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One on One

Personally, the person who commented this above me, is wrong.
I love this show. I am 14 years old, so I can relate to the jokes and catches that the show has. It deals with a teenage girl just trying to survive in life. Its a funny show, and that other person has no idea what he/she is talking about. UHM HELLO!?! If a show was awful, how could it run for 5 seasons. Also, it has to deal with a middle-aged man trying to raise a teenage daughter by himself. What is more entertaining!? I'm not saying it was the best show everr, I am just sayingg it was worth the while. Well for me this show is on in like an hour, so I am going to go watch it.! Good job guys, I love this show. Take care guys, and if you get the chance, I know that it is on at like 3 a.m on the channel The-N. ITS A CHANNEL FOR TEENS! (:

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