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Yo soy Mexicano de acá de este lado

Long and Boring
In this very long film Contreras Torres, gave to Rodolfo Acosta one of his few roles as a good one in his career and at times seems to be the main character of the movie more than Roberto Cañedo almost nothing interesting to see in the film but the nice legs of Rosa Carmina and her wiggling dancing , in some moment of the movie Rodolfo Acosta, Arturo Soto Rangel and Roberto Cañedo discuss about the condition of the Mexican rural workers compare with the American ones and Roberto Cañedo ends the conversation arguing that it is a boring one,maybe guessing the thought of the Audience the Rumbera Dancer that loves to a rebel son of a "decent family" that consider her as a sinner was not something new to show at that times in the Mexican Movies,at least of the conventional manner that Contreras Torres show us

Un rincón cerca del cielo

A Nook for Cry
Rogelio A.Gonzalez who had collaborated with Ismael Rodriguez in some Infante's films may does not have his popular sense, but he had a good rhythm and very good understating with Infante, relate the calamities of a provincial guy who try to get ahead in an honest way,however he found a job by influences, later and married with the naive Marga Lopez he lost his job and start his Calvary, different of the neighborhood atmosphere that Ismael Rodriguez put Infante in Nosotros Los Pobres , the poverty seems the main topic of the film and has some similitude with Rodriguez Film,only Silvia Pinal as the frivolous daughter of the good Andes Soler seems to be rebel of this condition and try to get a better life even against of one of the most value thing that one as a poor has, her morality and propose to her father obtain some benefits of Luis Aceves ,a Kind of gangster , and boss of her father in exchange for her sexual favors. Infante go to the jail,but Gonzalez don't show any scene of this and like Pepe el Toro he lost a son but no so tragically and consequence of this Gonzalez get some good intense scenes with Infante and Lopez that make at the end the film leaves a good taste

Abajo el telón

A still Fresh Cantinflas
In This film debut the beautiful French Christiane Martel in the Mexican movies ,miss Universe 1953 is a simple funny comedy with cantinflas in his natural character,before he adopted his multiple media class Professions in later movies. With a not very original script of Jaime Salvador, Cantinflas have to bring out the film with his natural way of talk and dance,as usual in those years every Cantinflas Movie had a great expectation and audience acceptation,this time as a window washer who is witness of a Jewel robbery He is accused of that and ask a term of thirty days to solve the crime, he goes to the theater where Martell has her show and catch the real criminal with no more pretensions it's a Funny Movie with still better Cantinflas

Bandera rota

Retes and his Complaint Vision
Retes show us a doublé moral in his fourth commercial film, a powerful industrial man try to hide with the complicity of the "law" a crime of his adultery woman at any cost,in order to preserve the good name of his family ,in good agreement with public politics figures(like almost every power family in our Mexican society)they manage to disguise the case as an unjust crime, and every body happy and satisfied,if someone have a doubt that similar cases could happen in our Mexican society,please take a look to the Paulette case. In this film the victims are a group of young filmmakers who accidentally film the moment of the crime and instead of blackmail the industrial killer asking for money they require him to improve the economical condition of his workers. Retes loyal to his effective denounce style and uses it to reflect his politic vision give us a worthy film mixing character actors like Manolo Fabregas and Aaron Hernan and good Young ones like Jorge Humberto Robles, Elpidia Carrillo and Tina Romero,Retes give us a curious film but not boring and very interesting

El rey de las ficheras

Kings of the Audience
For this sexy comedy el Güero Castro get to join two of the most sought actors of this genre Alfonso Zayas and his co-star el Flaco Guzman together make the film enjoyable by moments and they give life of this predictable comedy full of naked women always ready to please their "handsome young "pimp,as might be expected a sexual element had to be added to the plot Zayas confronts an impotence problem and his doctor played by el güero Castro prescribes him to have sex in dangerous situation and discomfort ,this give raise to several nude scenes include sexual simulations at the end Zayas discover that his cure is to hear hammer hits and put it in action in a challenge against his pimp rival el Flaco Guzman in a competition to prove which one of them could have sex with more women in the same night….and more nude scenes at the end of course Zayas was victorious and the loser Guzma had to be his servant , El Güero Castro had this time had the right guess to have support of a nice cast that include the good comedians Manuel "el Flaco Ibañez", Carmen Salinas and Pedro Weber Chatanuga who with Carmen Cardinal pretend to give a touch of drama at the film in their roles of a marriage in troubles,all these ingredients make a movie successful in audience at movie theaters more than the recently called for those years New Mexican Cinema

