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The Hunger Games

Why you will or will not like the Hunger Games
I went to watch The Hunger Games with a lot of expectation and excitement and left the cinema with an underwhelming feeling.

Let me first clarify I have watched Battle Royale, I have watched the Condemned and the Running man you see the pattern thats being developed.

The idea and concept of the Hunger Games is a good one, ( I wont go into detail as you can read that elsewhere).

The major problem for me is I have seen Battle Royale and for me that is the same concept, but executed more efficiently. The problem with the Hunger Games is that it takes almost 70- 80mins before the movie kicks in. If you want a quick thrill ride this is not it, I understand its part of a trilogy but the idea seems to be a carbon copy of battle royale with its own spin.

I have seen all the Battle Royale films and even the Condemned with Steve Austin is very similar to the Hunger Games.

I guess if you have seen those don't bother watching, but if you haven't then the hunger games will be fresh and new for you.

But for me it seemed like watching a movie I had already seen before.

The King's Speech

Beautiful, Magnificent and Glorious
I will keep this review short, but this is a tale of much more than a man and his stammer. Its a man struggling to cope with what he is and what he is expected to become.

The stammer is the symbol of his life and anyone who watches it can instantly relate to the strength of feeling the film places on those who watch it.

I watched it and was moved and inspired, no matter if you are out of work and trying to get a job or are finding troubles in your life, this movie will inspire you and truly move you.

You cant help but want to will on Colin Firth. Terrific acting by the whole cast.

A must watch

The Man from Earth

I love it but you may hate it
First of all before i talk about the movie i think that if you want a thought provoking movie then this is for you, if you want guns and explosions then i think you should give this a miss! This movie takes place for near enough its entirety in one room.. its not so much a movie as more a discussion between intellectuals. I'll assume everyone knows the basic premise of the film so I wont go into the plot.

I really enjoyed this, i think its one of those things you watch and may discard, however over the course of time you might look back at it and think that was unique and different and you may appreciate it more than when you immediately viewed it.

When i sat down to watch it i thought this would be the most boring 90 minutes or so of my life however, i think it was a well written script with believable characters, and a man telling a story that you really want to hear!

White Noise 2: The Light

This is a disappointment
I watched the first movie and it wasn't the best movie i have ever seen but at the same time i thought it was not bad. This on the other hand is disappointment, i would not even say this movie is scary because after the first time you jump when something pops out at you this same process is repeated at least thirty times throughout the movie. This to me seems like a movie that would be shown on a Sunday afternoon on some obscure channel. The story itself has potential but this movie has failed to fulfil any of that potential. I haven't watched a movie where i have been looking forward to the ending as much as Ghost Rider but this definitely beats it!

The Inbetweeners

You will laugh your a** off!
i watched this for the first time with low expectations despite seeing the adverts for it on e4 i thought that it couldn't be as funny as it looked.

How wrong i was this is a hilarious take on growing up as a teenager no matter where your from everyone can relate to the story. Everyone has a mate who over exaggerates on their sexual exploits! Not to give too much away but i would definitely recommend that you give this a go!

I think if this is seen on a mainstream channel this could be a serious hit!

I challenge someone to watch this and try not to laugh, i failed after about 2minutes!

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