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  • A movie that tries to be a spaghetti western but has too much dialogue and not enough violence. I found it amusing that the characters look like they stepped out of a Sergio Leone western, all of them are just too clean. There is no dirt on anyone unless a makeup artist placed it there. Really, everyone is so clean they remind me of characters in a Disney movie. It isn't a horrible Western, but it is almost comical with its pompous dialogue. This film has some entertainment value, especially in chapter three should you make it that far.
  • 6 December 2020
    It seems like David Kelly is channeling David Lynch here and not for any good reason. I did like the opening with its soundtrack backing the flying fists of Katheryn Winnick and Kylie Bunbury , but it went downhill quick for me. I don't want to give away any plot points except that trafficking in women is key. Other than that, you quickly learn who the bad guys are and who the good girls are. I found this so bad, I am hoping the second two episodes do not see the light of your 1080 screen. Watch if you must, but I won't be aboard this truck wreck.
  • I have been a Hardy Boys fan since I was ten and bought The Tower Treasure in 1956 at our local department store. In the first few Hardy Boy books, the boys rode motorcycles and carried 45's. As I continued to read the series, the boys became somewhat more wholesome. And younger, in the first few books Frank was 18 and Joe was 17; suddenly they were 16 and 15. Strangely, the age shift didn't bother me as the adventure kept me in thrall.

    I like this version even though the city name is wrong, it should be Bayport; and I'm not happy with the age difference between Frank and Joe. The story here is good with some genuine mystery and menace. It's as much Hardy Boys as any and better than any of the other TV series that borrowed the name. I hope for a second series, but I fear a few of the actors will age out quickly.

    I used to write fan letters to F.W.Dixon in care of the publisher. Someone always wrote back, and the letters were signed, F. W. Dixon. My son read my collection of books. And now I am hoping my grandchildren will read the books and become fans. Maybe watching the Hulu version of The Hardy Boys will spark an interest.

    I do have few problems with this series. The story is good and the acting is fine. However, I have some casting issue. Rohan Campbell, who is 23, looks 30 and is too old for Frank Hardy. Alexander Elliot, Joe Hardy, looks 16 and not 12 and should be Frank. And Bea Santos, Aunt Trudy, who is 30 and looks 20 and should be dating Frank. Other than that, I do like the series. It has a nice noir quality to it that helps create just the right atmosphere.

    And for the truly ancient, like me, watch for grandmother Gloria. She is played by Linda Thorson, who had the unenviable job of replacing Diana Rigg, Mrs.Emma Peel, on The Avengers. The TV show staring Rigg and Patrick Macnee as John Steed. "Mrs.Peel, we're needed."
  • Glenn Close is just "darn" good. She makes you believe her character is real. And Amy Adams is right behind her, affirming she's no slouch. The story line is a pure Horatio Alger story of Ragged Dick or Tattered Tom. It could make one wonder if J. D. Vance stumbled across these tales in some dust covered stack in a Yale library and thought why not string together a memoir that would fit well within the current political landscape.

    I grew up in Ohio and can recognize the territory of a town once filled with life thanks to the steel mills that provided a job to anyone with a strong back. Then those same mills closed, and the story goes, leaving behind a decimated economy and bitter ex-employees drinking "boiler makers" and cursing those who escaped. That's too easy.

