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touching account of a youth who moves silently to the lunatic asylum after some deep events which break his tender heart.
The movie stands apart from the mainstream movies of India. A different portrait of the shattered youth of the seventies.Filmed in the background of a divine flute concert by Pandit Hariprasad Chourasia,famous Indian artist,it is a novel experience.Poet of the youths,much-adored Balachandran Chullikkad of Kerala,India plays the hero.Torn between Politics and personal tragedies,the hero suffers a lot.There is no dialog .Only occasional talks.It needs a lot of patience to follow the symphony of filming by G.Aravindan.He is known for the silence of his frames.Here,the silence is substituted with flute concert.The tragedy of the hero is presented in the colorful backdrop of a beautiful lagoon.A visual feast,so to say.

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