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The Fairly OddParents

Anyone who has seen more than one episode of the Fairly OddParents knows that in-jokes are the thing! The more you watch, the more you get, and the funnier the funny! A lot of the jokes are aimed at the 25+ crowd, a lot of 80s references and such. Cosmo and Wanda are the perfect odd couple, let alone odd parents--Cosmo is slightly smarter than mud and Wanda is the perfect straight-man.

An understory of Timmy's latch-key kid status and supervision by a sadistic baby sitter, though shown humorously, speak truly to most of the kids who watch--parents are usually gone, how much more fun it would be if I had God Parents!

All in all I recommend this show to anyone with a sense of humor!

Under the Cherry Moon

I guess we'll make love/under the cherry moon
Simply the best movie ever made, second only to The English Patient and of course Purple Rain.

Even if you hate Prince, you'll find him incredibly funny and sexy in this movie! And if you love Prince, you'll buy a copy of this on DVD because your video tape will wear out.

"I want to be an honest man I'll be your slave, just understand how much I need you. And if I lie, I'm part of your, it is my crime I do know laughter, I do know tears But all is nothing without you near We are one soul and if I die we'll be together side by side.

With you I know that I can stand with you I'll be an honest man."

Pepper Ann

Pepper Ann is hilarious - every episode is a reminder of being a twelve year old girl in middle school. The bra episode was the best!! Any woman can relate to the embarasment of going with your mom to buy your first bra!

Wish this was still being made.

Also noted that Kathy Najimy (voice of Peggy Hill on King of the Hill) and the voice of Bobby Hill from the same show both were on Pepper Ann.

Changing Rooms

Really Excellent
I absolutely love Changing Rooms on the BBC America. Hilarious, fast paced, yet you learn something. Much better than the American knock off version, Trading Spaces, which is twice as long (1 hour) and slowly paced. Plus I'd rather watch Handy Andy Kane over Ty Pennington anytime! Andy can build me furniture!

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