    It is true for me that outside of my uncle, and a handful of of other neighbors, college graduates were rare, but we were encouraged to do well in school, get a college degree, and have a better life than our parents. I was always puzzled that as my friends and acquaintances got those college degrees, they became Republicans. And they became Trump supporting Republicans. Perhaps they wanted to get as far away from their roots as possible. As you watch this film, try and remember it is a film and as such is a fiction with its own theme to sell.
  • This film just doen't a genre to fit it. It's far too slapstick to to be taken seriously and has too serious a theme to be ignored. I gather Mitchum turned down The Wild Bunch for this film, and I can't understand why. There have been great films dealing with men aging out of their milieu such as Kirk Douglas in Lonely Are the Brave; but this film is a bad mashup of The Great Race crashes into The Wild Bunch. If there is a redeeming quality to the film, it occurs at the end. Martin Balsam plays a voter hungry politician who has no discernible moral base. And when accosted by a reporter at the film's conclusion, a reporter's question suggests greater things for this empty-headed vote getter which elicits a comment from Mitchum;s character--there goes 20th century man--that seems prescient in 2020.
  • At times we need a reminder of what we can be when we open our hearts to one another. There was a time that the rest of the world criticized Americans for being too friendly and kind to strangers. That criticism showed off our strength not our weakness. This episode is a welcome reminder that we should pay attention to our old reputation which is what made the rest of the world envious of us. And there is a bit of Schadenfreude in this episode as an old adversary of the firehouse gets his reward. Try not to give that subplot too much attention and rather keep in mind Chicago is there for each other.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    No doubt every fan knew this episode was coming in Severide's quest to prove to himself that he's not Bennie. But this is a good episode with three concurrent stories dealing with loss. Most viewers won't recognize or know Jenny O'Hara who plays Ellie and has been acting on TV and film since 1968 and is still working as of 2020, and here she plays a woman who refuses to abandon her fire damaged house. Only Ellie's problem gets a resolution here; Severide still faces a long journey moving forward.
  • As others have pointed out, this season has two parts. Part one, (1-5), find an American serial killer who has eluded the FBI for twenty years. Part two (6-10), find out who is trying to destroy William Wisting and why. Both parts emphasize the problems Wisting has with his children and with Line in particular. In part one, Wisting and his journalist daughter Line are running parallel investigations unaware of each other's pursuit. Obviously, it is safe to assume the investigations will collide to build suspense for a satisfying conclusion. But before the congratulatory ink is dry, Wisting finds himself suspended and jailed for falsifying evidence. But a similar abduction occurs but Wisting has been sidelined. Will Wisting's daughter rescue her father and save rhe day? Both parts of season one are well done, but you wlll be frustrated by various characters and some police work that seems beyond incompetent.

    I enjoyed the opening camera work that established the bleakness and isolation of Norway. And unfortunately I found the character of Line unbearable, and found myself hoping a killer would just take her out. That means the acting all around was terrific. An excellent cast of talented actors.
  • It shouldn't take long to figure out this film is a satire, but of the cruelest kind: Juvenalian. I always thought Dr. Strangelove would be the satire against which all other satiric films would be judged. Now, not so sure. This film has moments of hilarity that just slap you in the face when you realize what your laughing at. Then thoses moments of cruelity are not just cruel, but cringworthy cruel. Many of us have enough knowledge of WW II to know how this will play out: we are watching an execution but can't look away. I would like to believe that watching and talking about this film might enlighten a few minds, I really would like to believe that.
  • You got the premise or you wouldn't be reading this. I just couldn't find this amusing but with Covid forcing us indoors, I am being forced to watch the unwatchable. You have some good actors involved: Rebecca Front from Inspector Lewis, Siobhan Finneran from The Loch and Happy Valley, and even Stephen Tompkinson from D.C. I. Banks and Ballykissangel. All wasted here. But the characters who play the mistress and daughter are so obnoxious you want to. . . hence the title of this review.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The six episodes are almost two hours each, which makes this way too long. You are better off watching episode 1 to know the characters and then skip tp episode 6 for the conclusion. Some filmic touches remind me of Brian De Palma but what makes this watchable is the scenery of Italy. But if you must then know what you are in for.

    The series is set in Matera . Chiara, a successful lawyer in a Rome office , is forced to return to her hometown for the sudden disappearance of her sister Elena, who lives there with her three children. Later a body is found in a ravine and it is hypothesized that it could be the suicidal one. Meanwhile, the mother Antonia, who suffers from a form of dementia, thinks that the daughter is still alive. Subsequently, the killing of Elena by the ex-husband Roberto is assumed (since Elena had never had psychological traumas so serious as to push her to suicide). Her husband's position seems to re-stabilize when it is discovered following various indications that Giulio, the last of Elena's three children, is not Roberto's son, but Martino Siniscalchi, a violent man, who beats his wife and takes on the role of deputy mayor of Matera. With this we think of a blackmail and therefore of the guilt of Martino Siniscalchi for the murder of Elena; later, however, when some naked photos of Elena found by a friend of his, Nicola Gambi, are found, he is sentenced on charges of manslaughter and concealment of a corpse.

