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DCI Banks: Aftermath: Part 1
Episode 1, Season 1

Always Interesting
First to reference all of the Negative Dreadful Reviews. Every episode in this series which I have just watched in it's entirety to date...Audios an EXPLICIT Warning of Mature Content w. Viewer Discretion. all of those people that gave Dreadful reviews, what are you really complaining about?...You were WARNED, you should have known better than to watch something that might rankle your sensibilities. I am an American and I ADORE British, Irish, Scottish Crime Drama Series. They are so much more ADULT than American Series. They are RICHLY FULL of REAL LIFE Characters. Not superficial with only BEAUTIFUL people. I watch for all of the DIVERSITY. Pretty, not so pretty, downright repulsive but real life human beings. Conversation and stories are full of adult conversation and intelligent plots, characters and subject matters. this particular series. Adore the main DI Banks. He is smart and compassionate, a warm, caring unique individual. I love a few of his team. The 2 women, Annie (Lowe & then Helen (Cats...or is it Catz...they are both quite irritating to me...however, I look past their backstories and silly parts they play. I am warming up to Helen (Catz as a real characterization, however, still remain annoyed with Annie/Lowe. To compare, say with Wire In The Blood, which was much more sexually and gruesomely written...This so far *S5* has been relatively mild. I will mention this...This is beautifully filmed as in Wallander...and not as dark...but VELVETY landscapes twinkle about as Christmas Cheer for me.

Republic of Doyle

Delicious Doyle
Just found this show New Year's Eve 2014...Adding it to my list of Good Crime Series. I love the father, Sean McGinly, having seen him in many UK shows...Dalziel & Pascoe and New Tricks come to mind. Read a lot of the comments. I would watch the show without any of the other supporting cast. Sean could carry a show all by himself. The lead son in handsome, but I find his character annoying. The new wife is pretty good. The grand-daughter is annoying and unnecessary to any of the shows I have seen thus far. Don't quite get the X stuff and way too much SEXual sub- plots, again, so unnecessary to the stories. However, the MUSIC each story is GREAT and the Scenery is absolutely AWESOME. Worth seeing, will see how I feel after catching up to the 2014 season. I watched an Aussie Crime series that ran there for years, can't recall the name right now...I watched all, it was OK...but took me forever to get into the series, an entire season, where this one took after the 1st episode. Not in my Top10, but better than the Aussie Series.

Dalziel and Pascoe

Adore! *In My Top 5 Crime Series (New Tricks is First, this 2nd.)
RIP Warren Clarke November 2014. I am finishing watching this series this Holiday Season in a tribute to Warren's recent passing. Warren Clarke is absolutely BRILLIANT in this series. I first found it via Masterpiece Mysteries on my US PBS channel back in the 90's. After that, it was hard to find, until nice folkes uploaded episodes. I have watched Series 1-11 at least once a year for the past 5 years. I have waited for it to be available in the US and now you can order via site. Will be purchasing for my birthday in January 2015. This, New Tricks and my other favourite UK Series will be added as $ allows. Back to Dalziel & Pascoe. I am 62, a film/TV buff since a wee child. Soupy Sales comes to mind when thinking of Andy Dalziel. Out of thousands of TV Characters seen over the years. Andy is truly in my Top 10. His thick Gaelic Brogue and his "true-to-reality" male behaviour are EPIC. You must watch a few episodes to realize Andy's HEART...some may be appalled with his "nose-picking", ball-scratching, lip-smacking" humouristic, characteristics. This is perhaps THE MOST REAL CHARACTER ever seen on TV. He is not your typical "Lovable Barnaby" DI, and not for fans of "Nicely Nice" DIs, calmly moving toward the obvious suspects. Dalziel will venture wild accusations, then apologize if he's wrong, and "gloat" as Peter Pascoe chides him, when he is found to be right. Dalziel is not a Politically Correct PC, he is unapologetically irreverent and brash. However, if you watch long enough, you will see Dalziel CRY soft sobbing tears in the face of loss and tragedy. I have never seen Barnaby cry. I guess the best way to put it, is...(Midsomer Murders which I love, finds an Adorable 1 Dimensional Barnaby) ANDY DALZIEL, is a MULTI-faceted character, a 3F man with flaws, failures & foibles. I have found him to be an admirable character. He is WISE, LOYAL, "A Dog With A Bone (me too)" and KIND with consideration. The Dalziel & Pascoe Series teaches that some crimes are resolved with "FATE" and lives lived with melancholy, instead of "booty". I love the supporting characters as well, although I hated "Ellie", Peter's wife...She was stunning to watch, beautiful and acted well, however, sad to watch her belittle Peter. Wieldy, the big silent softy, is a joy to watch and he provides a great supporting character to the mix. The female supporting cast members were fairly great as well...currently watching Posh Spicer, and she is good in her part and plays in 20 episodes. I haven't said much about Peter, sometimes I love Peter and sometimes, I simply want to smack him...His character is much more flawed than Andy's...While Andy loyalty is constant, Peter vasillates and has periods of doubt and suspicions. He is a brooding character, quite melancholy, but no Dalziel & Pascoe without Pascoe. There have been several characters that I have hated they killed off. Well enough...A QUITE WORTHY WELCOME Series and again, Andy stands alone with Alum Armstrong as Brian Lane in New Tricks as the MOST OUTSTANDING UK characters EVER! and to the person dissing this for A Touch Of Frost...I love that show as well...and the character FROST...he might be my 3rd., 4th or 5th. favourite DI.. WATCH IF YOU DARE! Not a sugar cookie, but a MACAROON!