American Visa

Irregular Bolivian-Mexican Product
In this film of the Bolivian/Mexican Director Valdivia,he take us to La Paz Bolivia to tell us the story of the English teacher plays by Bichir and his problems to get the American Visa, issue very common even for Mexican despite of the $100 usd ,that we have top pay to process it The story tell us something very explored for Mexican movies ,draw more attention to see Kate del Castillo in her role of table dancer as a Mexican Demi Moore or the loving relationship that she and Bichir had in that time instead of the story for itself that simply shows the drama that Bichir lives and his despair that make him commit many stupid actions,and Kate's struggle to stop him without get it,Kate in her search to consolidate her film career offer something more than show her nice-looking body and get some good chemistry with Bichir and at the end ,the film just concludes that American people are as corrupt as the Mexican

Rudo y Cursi

More Cheesy Than Rude
In his debut as director someone could expect something more from Cuaron especially if we see starring Gael Garcia and Diego Luna this time as two province ingenuous brothers, amateur futbol players who are tempted for a kind of mercenary scout,played by the Argentine actor Guillermo Francella(exceptional in this role)to try their luck at Mexico City in a Professional team,the movie plays with different situations around the futbol business ,some of them very attached with the reality ,for example that the agents of the futbol players make a lot of money and become the futbol in a very expensive show, the agents have to spread some money to trainers and others in order to their player could have the opportunity to play,some of these points I guess Cuaron could be advised by Hector Gonzalez Iñarritu, Director of Mexican Futbol Federation and brother of Alejandro Gonzalez one of the producers of the film,about these facts difference others very far of the reality as futbol Players begin their career at their thirty and without experience even in amateur competition Aside these points the movie result very entertaining as the way of Garcia and Luna develop their characters although sometimes Luna overact especially his way to speak, sounds like "Ponchito" the personage of Andres Bustamante famous in TV,besides Gael make funny his perform of singer despite of his awful interpretation, a kind of parody of Valentin Elizalde,unlike others very pretentious characters that he plays in different films,the movie got a very good reward in ticket offices mostly because of its starring couple

Niñas mal

Bad Girls,Worst Actress
A very,very repeated formula of intern girls and their adventures,this time in a kind of academy for marriageable middle-upper class girls which has the purpose of educate them in order to get the supreme happiness which according with this film only they can get it in the perfect harmony of the marriage and of course the main role of women should always be at the service of their men so we have the rebellious one(Martha Higareda), the naive(Maria Aura),the Intellectual(Camila Sodi),the Snob(Alejandra Adame) and the gay one(Ximena Sariñana)all of them in some way obliged to attend this train for their own family, because they in their eagerness of give them all the material values did not have the time to teach this "behavior model" and now entrust this task to Blanca Guerra, an old rebel redeemed, she hide herself to smoke and has a tattoo.

Fernando Sariñana tried very hard to make believable a low class environment in the film Amarte Duele(2002) with doubtful result(in that time well supported for very good actors ) this time Seems to be very unreal and the actress don't support him nothing at all, the complete movie develops in abrupt way, like Martha Higareda nude,especially at the end of it someone has the impression that scriptwriter don't know how to solve the excesses caused by the rebellious Higareda and they did in so ridiculous way,tedious and unconvincing in order to get the classic happy ending undoubtedly the poorest work of the Irregular Sariñana

Capulina contra los vampiros

Capulina against lacking of a good Plot
in this horror-comedy,(in some way, we have to name this film) Capulina does not have anything to do without the backup of a good script, and Rene Cardona a good director, but this time he would need something more than an alone comedian to get at least a regular film the comedian just support himself with Innocent jokes and infantile situations like sting the female vampire's belly on a play words, an strange ghost dwarf who cause a sickly music every time he appears. all of these things because the low budget result something a little more entertain than a bad TV show,however someone could enjoy watching in a morning Saturday this comedy disguised of horror movie or vice versa.