    This isin't the end. While I have provided some spoilers, the conclusion is in the final episode.
  • New York bred Angela Lansbury is swept off her feet by sweet-talking Dick Foran and finds herself in a bathroom less ranch surrounded by nothing. Nothing except a varmint called Billy the Kid. A very charming varmint indeed. Basically, this is a lighthearted romp for everyone involved. And it might remind people what a looker Angela Lansbury was in her youth.
  • New York bred Angela Lansbury is swept off her feet by sweet-talking Dick Foran and finds herself in a bathroom less ranch surrounded by nothing. Nothing except a varmint called Billy the Kid. A very charming varmint indeed. Basically, this is a lighthearted romp for everyone involved. And it might remind people what a looker Angela Lansbury was in her youth.
  • Not hard to understand why the pilot was picked up. There is no protagonist. Lyle Talbot is the obvious antagonist. When the Tucson Kid rides into town, it's Talbot with the demands to hang the stranger without a trial. But the real hero isn't the Tucson Kid, it's the . . . . Watch to figure it out.

    This pilot isn't worse than some episodes of Superman (it even shares the same music) but it ambles all over the place. Think of it as the early Ed Wood Jr it is.An artifact of what was to come before Planet 9.
  • Watch episodes 1 and 2 then 9 and 10 and skip the middle muddle. Has Olaf returned and does he know what happened to the 12-year-old girl who disappeared with him? By the time this is over, several people have been murdered and one thing is certain: Schouwendam is one screwed up village. If you decide to watch it all, you will be frustrated by the most incompetent police anywhere, and scratching your head over a confusing subplot about postpartum depression. And don't say you weren't warned.
  • The camera work in this film is amazing, and credit has to go to cinematography by Ernest Laszlo. Every time you see Harrow (David Wayne) the framing becomes more claustrophobic. You know things are closing in on him. As he stops at a coffee shop, the lattice work outside the patio shows him behind bars. When Harrow is cornered in a mannequin warehouse, the closeups as he struggles to escape show his increasing desperation. Outside in the arcade that houses the warehouse, the mob runs up and down the staircases like angry ants.

    This is a much underrated movie that deserves to be seen. The cast is composed of great grade B+ actors: David Wayne, Howard Da Silva, Martin Gabel, Steve Brodie. Norman Lloyd, Walter Burke, and even Raymond Burr.

    If you search for this on YouTube, you can watch the movie free.
  • Why did someone believe Pauley Perrette could be the lead in a comedy? She might have generated a chuckle on NCIS, but never did her performance indicate the had the timing of a comedy actor. The premise of the show is somewhat standard by today's standards: single mom with son has a family member return hope, in this case a sister, and hijinks result as the Jeffersons have to move in with the Bunkers. Actually, that would be funnier. Here it's just a rich sister whose husband, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, has to accept he has lost the family fortune and now is living with a hardworking middle class sister-in-law; Has to be funny, right? Nope. No chemistry among cast members and plot just falls flat.I will be surprised if they run episode two, but with many viewers who love such dross, you never know.
  • There are some great ideas here that provide for a number of overarching story lines, but the writers don't hold it together. I doubt if this was the cast Roddenberry would have picked, but this series was made not to be part of the Star Trek universe but as a standalone. Fine, but get everyone on the same page for continuity.

    I managed to like the cast and Gordo Michael Woolvett became my favorite with his double and triple entendres. It seemed everyone enjoyed working together or the camaraderie was well faked.

