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Smart Guy

He's a smart guy, do-do-Du-do-do-do-do
I really like this show; I think it shows the comedy of a 10 year of whiz kid going to High school; which is kind of common. This show still airs on the Family Disney channel. Omar Gooding did a very good job as Moe, Jason weaver as Marcus, John Marshall Jones as Floyd, and of course, Tahj Mowry as T.J.! There are some pretty funny situations on the show; Like the episode of Lizzie Borden. This show almost reminds me of BOY MEETS WORLD, which is also still aired on the Family Disney channel. I would love to see new episodes of this show; you never know? (P.S. I really think that 8 SIMPLE RULES should start being aired on Televisison again, cause it just a really great show, epescially with John Ritter)

The Haunting of Sorority Row

Very Suspenseful
"Well swore to take our secret to the grave" "A haunting on sorority row" is a phenomenal film. The storyline is solid, and the acting was very flexible. I was up late, restless, watching the mystery channel and I thought.. "Another Soroity Girl Horror Movie" But boi, was I wrong. It has a feel similar to "I know what you did last summer", A killer who "dies" and comes back to wreak revenge one year later. This film revolves around a girl named Sam, who is trying to live through Pledge week (hell week) at a sorority she is trying to make it into. One by one, the sorority sisters disappear, and the mystery of Jenna is in the air. Now, its up to Sam to stay alive, and show Jenna the little goodness left, her love. I even went forward to buy this movie. It was a straight to DVD release, and i don't see why, anyway, 3 thumbs up!

Blind Terror

Stylish Thriller
I caught this movie last night on the horror movie channel, and this Movie is very stylish. It is slow paced, but the ending picks up, furiously! It has all of the makings of a classic horror film. Suspense, Eerie Killer, and a twist. In the ending, i could kind of tell what would happen. I was like "I bet the husband has something to do with this"... then he turns out to be the killer! This movie is sure to either become a classic or a forgotten gem. I think it will turn out to be like THE PUPPET MASTER, a great movie, not so great reviews. Overall, 9.5/10


Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo

Done in the tradition of the 50s horror films
I only gave this movie a shot because i am a fan of Claude Atkins. I am glad i gave it a try. It has the properties of an 50s sci-fi/horror film, only with a modern twist, the spiders are normal size! A plane carrying coffee beans (and killer tarantulas) crashes and spiders escape from the crash site, wreaking havoc on the towns people. It has its good / bad moments. The death scenes are pretty good, the giant bites from the tarantulas, but the corny part is, the spiders are afraid of wasps? But it is well done for the mid 70s. Claude Atkins did a great job in his role as a doctor. I also liked the little kid who first found the spiders, but he sadly dies. 9.5/10

It Happened at Lakewood Manor

Done in the tradition of the 50s horror films
Suzanne Somers. The only reason I gave this movie a try was because I saw that Suzanne Somers was in it. I am a BIG fan of "Threes Company". I am glad i Gave this movie a try. In the beginning, the deaths seem like freak accidents, until the manor owners realize that the ants are the killers. A man explains that after years of chemicals being soaked in the ground, the ants have become mutated. 1 bite: Harmless, 50+ bites: uncertain/possible death, 100+ bites: CERTAIN DEATH. When the victims are killed, over 100 ants cling to them to kill them, and the ants have certain properties so that they stick to your skin. Then, too the climax of the film, The remaining people in the manor find out that if you don't move, the ants won't bite them, so they sit perfectly still breathing through funnels of paper. Eventually, one man loses it and jumps out the window. The remaining two characters survive and there is a happy ending. There were other people in the manor who survived because they were airlifted before the ants came. I love this movie. There is another film, Tarantulas: the deadly cargo, it has similar properties of a 50s horror film. Love it Love it Love it!

Prom Night

A Cinematic Masterpiece.
"It's the time of the season for loving". This film is Phenomenal. The opening is great, the darkness, the song, the camera work. McCormick is not a well known directer but he outdid himself on PROM NIGHT. The characters were well created. If this was the film that had Jamie Lee Curtis, I would go out of my mind! This picture is better than the original. I like the plot better, both movies have very good plots, but the new two-thousand eight version was executed in a better matter. This movie is dated to release on DVD in Augusr, I will rent or even buy it, and i will have a more vivid comment. I look forward to more thrillers from McCormick, but I hope there are't any sequels to PROM NIGHT (2008). By the way, to the negative people, you can not compare this movie to its original. You can't go picking it apart. Love it for what it is!

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