Entre pobretones y ricachones

Excellent couple = Funny Movie
This excellent duet of comics very famous in the seventies thanks to their TV show, los Polivoces they performed two of their many characters in that show, el wash and wear(Eduardo Manzano)and el Mostachon(Enrique Cuenca),the exploited and exploiter respectively as usual this time the plot was more benevolent with the poor wash and wear at least at the end of the film.Some funny curiosities that include a French butler performed by Alfonso Zayas and a lawyer with sambito disease or something like that which cause he shake his head from left to right provoking a lot of funny confusions

with nothing new to offer but the fresh humor of this sensational couple Fernando Cortez got a very amusing movie.

Última llamada

Touching Denounce
in times with very short production in the Mexican Industry, and obviously absence of good actors someone could appreciate this Garcia Agraz this film, Alberto Estrella ,a very well prepared actor, carry the weight of the film and do it outstanding, performing a father who confront his tremendous fate of having a condemned son who killed an American guy when he saw him raping a boy as the same way he lived victim of another American guy, and make his father suffer the same situation of his character he perform as an actor in the monologue Bandera Negra of Horacio Ruiz de la Fuente,sounds too many coincidences for a movie who pretend to be serious in the called new Mexican cinema, however someone could see this movie as a denounce for the several Executions in Texas in times of George W.Bush as Governor

El padrecito

Not the Best Cantinflas,but the "good" one
Once again Cantinflas explore a new Profession, this time so out of the common one, as a Priest as almost anybody could imagine him in the beginning of his career,Miguel M.Delgado his usual director put him in a rural environment with all the necessary ingredients for a familiar and nice comedy ,however its conventionalism, the mean tyrant(Jose Elias Moreno) who opposite to any progress of the town and obviously Cantinflas as the new priest confront him with everything against him inclusive the people who see him as an usurper of the place of the old priest place(Angel Garasa) in times which this profession was more respectable Cantinflas became the conscious of the town however his renovate ideas which Angelines Fernandez supposes (not without some reason) as socialism after listen him give a speech. Cantinflas refuse to baptize a baby just because he does not like his future name(Nepomuceno) and denied the banns to a couple because the guy look like lazy(according to him) and the lady does not know cook, no matter of these ,catholic church saw with good eyes and enthusiasm this movie in its time.

Cómodas mensualidades

An Urban Mexican Fact
A good exercise of Julian Pastor with a delicious taste of the Mexican City in the beginning of the nineties, Pastor Show us a young middle class couple who get into debts as the unique alternative to have a worthy way of living, the young husband an accountant, working for one of the hundreds Japanese companies established in Mexico, wear himself out trying develop his career in the company while he tries at the same time get personal properties (a Volkswagen car specifically) in one of the thousands deceitful financial systems common in our country. Pastor gets a good environment, above all in the office scenes and doesn't avoid typical situations in Japanese companies like morning physical exercises, and the classic meetings with Japanese guys. Not so much appropriate result the exaggerated and theatrical way out of the employees at the end of the working day.

La sangre enemiga

Tremendous Proletarian Drama
This tremendous drama written by Luis Spota was a box-office hit, I suppose more for the constant nude scenes of Meche Carreño than the quality of the film, Rogelio A. Gonzalez had shown in other movies a good ability to portray popular environments without reached an exorbitant way as Ismael Rodriguez, whom he collaborated in many films did, in this case he just show a small portion of a proletarian group of street clowns in his very own world, the gloomy and crippled clown Played by David Reynoso, his retarded son and his exuberant and young wife(Meche Carreño) all of them prisoners of their wild instincts. All this ingredients make seems this story more take it of the sensationalist magazine la Alarma more than written by the famous Spota.

La sonrisa de la Virgen

A conventional Funny Film
This Kind of Mexican Marcelino Pan y Vino was starring for the little and ephemeral actress Maria Gracia in hands of the Rodriguez Brothers, specialist in direct children(chachita,la tucita,even their relatives Pepito and Titina)this time Roberto Rodriguez took advance of the Mexican devotion and released this movie in December a month full of religious festivities specially 12th virgin's Day With Roberto Rodriguez directing maybe the most capable of the Rodriguez Brothers to work with children and with the pastoral environment result effective for example every attempt of the little girl to avoid going to school, even her pleas to the virgin, result funny Rodriguez got a very conventional movie but not boring

Me ha gustado un hombre

I Like This "Man" Too
In this Film Gilberto Martinez Solares took all the cast to Venezuela, natural market of Mexicans films since long time ago, to develop one more time in Mexicans movies a Comedy of a torment gay who put in question his sexuality because a transvestite woman same case of Abel Salazar and Pedro Infante in Me Ha Besado un Hombre and Pablo y Carolina respectively, in this case anybody could assume Julio Aleman as a victim of a mental retardation or something like that, in other way is not possible to explain how can he believe that the gorgeous Tere Velazquez is a man although she even worry about fake her voice,at the end Martinez Solares imposed his good sense for comedies to keep going this movie practically with anything new to offer.

