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Sister, Sister

My Favorite Show of all time
For what it was, I found Sister Sister to be a positively ideal show. It's main strength is in having an all-around great cast, with Tia and Tamera Mowry as the teenage twins. The fact that those two were great actresses is really what made the show work, that such young people could come off so realistic and with so much charm and cause you to care about their lives. Tim Reid and Jackee Harry were excellent and hilarious as Ray and Lisa, the parents, and Marques Huston was stunningly memorable as next-door neighbor Roger Evans. Rarely does a show of its type have so much laugh-out-loud funny material, unlike similar shows such as Full House, which doesn't deserve the number of comparisons it's received to this show. I admit the show is less than perfect, particularly because of the downgrade in quality in the last two seasons as the show started to focus on plots involving the girls' boyfriends and the parents in new relationships, but there are definitely good episodes to be found in every season. Only two seasons have been released on TV, and the show is not in regular syndication, but all of the episodes are on YouTube, so I'd highly recommend checking them out. Some of my favorite episodes include Guardian Angel, Daddy's Girl, Father's Day, The Tutor, and many more.

**** out of ****

Double Wedding

Low-grade vehicle for Tia and Tamera
As the all-time biggest fan of Tia and Tamera's 90s show Sister Sister, I've been watching some of their other films together, and this one ranks among their worst. Double Wedding proves to be utterly predictable, which is not necessarily a problem in itself if the cast is likable and the story is pleasant and you actually want it to end the way it looks it's going to. However, Tia and Tamera Mowry have lost all their charm here, meaning that they lost what made Sister Sister work so well for them. There is almost no genuine humor in the movie, and none of the cast is likable. It's so obvious how it's going to turn out that it simply isn't any fun at all. Watch some of the twins' older movies or go back to Sister Sister and enjoy yourself rather than wasting your time with this.

* out of ****

The Talk of the Town

Very good film with excellent message
I am very fond of films that are genuinely funny or otherwise entertaining yet have a redeeming life application for the audience. "The Talk of the Town" is one of those films, and while I admit it is not a perfect movie, it is enjoyable and memorable nonetheless. Cary Grant plays a man suspected of starting a local fire and must hide out at Jean Arthur's home, while a law professor (played extremely well by Ronald Colman), who is rooming at the home, must not find out who Grant really is. Countless twists and turns make for a movie that entertains and ends well for all. Colman is absolutely brilliant, and it's shocking that he did not receive an Oscar nomination for this film. Jean Arthur is very good, as usual. Cary Grant is not necessarily the best he's ever been, but enjoyable anyway The movie isn't perfect, it drags at times and there are some mildly mishandled scenes, but toward the end it becomes all worthwhile. What a lesson the professor learns, that the law is not meant to be studied only but truly written on our hearts, to be lived out. So applicable to my personal Christian faith. The ending was slightly weak and abrupt, but I recommend this film nevertheless. Maybe not one to watch multiple times, but memorable in its own way.

***1/2 out of ****

Only You

Beautiful romantic comedy that reminds me of watching movies for the pure pleasure thereof
I am a fan of the romantic comedy genre, not because every one of them is great (because probably a majority are not) but because when I find one that I like, I am more satisfied that I would be with almost any other genre. "Only You" is a great romantic comedy. I recognize that there are a ton of things about the plot and some of the characters that I could nit-pick, but so few of these films are well done and have enough emotion to leave me satisfied and happy that I see no point in complaining. The film basically involves Marisa Tomei being led to believe from her teenage years than her destined lover is a man named Damon Bradley, and when she is engaged to another man, she receives a call from her fiancé's high school alum with the same name. Convinced he's the man, she flies to Italy to meet him and instead meets Robert Downey Jr, who has immediately fallen in love with Tomei and claims himself to be Bradley. Naturally, not a perfect film, and plenty of minor flaws, but I must say that this one was less predictable than the average film of it's type. It's mildly funny, and most importantly, it has, in my opinion, a perfect ending, the most important element of a romantic comedy for me. Beautifully scenic, mostly being shot in Italy. I'm not claiming the film to be flawless, but see it without super high expectations and you'll be pleasantly surprised. This film reminds me of watching a movie simply for enjoying it rather than criticizing it.