Moody Mystery Series
Just happened upon this new mystery series. I have a life long love affair with UK Mystery Series. I adore the new Father Brown Series with Mark Williams of *Harry Potter & more fame* (Adore Alex Price as SID) and... At first glance you may think this a similar series, however this is not the case, quite the opposite. Father Brown is upbeat and moves quickly. Grantchester is moody, brooding and moralistic. Every episode delivers a heavy haunting message. I am fascinated with the ending sermonettes, recounting it's previous tale into a tasteful dose of morality via reality. For this and many more reasons, I think I am mesmerized. I think it will be easy for folkes to become enthralled with the lead character/priest, James Norton, whom may be my new secret love. Handsome, He truly is remarkable in this role. Truly believable and immediately relat'able as a person conflicted with strolling down a safe path vs racing a treacherous country road with lust and gusto. His face is intoxicating. This time piece is peacefully captured with vignettes of rich objects identifying a long gone world of wonderment and scenery serene to dye your soul. I discovered this series, having just re-watched every episode of Wire In The Blood with Robson Greene, I looked Robson up to find he is playing a DI in Grantchester...His character in this is quirky, yet very direct, leaving the conflicts with his soul at Wire In The Blood and to his newfound friend and cohort in crime. I hope this series runs forever, or a least a few more years.

Jonathan Creek

Loved this series with Carolyn Quentin, disliked all others
I loved this series with Carolyn Quentin as Maddy. However, after she left, it simply wasn't as charming. Maddy provided comic relief and believability in her character as unique and "real folkes". I watched the entire series. I am American and we seldom see really Smart TV series. Unlike most UK Series that I watch repeatedly, (on my 5th viewing of New Tricks & Dalziel) for their character driven shows, JC sold out after Maddy was replaced with a different type of female lead. Maddy and Jonathan were quirky and unique. As the show progressed it became "a sell-out" to American type-casting, pretty blondes all in a row. The following UK Series illustrate the wonderful beauty of realistic, "non-blonde stereotyping" and/or "pretty people" characters that I love. You can't beat Warren Clarke as Andy Dalziel in Dalziel & Pascoe, truly rare and beautiful in my eyes. Alum Armstrong as Brian in New Tricks. New Tricks, an older mature character driven series gives us a real Blonde role model. (America has only come close in The Closer and Major Crimes). Blonde Amanda Redman as Sandra was not at all typical, she was a real tough, non apologetic, non whinning, non flirting, character. Endeavor, Morse, Lewis, Frost, George Gently and more...all of these intelligent series have flawed real people as characters as real people. Jonathan Creek lost that when Maddy left the show. Jonathan turned into an odd unrealistic sham of a character after that and the show suffered. I finished the series only in hope that Maddy would return and Jonathan would return to his original "nerdiness" Maddy made the series and required me to research her SWEET choices in life.

