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Hitler's Grave

why not?!
never ever did i see a film by shokof anywhere except in private screenings and i asked myself why not?! i saw his incredible film "seven Servants" which still remains in my head as something out of this world. then i saw Asudem, Breathful, and now Hitler's Grave. why does his movies never get distributed?! it puzzles me. is it that as in the arts we now have filmmakers who would first die, and then get established.?! if so, i find this a horrible mistake in Mr.Shokof,s case.i enjoyed this film as i did all his other movies in which everything is just simply original. this movie leaves you with the feeling that classic concepts still exist but Can also carry daring,brave, and original messages. i was dumb folded by the final scene where we finally find out the real reason the beautiful sister (taies farzan acts almost flawless in the role). the film is again one taboo breaking effort from a master director at his simplest, most powerful form telling a story with all his curious moments ,thoughts and originality. a positive above 10 from me for this wonderful movie made for these specifically sensitive times of our lives on earth.

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