***1/2 out of ****

Here Comes Mr. Jordan

Beautiful film
"Here Comes Mr. Jordan" is a near-perfect romantic-fantasy-comedy about boxer Joe Pendleton (Robert Montgomery) taken to heaven by mistake fifty years before his time and must return to earth in a different body to continue his boxing pursuits. When he returns in the body of a rich man, he falls in love with a troubled woman and desires to help her. The film was remade later as "Heaven Can Wait," which was definitely enjoyable but lacked the same emotion and brilliance of this film. Honestly, I was nearly in tears during parts of this film, because I found some beautiful pictures of my own Christian faith in the story, particularly Mr. Jordan's (Claude Rains) statement that all good things had been ordained for Joe, that no matter what, everything would turn out as had been perfectly planned for him (God is not mentioned, but I couldn't help seeing His hand in this story). The romance was much better in this film than the remake, and I actually cared whether or not the main characters ended up together. It's also entertaining and very funny, and I laughed more here than I did at the other film. Already on my list of favorite films, I cannot recommend this enough for it's humorous, romantic, and inspirational value. Great film! **** out of ****

Chances Are

More potential than is actually lived out
Ordinarily I really enjoy movies like "Chances Are," but I wasn't quite satisfied with this one for a few reasons. The first half was pretty well done overall, with Alex Finch dying and being reincarnated in a new body (played by Robert Downey Jr.). He meets up with his wife (Cybill Shepherd) and friend (Ryan O'Neal) and his daughter, who is now grown up. The scenes with them meeting again and Downey rediscovering who he once was are well done, and there is a good amount of emotion and happiness once Shepherd finally believes its really her husband reincarnated, but from there the film goes downhill. There are several sex-related scenes that turned me off completely, especially Downey and Shepherd wanting to get together again despite the difference in their age now. After that, however, the film manages to end in the most satisfying way possible, considering the circumstances of the plot. I was disappointed because I did not expect the film to become so immoral by the end. There was great potential with this story, and the scenes in heaven are well done. There is a good theme song sung by Peter Cetera and Cher, but ultimately the film is not great. For a better, similar film, try "Heaven Can Wait." Decent, but I really kind of wish I hadn't seen it because of the scenes in the second half.

*** out of ****

The Fortune Cookie

Simply a great film bettered by great acting
This is one of the most thoroughly enjoyable, well-made, and well-written films I've seen lately. "The Fortune Cookie" stars Jack Lemmon as a reporter injured while covering a football game and Walter Matthau as the wise-cracking lawyer trying to sue the hospital and football player by faking the injury to be worse than it was. They cannot shake the feeling, however, that they cannot fool everyone all the time, and much of the film consists of spies sent out to prove that they are faking it. There is excellent character development in this film, which comes mostly from Lemmon's interactions with the football player who must endure the guilt of the injury. What keeps the film entertaining is the constantly brilliant humor that fills every scene, though the plot is not overly funny by nature. If you like Jack Lemmon, you will enjoy this film, as he does a great job as always, but the film is a must-see for Walter Matthau fans, as this is the role that won him his supporting actor Oscar, well deserved. He wisecracks the entire time, which makes him one of my favorite actors, but in several of the scenes in his office, he even gives somewhat of a Groucho Marx-like role as he talks to himself and his co-workers. This is likely my second favorite film directed by Billy Wilder, behind "Sunset Boulevard" of course. Close to perfect, and only slightly flawed by the unnecessary plot elements of Lemmon's ex-wife. A unique, intelligent comedy that teamed up Lemmon and Matthau, and highly recommended to lovers of comedy, old movies, and just about anyone.

