until June 3rd) and I suggest you do the same!

Turn off the lights and grab some popcorn, prepare for a great movie!

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