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  • My wife is a bigger fan of this movie than I am, but I looked forward to being entertained. While the movie was definitely entertaining, there were certain characteristics that stick out which left me a bit bewildered. First things first- yes, it is an action movie, but that is no excuse for NOT building relationships and the plot. The relationship between Trinity and Neo seemed to be pushed on us. I didn't grasp any chemistry between the two. Yes, there was sexual passion...but so..where was the deeper meaning of the relationship? All I could get out of it was that they liked to have sex when they could. Shallow. The action scenes began to wear on me. They just went on and on. After the first four minutes- I got the point of the conflict! Get to the end, already! I noticed alot of very young kids in the the theater, anywhere from five years old to teens. I just shook my head. There was some tough language and sensuality that was not appropriate for a child. Oh, let me standards are too high. Not to mention a trailer for the kid-geared movie, "Finding Nemo". Why would a trailer for a kid's movie be shown at an R rated movie? Yes, something fishy smelling about that.
  • when they gave the Oscar to Denzel? Granted, Denzel is an excellent actor, but man was Sean Penn robbed! Despite a few plot flaws, and the liberal slant (so I'm conservative...part of that "right-winged" conspiracy), this movie is a great watch. I am on the verge of being a parent and the movie allows insight to the struggle we take for granted when it comes to parenthood. Seeing it thru the life of Sam made it all the more challenging. I loved this movie and watch it often (own it on DVD), referring it to others who ask me if I have watched a good movie lately. Granted, it is not for everyone, one does have to think about the issues and there is some deciphering of the story. I'm personally glad this movie was made and just as happy for its critical success. Did Sean get any hardware for his performance?
  • For this movie to be classified as bad. I had never seen this movie until a week ago, and I am not planning on watching it again. The acting was not good and the songs were not original as well as underachieving. I am a fan of Michele Pfeiffer and I was looking forward to seeing her in this early role. Altho I was delighted at her moves in the song "Cool Rider", that was the extent of it. As for this being her "best" role as I have seen others claim, you might want to watch "I Am Sam" or "What Lies Beneath" to truly appreciate her abilities. I did not attempt to compare this film with the original movie, but there seemed to be little heart put into it, just a hope for a quick buck off the original. That didn't happen, tho.
  • I really wanted this show to have a good run. We all know we have wanted to go back to some time in our life and do things differently, so this was an intriguing concept, even though it has already been done. I suppose after watching a few other "back in time" ideas, I was holding this one to big standards. I did get a bit picky. I went through high school in the '80's and also graduated in 1988. What I find most difficult with most of these type shows that go back to the '80's is the music. The writers show their age. I was a little upset to hear the Kinks and Stones- I turned to my wife and said, "I grew up at that time, and what 16 year old listened to these bands?" I even called up my old buddies to find out if I was wrong...nope. I know there were some, and I'll get over it, (and I have feeling there will be a million comments from those who will say they indeed listened to the Stones and Kinks at that time) but it was the hair bands that everyone was into, but they always get dissed on these shows. I like the friction that is produced among the characters as well as each one's ability to carry their own story, which is interwoven throughout the show. I was hoping for more interaction with the teachers. We have one...where are the others?!?!? I will be watching this show for the duration, unless it simply takes some terrible turns, but so far so good.