Pepe El Toro

Pepe El Toro not just fight against suffering
The third sequel of Nosotros los Pobres, Ismael Rodriguez show us Pedro Infante as a boxer, a role requested by him ,according with a Rodriguez interview, maybe taking advanced of his good body shape, this time Rodriguez doesn't put Infante in a exaggerated suffering way, contrary he became in a success boxer who began his carer in his thirties, something that seems to be impossible, but not for Pepe el Toro who in this film is shown as a widower between two women(Irma Dorantes and Amanda del Llano) for decide to give his love,Drantes as his young neighbour and Del Llano as the wife of his best friend, (the always cool and nice Joaquin Cordero) who was killed by him in a box fight, the only tragedy in the movie, and at the end nobody knows what was his decision and it seems like an intentional plan of Ismael Rodriguez preparing a four sequel which never comes ,and maybe it was the best, Infante this time looks sadly alone without most of his funny dealers and specially without his "chorreada ",the adorable Blanca Estela Pavon who had died three years before this film in a plane crash just the chubby and now young chachita, his funny boyfriend ,el Pichi,and "Mantequilla" keep company to Infante in his elevate in a Champion boxer in a memorable and bloody fight versus Rubinky.

Ismael Rodriguez, may be didn't get with this film a success comparable with Nosotros los Pobres or Ustedes los Ricos but give us the opportunity to see Pepe el Toro in a different way far from great suffering without reduce the magnitude of Infante as a great actor.

Una calle entre tú y yo

A Regular beginning of the Mexican Juvenile Films
A classic school game of American Football between the Polytechnic and the UNAM(not yet called Pumas)is the preamble for this simple story starring by the adolescent couple of the movie Ustedes los Ricos,the fatty Chachita and the skinny "Pichi" ,with a very good Chemistry, and the nice presence of Joaquin Cordero as the Priest and Coach of the Polytechnic team get the attention of the audience more than a predictable script with no very logical situations: the skinny Pichi is the superstar of the Football team, a game for big guys, in spite of belong of two different social classes the families of the starring couple live in the same neighborhood just divided for a street as the title of the movie says, at the end we appreciated the intent of Roberto Rodriguez of show us one of the first attempts of adolescent movies which will be plenty of them in the next decade

Dos tipos de cuidado

Two Quite Different Guys!
Ismael Rodriguez Got the achievement of join the biggest males starts of the Mexican Show business, Pedro Infante this time couldn't take advance of having his director-protector(even in some interview Rodriguez declare that Infante used to call him daddy!) because the status of Negrete as the leader of the actors union

Infante with his natural charm seems that he doesn't care at all the enormous differences between his voice and Negrete's, however the several musical scenes, and Negrete seems to be happy with the great respect that Infante and Rodriguez dispense him, under this agreement the the audience got the biggest benefit so they could see their two idols together in a very entertain movie, besides Rodriguez didn't need to invent anything new ,so he put Infante in a rural environment as the poor of the story (as usual in his movies,specially in some directed by him)and gave to Negrete his habitual role of rich one and a good social position ideal to exalt his natural arrogance, Rodriguez told that he had some discussion with Infante,because he had to ask him reduce his intensity in order to avoid seems overacted in front of Negrete's coldness

with very good rhythm, as usual ,Rodriguez got one of the best comedies of the fifties and maybe one of the best until today in the Mexican Cimetagrophy

El mil amores

A Thousand of Love for Pardave and Infante
One of he best Infante's movie in his already consolidated career, with an original plot in which someone could think there isn't place for comedy situations, however the relationship between Joaquin Pardave and Infante is the most enjoyable of the film beyond the romance of Rosita Quintana and Infante, this time as a mature couple, who interchanged glances and suggest erotic situations that never happen. Rogelio A. Gonzalez in a good agreement with Infante, as usual, gave to the film the fluidity necessary to clarify situations that at the beginning of the story that seems to be so complicated so at the end the couple are mother and potential stepfather of a girl of fifteen, include in the package a son in law played by a funny boy, Fernando Lujan, that show us in this, his first film, his natural development in comedies.