**** out of ****

Throw Momma from the Train

In a world where so little is funny anymore, we need movies like this
We're living in sad times today, in which it seems like every comedy movie and TV show is painfully unfunny and inflicted with cheap, crude, or poor humor. Most people don't know what it means to really laugh at a comedy, and these people desperately need to watch "Throw Momma From the Train." I say with little hesitation that this is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen, from beginning to end. The comedy is so unpredictable and twisted just enough to make us laugh out loud many times throughout. Don't be fooled by the murder plot. The plot is not serious enough to make us care or worry about what's going to happen. The story involves a young man (Danny DeVito) who wants to get rid of his annoying, grouchy mother (Anne Ramsey, nominated for an Oscar in a role that was completely flawless, in my opinion) and does so by killing off Billy Crystal's wife, whom Crystal wanted dead for stealing his novel. I don't want to spoil the jokes and gags in this film, but all I can say is that you must see this film if you want to laugh. Fast-paced and genuinely, a real treat to comedy lovers, and the type of film you just do not see today.

***1/2 out of ****

Move Over, Darling

In some ways better than "My Favorite Wife"
As you may know, "Move Over Darling" is a remake of the Cary Grant/Irene Dunne film "My Favorite Wife." This film copies the original almost scene-for-scene, with a few changes. I'm torn on which film is better all around, but this version fixes a few things that bothered me about the original. First of all, the reunion between the two main stars at the hotel toward the beginning is more romantic and emotional here. Also, I didn't like the ending of the original film, which felt tagged on and unsatisfying, whereas the ending to this film wrapped everything up nicely and pleasantly. This film has much better co-stars, including Don Knotts and Thelma Ritter. The only reason I do not say for sure that this film is better than the original is the fact that the original was a very funny film, which is not to say that this is unfunny, but the comedy simply doesn't measure up to the brilliance of Cary Grant. I recommend both versions, and while the original provided more laughs, this gives more emotional satisfaction, but both are enjoyable. Just don't watch them side-by-side or you may feel like you just saw the same film twice.

*** out of ****

City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold

Ultimately disappointing
A lot of the time I avoid sequels to successful comedies, but "City Slickers II" received some fairly good ratings, so I decided to check it out. Unfortunately, I found this film just not funny or emotional enough, and it felt a bit unoriginal. There are some things that had potential, such as Billy Crystal thinking he sees his old friend Curly at several places, as well as his dream at the beginning of the film, which was worth a few laughs. One problem is that the jokes just do not feel original here, and this film uses the exact same gag from the previous film in which Crystal mouths the words his mother says when she calls on the phone. Neither Crystal or Daniel Stern is very funny here. Jack Palance is pretty good, but not flawless as with the previous movie that won him an Oscar. One downfall to this film is the addition of Jon Lovitz, who cannot act and behave like a child most of the time. There were good scenes, such as Palance discussing his relationship with his brother and such, but ultimately the film becomes cheesy and anticlimactic. There are some fairly off-color scenes as well, one thing that earned this film a PG-13 rating. If you want my advice, stick with the original, a funny film that had good jokes, emotion, and even some lessons, and somehow felt like an original, good comedy.

**1/2 out of ****


One of the better Christian films
I am a Christian, but also a lover of great movies. I support the concept of Christian and faith-based movies, but the trouble is, there are few professions making Christian films so many of them are very amateur and low-quality. "Fireproof," however, feels like a rare exception. As you've probably heard if you know anything about this movie, the story revolves around a firefighter (Kirk Cameron) who is successful and heroic on the job but is allowing his marriage to fall apart. Through a 40-day Biblically-based period, he attempts to win back his wife to save his marriage. For some reason, I expected this to be a couple of hours of being preached at with a bunch of upsetting scenes, but not true. This is inspirational and touching, even for those who are not married. I'm not married and never have been, but now I have a lot of knowledge to store up for the future, and there are many Biblical principles here related to non-marriage areas of life, such as becoming a Christian and respecting parents. Granted, the film can be overacted at times and may even seem cheesy, but because it is not a professional film, I'm willing to cut it some slack. There are some occasionally entertaining and funny scenes, though not always laugh-out-loud, they keep the story moving. More romantic than the average romance-comedy out today, this is a good love story and a message that will somehow impact anyone who sees it, Christian or not.

