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The Future of Cinema
I humbly think there's something seriously wrong with the so called film critics and with the film industry in general. Minari is, by no means, a bad movie and it's certainly not an awesome one, either. It's there in the limbo of just bland, boring, hackneyed and cheesy beyond repair movies. In my 50+ years, I have watched almost every thing movies: I like almost every genre, I can sit through the slowest paced movie, I can watch mindless superhero movies. As long as the movie offers me something: a clever plot, an intelligent story, an unforseen twist, an original and creative storytelling, cool visuals, interesting characters, it makes me cry like a baby or laugh like a mad hatter. .. For me, Minari has none of the above. I'm sure that there are plenty of inmigrant stories worth of being told, but not this one. Don't be fooled by the critics and reviews that will tell you that if you do not enjoy this snorefest, it's because you are not "getting it", you're not smart enough or you have no idea what good filmmaking is. Masterpiece? Slice of life? Realistic? "Roma" is all this things, and then some. Oscar worthy? Not even close. I didn´t love "Sound of Metal" or "Mank", but those two are good movies (especially the latter). I hope that the future of filmmaking will be focused in entertain and move and amaze it's audience, and not (exclusively) in meeting political agendas and correctedness. If that is the case, I'll stick to rewatching old classics.


Leave your brain at the door, please...
Another crappy movie where millions of people die but, hey! The three unlikable main characters got saved, after sorting out stupid situation after stupid stuation and endangering everyone else with their selfish behaviour. And right, yeah, governments spend public money building bunkers in case they have to save engineers and their families in case of a meteorite strikes Earth, and also, good Samaritans carry people on their airplanes from Canada to Greenland just for free, and at first you can only get to the bunkers strictly if you are elected by said government, but then it doen´t matter anymore and you just can knock on their doors and soldiers will send a truck to pick your sorry ass...and the list goes on and on...

Haunting of the Mary Celeste

Had potential...
... for such a little project and, I assume, such a little budget, but the narrative is disjointed, the acting is stiff and the characters kind of annoying. Sadly, I would not recommend it.


Why Russel, why???
What were the people involved in this movie thinking? What happened to Russel Crowe's career? Why does he look like a crossover between Fred Flintstone and Homer Simpson?.

Dark Waters

This story needs a better movie
Let's be fair, this is not a bad movie at all, but, for me, it's not engaging enough, some scenes are way too over dramatic and the acting is not that great, considering the cast involved. All said, Dark Waters is worth a watch, if only for the compelling and terrible story in which it is based.

Death of Me

Amateurish mess
Wow, what a mistery, no thrills, not one scary scene. Incoherent, rambling, unengaging film, with some ridiculous and laughable moments. Avoid!

Corazón loco

An Argentinian movie with identity issues
An Argentinian movie with identity issues: is it a comedy or a drama, with some hints of a thriller? It starts in a light comedic tone that fells immediately flat, when the main plot device is revealed. Then it enters into dramatic-ish territory but it also fails. The protagonist is showed as a loving father and husband, in his own particular way, then as a hypocrite and a cynic, even a sexist, and as a grieving victim at the end. The female characters are flat and while there's a nod to sorority and female empowerment, the movie does little with it. The acting feels forced and unnatural. The positive? Photography looks quite awesome, especially the aereal views from Mar del Plata and Buenos Aires.


The movie doen't know how it feels about its main plot device, its protagonist or his wifes, thus, it never finds the right tone and meanders between comedy and drama towards a third act that will leave everybody indifferent.


Same ol'
Drive, stop, sulk, act weird, rinse, repeat. No thrills or misteries...The only mistery is why this woman keeps making the same wrong decisions over and over again, like, why does she run through the woods (barefoot) when there are perfectly cleared roads?

SPOILERS Her stupidity keeps her alive, but manages to get someone else killed.....

In Circles

In circles to nowhere
3 points for the actor (and director) playing Yossi, the only saving grace of this mess.

