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Snow 2: Brain Freeze

Santa Back For Seconds
In this original ABC Family movie, Tom Cavanaugh and Ashley Williams reprise their roles as Nick Snowden and Sandy. In his rush to get his reindeer ready, Nick goes through the magic mirror and loses his memory. Sandy has to try to find him, unwittingly enlisting the aid of their nemesis, Buck- back for another round of Christmas mischief. Also helping is a street-wise kid and an old friend of Nick's father. In a season of maudlin made-for-the-season movies 'Snow 2: Brain Freeze' was a cute follow up to the original. Definitely geared to 'The Santa Clause' demographic. My family really enjoyed both holiday the original and the sequel- and now they have have left the door open for a third. We'll be waiting anxiously and hoping it's available next season.

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