***1/2 out of **** (though it doesn't deserve this by all film-making standards, its inspirational value and lasting impact alone are worth this).

The Family Man

Mildly enjoyable, but a weaker entry of its type
This film didn't quite satisfy me. I expected something more romantic and enjoyable, in the style of "13 Going on 30." From the first scene, it looks like the film is going to be great, with a super romantic reunion sometime later in the movie. There's nothing wrong with the concept of the film for me, though this time it doesn't feel as funny as in other films of its type. There are the usual things where people don't recognize each other though they've known each other all their lives, which is somewhat funny but not original. The film is a little slow and has too many argument scenes and such where we have to feel sorry for Nicolas Cage. I would be willing to let all of that slide, however, had the film ended better. The film ends in a way that does not really satisfy and in a way that doesn't completely make sense. The trouble was, by the time we get to the end, there really was no way to make an ending that would satisfy 100%. As a result, the filmmakers had to end in a way that would make sense and give us a small sense of hope that the main characters end up living happily ever after. Some of the scenes toward the end are a little weak and less than believable, and improving the last 10-15 minutes would have put this right up there with other films of its kind.

*** out of ****

Ghost Town

Cute, but ruined by bad acting and long scenes
"Ghost Town" looked like an enjoyable movie and I had heard good reviews on it, so I decided to check it out. It was semi-enjoyable and had a romance that developed fairly well. Ricky Gervais and Greg Kinnear do fairly well here, as does Tea Leoni (though I don't usually admit that), in creating a sense of emotion that is enough for us to care decently about these characters. There are also some good morals, involving Gervais deciding to live his life better and help the ghosts around him with their "unfinished business." However, I must admit that several scenes at the beginning of the film ruined the whole movie for me. Take that scene at the hospital when that annoying lady takes forever, with almost no emotion, to tell Gervais what happened during his operation. Man, I wanted to fast-forward that scene to get through it, but then I would have missed what happened. In general, there are too many of such scenes with too much dialogue that take too long to get going. The film does not wrap up as effectively as it could have, in my opinion, though it's not the worst I've ever seen. It's a cute story that manages to entertain, but by my standards, it barely passes. Don't get too excited about seeing it.

*** out of ****

Escape to Witch Mountain

Everything the new version is not
Having seen the new version of this film recently ("Race to Witch Mountain"), I cannot tell you how much of a pleasant surprise "Escape to Witch Mountain" was to me. The new version, in my opinion, lacks any kind of character development and is full of annoying characters that do nothing to help the movie. Essentially, the new version basically did away with the first 45 minutes or so of this film, which helped set up the story, develop the characters, and give us a better sense of why the kids are running away. Also, Dwayne Johnson is incredibly lacking in emotion and character compared to Eddie Albert in this movie. While I admit that most of the special effects in this film may seem cheesy by today's standards, they actually make the film even more fun to laugh at. This film came out of a couple of decades when Disney was at its height of live action movies, when even film of this type they turned out was at least worthwhile. This is an enjoyable movie, with good jobs of acting done by basically all of the characters. Appropriate for anyone in the family, exciting, funny, and likable.