Project Power

Engaging enough
It had infinite possibilities and with a little more imagination, it could have been awesome. As it is, though, still presents an interesting premise and an engaging story. A little uneven and confusing at times, but still, worth watching. I liked it much more than The Old Guard, for what it's worth.

The Bay of Silence

A terrible mess, can't even call it a movie...
Horrible acting (not a surprise in Kurilenko's case, but WTF, Brian Cox?), disjointed narrative, ridiculous scenes...avoid it at all cost!


What if...?
Interesting movie. Not sure Nat Wolff is the best choice for the main character, but he definetely looks like the boy next door, and this is what this movie is about : what if gods where among us? Fans of X-Men or Avengers would probably dismiss this one as boring, but if you like your movies a little bit more realistic and serious, give it a chance.

Deep Blue Sea 3

For shark movie suckers only
By no means an excellent movie, but it's watchable. Some weird and inconsistent acting, but overall, not Sharknado. Personally, I was distracted mainly by the looks of the main actress, she is the spitting image of Amy Winehouse!

Beast No More

Sorry, but this is just bad...
It baffles me that a mess of a movie like this can pass a screening test.

Ofrenda a la tormenta

What a mess...
Once again, we get Detective Inspector Mary Sue barking orders, getting all the work done by her coleagues and receiving all the praise for...Doing exactly what? No one knows. She has zero charisma and zero skills that we know about. She spent this last installment whining and crying and doing absolutely nothing at all. And, for doing matters worse, the most captivating and engaging character in this mess, gets killed , apparently for the sole purpose of making us feel pity for Inspector Mary Sue and shoehorning a gay relationship, out of the blue, despite the fact that we were misled to think that he was also in love with Det. Mary Sue, again, for no apparent reason, because she has the personality of a doormat. Another missed oportunity for Spanish noirs.

Legado en los huesos

A missed oportunity.
Marta Etura must be the worst Spanish actress I've ever seen. Expressionless, dull, unable to elicit sympathy or at least, interest.. It doesn't help that her charachter is the most unlikable and bad-written one in the whole trilogy. I've never seen a movie where every single other character is more likable, interesting and worth watching than the protagonist. I haven't read the books, so I cannot say if the story is to blame, but judging the movie by itself, it is just a hollywood wannabe, plus horrible dialogue (Gosh, Etura butchering the English lines was painful to watch, and especially, to hear). Scenes stolen straight from American movies that just don't work. Over the top, farfetched plot, laughable drama and little subtlety make what could have been a decent noir into ridiculous borefest.

Penance Lane

Please, skip this...
What started as a good premise and makes you think you're in for a good ghost/hunted house with a twist, takes a wrong turn in the middle towards ridiculousness and cliché galore. The story makes absolutely no sense at all and the worst of it, is not even mildly entertaining. The good reviews must be fake or written by 12 year old kids.

Le chant du loup

Classic feel
I love submarine flics and French movies, so this was a real treat for me...It kept me glued to my chair for all of its running time, never relying in bombastic explosions and tiring CGI, monsters, aliens or bulletproof heroes (and believe me, although I'm a female and not exactly a teenager, I do enjoy this kind of flicks like the next guy)...Le Chant du Loup is a simple, yet complex story, with solid acting and compelling narrative and a strong reminiscence of the great classics of the genre. Loved it.


I really wanted to like it....
As a fan of the genre and an Argentinian myself, I was excited with the release of this movie. I couln't be more wrong. While the premise itself is somewhat innovative and fresh, the execution is not. The plot is all over the place; it's a boilerplate of every cliché in the history of horror movies (Pet Sematary, Red Lights, and every B-movie in the genre). The director seemed to have many ideas and decided to put them all in, but without any connection or logic. The acting is surprisingly bad, dialogue is stilted and odd (we Argentinians do not speak like the folks in this movie!). I was glad that the version I watched had english subtitles or I wouldn't have been able to understand much of the dialogues. Situations happen nonsensically and sometimes they are unintentionally funny (which is not a good sign in a horror movie). It had potential and some original-ish ideas, but the director squandered it all with stupid decisions and twists that are not even twists, just a mess with no explanation or logical closure.

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