La choca

It Preserve Indio's Essence
In Oaxaca's jungle,the 'Indio' Fernandez show us a passionate drama which preserve his very particular style in spite of the years, those years allow too some series of bad words in the film which made it more believable. Pilar Pellicer as the Choca seems to be rude enough to resist anything, however she succumb in front of the carnal desire represented in one of the bandits, who had killed her husband and attack her family-intense feelings- essential factor in Indio's films are shown, in this time in violent way.

The very desirable MecheCarreño,shows gently her body every time she touch water, maybe 'cause she does't have any other purpose in the movie, however when Salvador Sanchez tries to rape her ,he didn't get it. an entertain film towards the end of the career of the most awarded director in the golden years of our industry

Agente 0013: Hermelinda linda II

Even a spell make this film better
I don't know if this movie had a theatrical release, but in my city went directly to the video Julio Aldama directed his last film and result to be more boring that his first part of this story and so far of the comic of the sixties in which supposedly is based the film.

Chachita supported all the movie but she doesn't have much to do without any attempt of script Chabelo appears suddenly in the film and someone could suppose things will be better, but he only stay there for a few minutes .some social and political environment of México in the eighties are mentioned in the movie: a political man get scared after he read a display with the word PAN in a bread store, obviously he belonged to the official party, the almost invincible -in those years-PRI, Hermelinda go to the popular grocery store la "nisesupo" in reference to the conasupo to buy some milk to feed the giant baby chabelo.

El inocente

Pinal Match Perfect !
Guided by the hand of Rogelio Gonzalez and a clever script of Alcoriza couple we could enjoy one of the funniest Mexican comedies on fifties, Infante at the peak of his career and Silvia Pinal full of grace ,they get together a perfect chemistry and a memorable musical scene, Gonzalez who had worked with Infante as a scriptwriter(even as an actor) in some Ismael Rodriguez movies and he got of Rodriguez his popular sense,but no his excessive ways, so we can enjoy to Infante in his condition of poor mechanic,-but not miserable- with great wishes(he wants to become in engineer) and his world in a mechanic shop, and the other side the rich ones full of prejudices an appearances but not so mean.

Infante used to disappear practically of the screen his couples, this time he had in Pinal a worthy starring on the top of the things, besides we enjoyed the delicious Sara Garcia in her role of the fake self-sacrificing mother, so we have maybe one of the less appreciated comedies of Pedro Infante,but one of his better

El siete machos

Cantinflas well supported
Thanks to a good script of the married couple Alcoriza(Janeth and Luis),we can see one of the best Cantinflas' movies which mix, great actors who usually play dramas like Rafael Inclan and Miguel Angel Ferriz,this time Cantinflas moving in a rural environment in a double role as a macho hero, singer, braggart, even womanizer at Jorge Negrete or Pedro Infante style and the second one, his typical character ,Miguel M. Delgado as usual in Cantinflas movies freed him to do whatever he wants in an environment which he dominate totally, supported with the always funny Delia Magaña,the beautiful Alma Rosa Aguirre(less sensual than her sister Elsa, but sweeter, according for this role)and Jose Elias Moreno all of them take advanced of the good script that they have to make very enjoyable this film

Necesito dinero

A good Movie without a lot of Money
In this film Miguel Zacarias put Pedro Infante in a urban middle class environment and he struggles against his condition in order to get the love of a pretentious woman, the every time more abundant middle class in Mexico and maybe the gross audience of the film get identification with Infante's character who is able to face a boxer in a fight and participate in a sing competition on the just born TV and suffer humiliation of a clerk in a flower shop, because he didn't have enough money to pay a dozen of flowers in order to get the love of Sara Montiel who belong to an exiled Spain family.

Zacarias Join for first time Montiel and Infante and this couple result to be very agreeable for Mexican audience ,Infante at the top of his career and Montiel with a solid career in Spain and some Mexican movies increase significantly her popularity with this film.

the good sense and agile rhythm of Zacarias in addition of a very attractive starring couple make enjoyable this film.

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