***1/2 out of ****

Analyze This

Funny film, though still flawed
If I were rating "Analyze This" based on the value of its comedy and pure funniness alone, I would have given it an 8 or 9 out of 10. However, when judging the film as a whole, there are some serious flaws that bring it down in quality. On one hand, it is a very funny movie at which I laughed hard at many parts. I am definitely a Billy Crystal fan, and he is sharp and witty here as usual. In my opinion, Crystal steals the show in any film he is in by his wisecracks alone. Robert DeNiro does a pretty good job here as well, portraying a tough gangster who has to deal with his feelings and hardships. Some of the funniest comedy in the film comes from the Godfather parodies and references. Man, those are funny! The scene toward the end with Crystal pretending to be a mob boss is easily the funniest in the movie and one of the funniest I've seen lately. There is also a funny and engaging role by Joe Veterelli as Jelly, the mob sidekick. One problem the film has, however, is a poor job of acting done by some of the supporting cast, such as Lisa Kudrow as Crystal's fiancé. Her performance makes several scenes at the beginning simply unenjoyable. Also, there are simply too many language and sexual-related jokes in the film for me to completely enjoy it. It's difficult to even edit these out for the sake of making the film more enjoyable. Nevertheless, I still laughed at this film and found it fun. However, if I watched it again I would most likely only watch certain parts that I especially liked.

*** out of ****

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

One of the best action/suspense films of all time
Most likely, the only reason they decided to remake "The Taking of Pelham 1, 2, 3" is because this original version lacked a love story and long action scenes. This film, in my opinion, holds up amazingly well today. That's because it does not rely on action scenes to make it fun to watch. In fact, some of the action scenes may seem cheesy by today's standards, but somehow that doesn't matter here. This film is great because of the characters and how well they function on screen. One of my all-time favorite actors, Walter Matthau, is brilliant here in what is one of his best roles, if not his best. His wisecracks alone make this film worth watching, but that's not the only reason it's good. Robert Shaw also plays the leader of the bad guys very well, without being annoying and over-the-top like most villains. The team of villains is also great in that we really get to know each of them enough to make them interesting to us. The main characters make this film good. It is not, however, a completely perfect film, mainly due to the poor supporting cast. Some characters, such as the guys who work at the train station and police department are good for nothing other than complaining and swearing up a storm! An improvement on these minor characters would have made this film flawless. Nevertheless, an excellent action/suspense movie, especially for its time.

***1/2 out of ****

My Favorite Wife

Funny, almost ruined by the ending
I hate to say anything bad about a film like this, but when there are so many similar films and I have seen a lot of them, it's easily to make comparisons and nit-pick. Let me say, first of all, that I am not complaining about this film. "My Favorite Wife" is easily enjoyable, with a well-written plot that is engaging from the beginning. It's funny, and like all great romance films, there is real emotion here. It involves Cary Grant finding his wife, whom he thought was dead after a shipwreck, seven years after the incident alive and well. Trouble is, he is remarried and he believes she is in love with a man she met on the island. It's all screwball fun and somewhat touching as their romance is rekindled and their children discover their mother for the first time. It has a similar feel to most other Cary Grant films ("The Awful Truth," etc). Irene Dunne plays Grant's wife as well here as she did in that film. The ending of the film seemed a little out of place and took a bit too long to wrap up. This came close to ruining the film for me emotionally. Despite that, if you're looking for some clean, easily-likable comedy, this is for you. Not the best of it's kind, but still entertaining.

*** out of ****


Brilliant in almost every way
"Pollyanna" is one of the best films I have seen lately. As in "The Parent Trap," Hayley Mills does an amazing job with her appealing role, for which she won a special Academy Award. Mills plays Pollyanna, an orphan child who comes to a small town to live with her Aunt Polly and ends up reforming and changing the lives of the people of the town. It may sound predictable, and to a point it is, but it is the way in which the story is presented that makes it so good. So many of the scenes in this film are so well done, including Pollyanna bringing joy to a crabby old woman dying in bed, causing the local reverend (Karl Malden) to look for the good in people, and changing the attitudes of the servants in her own household. Consider who these people are at the beginning of the film and who they are by the end and you're bound to find this movie very moving. I admit that I was worried about how this film would end. It looked like it was going to be depressing after all we had been hoping for. Nevertheless, the ending scene is one of the most brilliant I have ever seen, and without giving it away, I have to warn you that it will touch you and bring tears to your eyes no matter who you are. What a great film that touches and inspires. One of Disney's all-time best live action movies.

