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One of the Best TV shows of all time!
This show is (or was) fantastic!! Definitely worth purchasing. The first 3 series are the best. With the departure of the 2 leads (and the series writer)in the final episode of series 3, the show loses some of it's chemistry. Also, the way that series 3 ended left me unsatisfied. Intellectually, it was excellent work, but the heart wasn't satisfied.

The rest of the run(series 4&5) was good and really worth watching but didn't have as much of the spirit established in the first 3. It's a testament to the ability of the remaining original actors that the show continued. Then, in series 5, the original writer/creator returns and just as he starts to get it all working again, the show is canceled!

I really feel that this is one TV show that can and should be brought back! It was amazing acting, writing,and scenery.A few of the original actors have,sadly,died and some of the the characters were killed off, but the meat of the show is still there. From the research I've tried to do, it seems a fairly accurate portrayal of rural Ireland as well.

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