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The Sculptress

The Book
The book is definitely something to read. I practically finished it in an entire week. Wow, what a masterpiece. Have yet to see the movie, but I recommend the book to anyone who enjoys a good thriller/mystery. Minette Walters does an extremely wonderful job in her descriptions and you can practically see what's happening in your head. So if you're looking for a great read, try Minette's books, as i've been reading them since I read "The Sculptress" and each new book has a different surprise, be it murder, or some other fun thing. Check them out and enjoy a new author's take on Murder, Mayhem and best of all Mysteries! I know I'll check them out throughout time to time.

Double Platinum

This movie was good.....
I enjoyed seeing Brandy and Diana Ross on screen together. It was really interesting. Brandy's a great singer and actress, although this is the first movie I've seen her in. I would definitely watch this one again. The story affected me in a nifty way and I think that the whole movie was just done up right. I understand that many people don't like these types of movies, but they're made anyways, for people who might just enjoy them such as myself. I'm a musician and it affected me profoundly, having been adopted 22 years, I think to others who are in the same might have an impact. I'd recommend this to people if they were interested in what I had to say.

The Terminal

Loved It!
I actually saw this at the drive in one night with my parents. It was their surprise for me as my brother was off in another direction with his friends. I absolutely love Tom Hanks movies and this one had to have been his best one ever. Being a humongous fan of flying and airports, I absolutely loved this movie. I would love to be in his situation. Except for being denied into New York, but everything else looked like fun. I am definitely going to buy this movie and watch it like every day. There's just certain movies that I love and this one tops them all. Being a stranger/alien in a foreign land can get a bit confusing at times as I have noted when traveling, but I get used to it very easily and it can be fun to be in a different place. Even if it is a long time, as it was for Viktor Navorski. Congrats to Tom for making this movie.

Shark Attack 2

It's a good movie.
Mind you, I bought this movie the other night. I've seen it a few times and I think the attacks alone are scary. I mean think if that were you in the water..I'd be screaming. Just because they've made one movie, doesn't mean they can't make a sequel or a threequel for that matter. Some stories just need that further information to help complete the story. I never have been able to see the first one, but I would like to so I can complete the entire movie. The sharks do look realistic in some parts of the movie, but in others, it's just not realistic enough to be believable. Other than that, I think it's a good movie that has a good story(plot, whatever) and I'm glad I wasn't in it.

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