    Unfortunately, this series just never found its center. Was it serious scifi or just a lot of space opera horsing around? What we ended up with is some episodes that bordered on inspiring, yet most were just silly. I purchased the series on DVD and watched each episode in order with hope of improvement. but I was disappointed. Seasons four and five wasted far too many episodes on an idea that should have been resolved in six episodes, not forty-four. It appears by the end of season three the money dried up for good writers and the ones hired sort of phoned in stories that no one cared about. Dylan Hurt (Kevin Sorbo) frequently said , "It's never easy." I suspect he was wrong for seasons four and five.
  • Now that I have YouTubeTV I managed to watch season one, actually binged it, and loved it. First, the nostalgia pull in worked and it was great to see both Ralph Macchio and William Zabka reprising their roles. At least they aged well even if I didn't. I really enjoyed the back story of both characters which added depth to the story. The juvenile actors--young adults--turned in amazing performances. The plot is pure Shakespeare with misinterpretations of situations and characters, which will obviously lead to tragic consequences.
  • You could easily collapse under the weight of the tropes and stereotypes in this brief series, but all can be forgiven by the beauty of the setting. You have a handsome but secretive protagonist in John Beecham (Tom Bateman) and a love interest in Margaret Osbourne (Dakota Blue Richards) and several antagonists determined to undermine John, and John's most vicious enemy in his mother Henrietta Beecham played by Lesley Nicol the warm-hearted Mrs. Patmore of Downton Abbey. Basically, this is a sit back on the couch series, enjoy munching on some popcorn, while booing the various villains and rooting for John. So, don't look for anything new, just revel in the colors of India.
  • A pretty good episode dealing with recovered memories and a hypnotherapist who uses LSD to help a tennis player deal with disturbing recurring dreams. But Hodges provides the shocker in the episode when an immigration agent contacts D.B. about Hodges. Unknown to any of the C.S.I.'s, on Hodges trip to Italy with his mom, Hodges met a beautiful Italian who is now his fiancee. And Elisabeta is a WOW! How could Hodges ever attract such a hottie? The C.S.I.'s find who murdered a tennis player and her real parents, but the result turn out to be unconnected and not one they were not expecting. As for Hodges, is it possible that Morgan is jealous? Keep watching future episodes to see if we get a resolution. Hodges, who knew?
  • Winslow Fegley plays the lead, Timmy Failure, with expressionless genius. In Timmy's imagination, he is a would-be genius detective. However, this film is more for adults than kids. The various sets from an elementary school guidance office to visions of middle school will resonate with adults who have felt rejected and alone in a confusing adult world that made little sense to them as children. There are well-meaning adults whose presence adds to the confusion rather than clarify it. Or as Timmy sees the world, it is one where "mistakes were made" mostly by adults. All of this leads Timmy to create a best friend and partner, a polar bear named Total. Thus the name of Timmy's detective agency is Total Failure, which is a clue as to how the detective sees himself. This is a kid's movie that adults will relate to.
  • A great film that needs an audience but with a caveat: there needs to be follow up guided discussion (s). We are watching intelligent adults who are willing to engage in torture not for information but because they can twist words to justify anything. This well-acted film is really about the first-amendment. Fortunately, we can look at government actions and criticize them without fear of reprisals from the government. No doubt this film can raise the hackles of some who see it as nothing more than a partisan polemic but it is a warning about what an unrestricted government agency can do. It is short step from being a CIA interrogator to becoming a Nazi claiming I was but following orders. The film provides a wake-up alarm and we can chose to pay attention or roll over and close our eyes.

    As a film, Adan Driver gives a mesmerizing performance and he finds excellent support from Annette Bening among others.
  • I am guessing with the success of Riverdale the CW is intent on turning comics and books that preteens used to read for fun into dark murderous nightmares and thus we have the new Nancy Drew, I have to hope that young readers who still enjoy Carolyn Keene's books don't turn to this TV series. Having the first episode with Nancy banging Ned Nickerson out of anger with her father and the death of her mother does not conjure up pleasant childhood memories. Perhaps this is the zeitgeist of 21st Century America. When we have an official of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue using Twitter to openly mock and threaten his enemies then TV programs like this will continue to tap into that ugliness and continue the bleakness that possesses our country. As for the actors, I don't find any of them providing stellar performances. They sort of walk through the stories with downcast demeanor's such that you could pluck any of them out and drop in another actor without a stir. Adam Beach, who I usually like, plays the police chief with constant scowl and what passes for menace, Scott Wolf. as Carson Drew, brings being woebegone to a new level of boring. I understand the series has been renewed for a second season as there must be some audience out there for this. Too bad.
  • Yes Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon are good actors but Jennifer Aniston surprised me. I am just guessing she just didn't get the roles to show what she could do. And together, this is a great ensemble cast that works well and creates a believable TV show. I love the believable office dialogue where people fling the F-word like it's just another adjective. So much of TV is lickspittle pandering to the PC police that we seldom see and hear real life. I especially enjoy the jabs at all news shows morning or night-time news which spend only 10 to 15 minutes on news then move off to infotainment about movie stars or what passes for celebrity like the Kardashian who offer their audience nothing but filler. Not all is positive as the show does pull some punches and jabs instead of going for the KO. In episode 3 look for a great conversation between Steve Carell and Martin Short. And Billy Crudup is great as a sort of Iago running full power with seemingly motivationless malignity; However, I suspect we will find out just what his motivation is.
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