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Overly Self-Righteous & Dull
I love almost every Scorsese film I've seen, but ultimately I found this one generally irritating.

I guess it comes with the territory, but at times it was like being preached at. I found it to be overly righteous and self important, which wasn't helped by its staggering length...

The Hunter

Beautiful, Underrated Film with a Well-Considered Story
The Hunter is a thoughtful yet tense thriller that seamlessly comes together. It's well developed plot quietly builds, entangling local town politics with a rapacious corporation hellbent on finding the thought-to- be-extinct Tasmanian Tiger; caught in the middle is Martin David, the Hunter.

After just thirty minutes of the film, I was already adding Tasmania to my mental, "places I want to go before I die", list. Filmed against a series of amazing Tasmanian backdrops, the scenery on show in the Hunter is certainly beautiful, with a haunting soundtrack to match. Excellent writing and directing, teamed with all-round solid performances from the cast, allow you to truly feel involved with the characters in a somewhat surprisingly emotional story-line.

I highly Recommend.

Sucker Punch

Great action, choreography, cinematography and art direct all let down by possibly the worst story.
Zack Snyder is one of my favourite directors at the moment, and on the directing front in this film he does quite well. However, the script and story for this film seem to be nothing more than a case for his crazy (but pretty awesome) fight sequences. Basically, Zack Snyder should stick to the directing and bring to life a story which showcases his talents better.

It would have been better if it was higher age rated, like a 15 or 18 rating in the UK rather than a 12A.

It's Watchmen/300 mixed with Dragon Ball Z or something. Quite fun to watch, but nothing more.


Simply Brilliant.
This is a very complicated film with loads of things you might find yourself thinking about just to make sure you are still following. But I think when it all comes together this makes the film even better at the end.

An amazing performance from Sam Rockwell and brilliant story and direction from Duncan Jones really make this film top quality, especially considering the low budget. I will be looking out for films from both of these people after seeing this film.

I love the sense of injustice for Sam Rockwells characters and how the story doesn't go as you would expect sometimes which really keeps you glued to the screen.

I would highly recommend this film to anyone especially those who enjoy sci-fi films and drama films.


The best drama, the best romance and the best sci-fi film all in one!
I love the sense of injustice throughout this film. It really makes Ethan Hawke's character someone you find yourself really liking and routing for throughout. This is backed up by an excellent performance from him as well as the rest of the cast who portray their characters extremely well. I think the drama and sci-fi mix in this film is done with great thought and care which makes you think a lot more about the ideas and issues raised in the film. I also especially like the little touches, such as a DNA shaped stair case. One of the only things I could say might be bad about this film is that you have to be ready to watch a very sad film with an open mind and I am not always in that sort of mood haha. But if your fancy watching a really thought provoking film with a fantastic story then this is the film you should to watch. One other thing that makes this so good is that it isn't too far fetched and after watching it it feels like something similar could actually happen.

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