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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Their Time Is Now

Season 2's Episode 4 was the last straw for me
I hate it when the idiot vehicle is used to create a story or to move a story along. When drooling snarling zombies come at you, you don't just stand there and wonder what is taking place. Jeeeez! They just HAD to get a team member infected! Phooey. I had positive hope for Season 2. Oh well.


GOOD, except for
I'm liking this new DAREDEVIL series. It's decently written. The production values are high. All is well...EXCEPT now and then, when the camera-work is wiggly at the wrong time.

That camera wiggling is enough to break audience attention and mess it all up. YES, hand-held camera work saves time/money...but it can also ruin a scene/project. I hope they figure this out soon. I hate camera-ruined scenes.

I've said all I want to say about this TV series. Now I'm filling up the space I've been told I must if I want to submit my thoughts about 'DAREDEVIL'. Not cool. Fascistic at least. The rule that one must tender at least 10 lines is bogus/wrong/bad. Users should be able to submit any size review they choose. Beep the fascist controllers.

The Benefactor

I just saw an episode, and will not be watching again
I agree with those who say the show it bad...because it's bad. Cuban expects the competitors to read his mind and be things they're not. A really sad show.

That's really it. I could go on and talk about poor lighting and uninspired camera work, but those can be easily fixed. The show, because of its structure and host, can't.

I understand this program first showed up back in 2004, then dropped off the radar, and here it is again. I don't know what the early shows looked like, but I'm pretty sure I saw something new, and it wasn't good. It may be that Mr. Cuban is sharp in other areas, but here he misses out. It's good to know one's limits. I hope Mr. Cuban learns soon. ;)

Fire with Fire

Sucked like a giant vacuum cleaner.
I agree with Jmann on this. It is not truly worthy of your time and attention.

It had potential, but the screenwriters apparently didn't want to go into all the clever stuff a guy being threatened might do (cough Steve McQueen as Thomas Crown, cough).

Several times, the film left us yelling for our hero to just simply pull the trigger, but no, we have to have him beaten more.

I'm picky about camera work/placement. They shot the majority of it hand-held/steadicam/etc. There was too much hand-held, in my opinion. Yes, shooting hand-held reduces set up time, but it cheapens the film. Hand-held should be used like a spice, not a constant diet.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Remake a disappointment
I agree that the remake is but a pale shadow of the original. The remake had such great potential, mainly wasted. Unfortunately, the various key problems prompting Klaatu's arrival aren't actually mentioned. The enlightenment - that could have come in response to the displayed desire to kill something that isn't understood - was barely touched on. The hero doesn't leave a powerful statement to the world before departing, as the original film's hero did. This film gives the impression that the project was put in the hands of people who didn't think about it very much; who didn't realize the potential the film had to create wonderment and inspiration. What a pity.

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