***1/2 out of ****

Joe Versus the Volcano

Mixed feelings
This is the first film I've seen in a while in which I really didn't know what to think of it. I admit that I did laugh at a few things throughout "Joe Versus the Volcano," such as some wisecracks made by some characters and the boss's constant repetitions of the same things on the phone in the office at the beginning. I admit the film felt romantic for a minute before Joe (Tom Hanks) was about to jump into the volcano. Also, the film has a good concept in terms of Joe learning he is going to die and deciding to live the rest of his life to the fullest and also deciding to die like a man. Nevertheless, I couldn't completely enjoy this film mostly due to it's overly bizarre nature. Most characters do not seem as though they are really into their roles. Half the time, Tom Hanks seems to be feeling too sorry for himself and just comes off as boring to the audience. Also, I ordinarily love Meg Ryan, but none of her three characters in this film appeal to me. She is best at playing a simple, ordinary person with feelings that we can care for, and here she just comes off as annoying in the ways she plays her roles. All in all, not one of the worst films I've seen, but rarely am I torn this much in terms of how to rate a movie. Partially funny, but mostly bizarre and not too much fun to watch.

**1/2 out of ****

Kate & Leopold

One of the better romantic comedies of the last decade
In recent years, romantic comedies have become more predictable and less original. Films like "27 Dresses" and "America's Sweethearts," although they can be enjoyable, lack any true emotion and therefore lack a very important element of this genre. "Kate & Leopold," although not a perfect film, is one of the more likable ones I have seen recently. It's a simple plot involving Hugh Jackman playing a Duke from the 1700s becoming transported to the 21st century where he meets and eventually falls in love with Meg Ryan. There are plenty of laughs, as usual, in the style of films like "Enchanted" in which the character finds themselves in situations unlike the ones in their own time and therefore have a hard time adjusting. The film gives us a sense of just how rude and ill-mannered our world is today by contrasting us with the ways of Jackman in the 1700s. Meg Ryan is perfect for this type of film, as usual. Breckin Meyer has a good and funny supporting role as her brother here. It's a pleasure to see a romantic comedy in this century that has true emotion and allows us to care about the characters and want them to be in love. The film gets a little slow in the middle and is therefore not perfect. Nevertheless, this is funny, romantic, and easy to watch. I'd place it up with the better romantic comedies of the decade, such as "Hitch" and "13 Going on 30."

*** out of ****


After three lesser entries, well deserved
Pixar has, in my opinion, delivered the finest computer animated films to date. However, Pixar's three entries before this film ("Cars," "Ratatoille," and "Wall-E", though most people will disagree with me on the last one) were, I feel, lesser entries. The last three did not have the overall appeal value that the previous films ("Toy Story," "Finding Nemo," etc) had. "Up" is a pleasant surprise in nearly every way. What a fantastic concept this film has, featuring a house floated away by a massive amount of small helium-filled balloons (I mean, who doesn't think it would be neat to have their house fly?) Of course, a great concept deserves an equally well-written plot and screenplay, and this film pulls off both of those. The film involves Carl, an old man trying to keep his late wife's dream alive by going to Paradise Falls to prove that their childhood hero, explorer Charles Muntz, was not lying when he said he had traveled there. Along the way, he picks up a young boy scout and a few animals to continue the journey together. This film features who is probably the all-time greatest movie dog character, Dug, a dog who says just what he thinks due to his automated voice collar. What a brilliant concept, rather than the overused one involving animals talking with moving lips. There's too much to share about this film in one review, but the most important thing to say is that I recommend it. It's visually stunning and full of laughs, excitement, and real emotion, with characters we learn to care about. If you're one of the few people who hasn't seen it yet, now's the time, while it's still in theaters.