The Sweeney

Morse and Jerrie!
American here. I have just finished watching NEW TRICKS all episodes for the 3rd time. Around Christmas for the past 3 years I treat myself. This year I went looking for older things that the cast may have appeared in and I had never seen. I found The Sweeney with Dennis Waterman in it. I began watching and to my delight I had failed to reference John Thaw as a lead character. I could not believe my Good Fortune. I am now in the second season and really enjoying this series. I am glad that I had seen Morse and New Tricks first. These two for the most part are playing the same characters with similar mannerisms. Morse is a wee bit less disgruntled in this series and Jerry/Carter is more subdued as a character. It always takes me a few episodes to really get into the rhythm of a UK show. This series took longer because of the rhyming phrases sprinkled everywhere within the shows. I have had to look up a few phrases more than usual. Being an Artist and a Hippie Chick from The Sixties, I have to admit that I adore The Fashion of the show. I have made my daughter come into see outfits that are simply so lavish and charming I wax nostalgic. My nic-name in college was Velvet, because I wore lots of it and lots of plush wide Wales corduroy to boots! Love it, love it, love it. Amazing are the Velvet Jackets worn to work during the day. You just had to be there. I also miss hair, long beautiful hair, here hair, there hair, everywhere HAIR. I am pleased that I have found this series to indulge my long cold winter here in the Midwest of the US. I am a big Mystery Buff and kudos to you UK Folkes for creating SMART characters and series for the rest of the world. My Favourite Crime/Mystery Series New Tricks, Dalziel & Pascoe, Lewis, Morse, Frost, Midsomer Murders, Lynley, Hetty Wainthrope, Marple (Margaret being the best!) The Last Detective Waking The Dead Jonathan Creek, Hamish Macbeth, Pie In The Sky, Rosemary & Thyme, Poirot Sherlock, Wallander and wish I could get the new Father Brown series!

The Big Street

Exceptional However
This is a Must See Movie with stellar acting from Ball, Fonda and all others, however; this is one of the most depressing movies that I have ever watched and I will never watch it again. So, if you are on the sensitive side you might want to brace yourself with a box of tissues as Meg Ryan said in You've Got Mail and be prepared to endure a really difficult movie to watch. Do not think that because Lucille Ball stars in this movie that there will be any comedic and/or light moments. This movie is almost dark from beginning to end and Lucille's character is the most extreme opposite of anything that you have ever seen her in. I adore all of Lucille's early comedies and mysteries. She was right to be upset for her snub at the academy as her performance is startling brilliant, so much so as I stated before, to be seen, but for me...nevermore.

The Deal

Laugh Out Loud Funny
I have never met a Meg Ryan Movie that I didn't enjoy. Simply the best movie about making movies that I have seen. This movie is simply hilarious with pretty much NON STOP Hilarity! Another romantic comedy to add to my short list. Meg in You've Got Mail, French Kiss and the highly under-rated Addicted To Love. Macy plays to type. The only criticism I would render is that Jason Ritter could have had more lines and face-time, however when on screen he is a joy to watch. A cross between Val Kilmer and his dad of course, so cute! I have never seen too many movies with scenery from The South of Africa, now on my bucket list to visit. It was honest and showed the poverty mixed directly in with the wealth set with a landscape that only God could have created and only your wildest imagination could dream.


I adored this show and if and when it is available on DVD I will purchase it.

I just purchased the first season of Jake and The Fatman also starring Joe Penny. (I own a robust English Bulldog) This show featured one of the first geek characters. Joe Penny was so handsome and the other character as well, who plays a lot of lifetime.

Ahead of its time.

There was another computer related show with 3 kids and a teacher around the same time that was wonderful and edgy as well. Whizkids or Wizkids.

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