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The Roommate

i watched this movie because it was on encore and i was bored and my sister said it was "really" good. My sister thinks jennifer aniston is a great actress so yeah.. i should've known better. Anyway i saw that minka kelly was in it, and she's hot, so i gave it a shot. Honestly after 5 minutes i knew it was going to be awful, but with hopes of it getting better and/or seeing some of those hot girls get naked, well i sat through the whole thing.... I should've looked at the pg- 13 rating before hand.. don't waste your time, you'll hate yourself for it. The plot is terrible, the acting is comical.. every little detail that could be wrong with a "scary" movie is indeed wrong. And lastly is not even remotely scary.. I will never understand how movies like this one even get made.

Red Dawn

awful... just awful
well since 68 people found my review of django useful, I've decided to start reviewing more films. and this one i sorta feel a moral obligation to alert fellow viewers how godly awful this film is.. first off i walked into this movie as i waited for flight to start. I missed the showing I initially was going to attend of flight and the next one was not for another 2 hours, so it was either watching this or twilight in the mean time. I should've listened to my sister and stuck with the gay vampires. Josh Pecks performance was comical.. it is beyond me how in the world he got a lead role. Chris Hemsworth should stick to thor. and hutcherson to hunger games. Josh Peck should probably do the world a favor and find another job. everything about this movie was just ridiculous, from the cheesy speeches to the whole Korea invading us, to the gun battles, to the romantic scenes... i honestly found myself laughing out loud because the "sad" moments were so poorly acted that it was indeed comical.... just awful.. don't waste your time and money, go watch django if you haven't.. or literally ANY other movie out right now will be better then this abysmal.

Django Unchained

Holy Sh*t!
I rarely bother to give reviews after watching a movie. But holy crap this was a good movie. I'm pretty sure it is the best movie i've seen all year. and yes i saw dark knight rises, avengers, flight, Argo, hobbit, etc... Tarantino delivers and then some.. Every actor is on point. Awesome performances, great story, it will definitely take you on a ride full of surprises. I would recommend everyone to go watch this film, it is truly a great film.. unless you're a little kid.. don't go watch this movie if you're a little kid. I've seen all of Tarantinos movies and I have to say this has been my favorite. It is just awesome in every way. I'm usually very harsh on movies. I mean ill watch just about anything, but for me to think a movie was actually "good", takes a whole lot. DiCaprio was like i've never seen him before, and being one of my favorite actors, it was a little weird at first. But he does an outstanding job at selling his role within seconds of his first appearance. Waltz delivered as i knew he would. and Jaime Foxx, well he did not fall behind. Last but not least Jackson was hilarious and also did an amazing job... Go watch the movie, it is worth it.


2 hours of my life i will never get back
I want to make a point that i NEVER review tittles on IMDb, however i do read a lot of reviews and after watching this movie i feel a moral obligation to review it. Woody was solid, being a fan i got what i expected. The supporting cast also great. Im a dramatic movie fan, so the lack of "action" that bother some did not bother me at all. Maybe I expected more from the plot given the very good trailer, however by the end i was disappointed. I was expecting more from the movie, more from the plot. There was this build up that i thought eventually was gonna end in some dramatic way. Nothing ever got me thinking, "OMG what is gonna happen next". Not to mention the awful camera angles and shots. But, given the great acting and decent plot I was ready to give it a 6. Until the %$#$%@# end. The end of the movie got me thinking "seriously?". Honestly the only other movie I've seen recently that at the end made me think about the two hours I would never get back was Green Lantern, that being said I'm a pretty big Ryan R. fan. To conclude, Great acting, mediocre directing and, AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL ending. I think thats what gets me, all this great talent wasted on a horrible ending.

127 Hours

It is a GREAT movie, go SEE IT
I am very picky when it comes to movies. I love to watch movies but i rarely give one a 10/10 let alone take the time to actually write a review. I have to say that this has been one of the best movies of year. Rarely you see so much talent and perfection in a movie. It was mind blowing, I read about 10 reviews before seeing it and they were all good reviews. Needless to say the movie stood up to every spectation I had. From minute 1 to the last minute of the film i was amazed. I know that maybe not too many PEOPLE will see it because it is an indie, but do yourself a favor and spend the extra $10. you will not regret it. The last time i felt that good about spending $10 was when I walked out of inception.

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