***1/2 out of ****

There Will Be Blood

I honestly could not stand it!
Rarely do I admit to hating a film. I can generally find at least I few things that made it worthwhile. "There Will Be Blood," however, is an unusual exception. I did not enjoy one minute of this film, and I'm not necessarily the type of person that dislikes this type of film. From the beginning, it does not, and cannot, grab our attention. The plot deals with a series of events that cause oil man Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis) to care more and more about his fortune and less about the people around him. His character, although played well, is nowhere near Day-Lewis' best work. The film is too real and hard to watch, and it drags on because there is not a single character we are really able to feel sorry for or care about. By the end, I found myself fast-forwarding just to get to the credits so I would be done with it. The ending, without spoiling, is terrible and not edifying. I couldn't believe it just ended there. Do not watch this film. You will not get anything out of it that I will not tell you here. Bottom line, don't let your fortune control your life and turn you into a monster. One of my least favorite films and not recommended. You'll have a hard time getting through it, and for what? * out of ****


This isn't bad, but I'd recommend the original more highly
"Sabrina" is a pretty easily likable romantic comedy, a genre of which I am a fan, even though it is hard to find good ones. This is a decent film, but now that I am comparing it to the 1954 original, it is easier for me to be critical. This movie has a good plot, some humor, and decent romance. Also, I am pleased to find movies like this with so little objectionable content, making it appropriate for the whole family, though the younger ones may not be completely interested. I hate to complain about this movie, but there are a few downsides. It runs too long overall, and it slows down too much toward the end. If you ask me, Harrison Ford doesn't really fit his role and seems to old and lifeless for the part he is intending to play. Also, I'm afraid Greg Kinnear simply cannot fill the brilliance of William Holden's shoes in the original. Julia Ormond takes Audrey Hepburn's role fairly well, but none of these three can possibly compare to the excellence of the original cast. The old film really was not outdated and didn't need to be updated, as films like "The Shop Around the Corner" or "The Parent Trap" did. Despite those things, I'm not going to criticize this film any more. It's good for a date film or when you don't want to think too hard but just want to be entertained and happy. I give it a slight recommendation, but I'd suggest the original with more priority.

*** out of ****

The Last of the Mohicans

Not a perfect film, but still good
"The Last of the Mohicans" had the potential to be a great film. It had a good, intense storyline and well-made action sequences. However, what brings the film down in quality is the overall slow pace. For a majority of the movie, it's difficult to stay interested and engaged. Also, the film lacks some character development as a whole. We really do not get to know most of the characters very well, even the main characters, which leaves us with less reason to stay interested. Nevertheless, I will say a few good things about this film. This film, in my opinion, gives Daniel Day-Lewis his finest on-screen moment, during the scene at the waterfall in which he tells his beloved "You stay alive! Whatever happens, I will find you." That is one of the most memorable movie moments I've ever seen, and had the film been more like this overall, it would have been an all-time masterpiece. Still recommended, but I cannot rate it too high.

*** out of ****

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

The most underrated in the series
I really don't understand why some people don't like this film. It's definitely one of the most engaging and likable entries in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series, in my opinion. I admit I could do without the love triangle that begins to blossom between Jack Sparrow, William Turner, and Elizabeth. Nevertheless, I found the film enjoyable, without being overly long as the third film was. While Jack Sparrow's character is not played quite to the perfection of the first movie, he still throws in plenty of memorable lines here, including his "Why is the rum always gone?" and "You're not makin' any sense at all." I have heard complaints about the scene on the island with the sword fight on top of the spinning wheel and how unrealistic the scene is. Who cares if it's unrealistic? These movies weren't meant to model real life. They are just for fun. To anyone who is critiquing these films too hard, just sit back and enjoy them. I have had fun watching this entry in the series, so don't go by what many critics and even fans have said about this movie.

*** out of ****

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