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Blood of Zeus

Blood of Zeus is one more try, of the infamous brothers Parlapanides, to adapt something and fail miserably.

After Immortals and one of the worst animanga adaptation, Death Note, they tried to adapt Gigantomachia, but with demons and robots.

Writing is non-existent, the character assasination is all over the place and not even the art itself is that good, not mentioning the animation itself which is very sloppy and poorly directed.

Do not bother. As they should, too.

Transformers: Battlegrounds

Must play!
Battlegrounds, although made in Unity and mainly for mobile devices, is along with Devastation, one of the best animation based games ever made.

All the cast, lines and music is there, along with x-com styled gameplay.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Freedom Fighter
"Satam" is well praised for its dark tone and more "adult" feeling.

But most characters, especially Antoine, are one of the worst characters ever written.

The plot is just repetitive, the soundtrack is out of place and the aftertaste you get is that you have watched the bad Zelda animated but with Batman/Gargoyles "adult" wannabe themes.

Avoid at all cost, the channel was right to cancel this Batman-wannabe series.

Watch the splendid Sonic Adventures instead and have a blast!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

A must from '80s
TMNT was the first animated adaptation from the dark parody comic by Kevin Eastman. It is focused in children and adults that want to have fun watching delicious adventures of 4 mutant ninja turtles, against alien forces and other ninjas, with epic soundtrack and awesome lines such as "wake up and smell the pizzas".

This last until the 7th season, because seasons 8-10 are a mess, trying to replicate the darkness and edgyness of other famous animated series in '90s, such as Batman and Gargoyles.

If you want something more adult, the next adaptations will be more to your liking. But TMNT '87 will always be the best pizza.

Steins;Gate 0

Do not bother with this mess
Steins;Gate0 takes place after the alternative 23rd episode of the main series, that was released years later, where Cristina dies and Mayuri lives.

In every godforsaken episode, SG0 is struggling to live with itself, because it is an indifferent timeline. So, it gives us some new indifferent characters, mixed with our beloved ones, who are not that well written, a lot of fan service, up to the point to reach even harem levels and of course, some minor connections with the good series, called Steins;Gate. The ending is so messy, that any rational being would believe that writers did not know what would do and reach to a conclusion to erase the whole series. As our brains should do.

SG0 is a mess that gets a 0/10. Stay with the show, it is even worse than the movie.


Drag Out: The Movie
Fragtime is a unique experience, but could be so much more.

Very good art, animation and interesting story that could be cohesive in 20'.

Instead, we get almost one hour for a short story.


Picasso ruined the series
The first season, with Einstein, is phenomenal, with great acting, coherent writing and must watch.

The second season, with Picasso, is boring, poorly written, poorly executed and the acting is like a bad copy of the first season's acting.

So, watch the first season and stay there. That is the real Genius.

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

Girls' Last Moe
Girls' Last Tour is a MOE that not even tries to do something interesting.

Two girls travel around a lower city, that brought the final war of mankind with an upper city, trying to survive.

The production is very good, with beautiful animation and backgrounds but it all goes nowhere, due to the non-existent story.

This thing is supposed to be an anti-war philosophical journey. But it's just another stupid moe anime with cool setting. It never goes anywhere and the philosophical questions are very rare.

....and the ending is beyond every stupidity.

If you want a good anti-war with good philosophy but also story, go watch Kino's Journey. THAT is a masterpiece. This is just too silly...

Conflict: Denied Ops

Worst game ever
2 decades as a gamer, this game is by far the worst I've ever played.

CDO was the final coffin to Conflict series, a wannabe Battlefield/COD game, and tried to go all out for this one. So, the main marketing was its co-op system.

And it was the most broken co-op system ever made.

The problems do not stop there, though, as the maps have terrible vehicle terrain and any vehicle slides as if you do iceskating instead of driving an armored vehicle and the friendly/enemy AI gets stuck all the time in walls.

Add to all this mess an extremely nonsensical story with bad lines from the protagonists and you have the best co-op ever made as an AA title.

Violet Evergarden

An overrated anime
Violet Evergarden is an emotional journey, with great art & ost. But the story is average and sometimes not that good...

We are in a post-WW2 Australia-like world, where Violet, a teenage Battle Doll, is doing her best job to be a... Memory Doll, a girl who writes letters because obviously almost none knows how to write in this world! And of course translating people's emotions into words. From this journey Violet is trying to learn what emotions are.

Most episodes are oneshots, some have very good emotional stories and others not that good. The ending is like the whole series, mildly satisfying.

I guess if you are an emotional type, or a girl, this show is indeed for you.

Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

Time to move on
The Rise Of Skywalker was a fairly done, giant mop-up.

It is a cool ending, with equally MANY hits & misses, to a trilogy that should never existed in the first place, after a prequel trilogy who nobody asked for. At least that one gave us Clone Wars. This one gave us only bb8...

On one hand, it was the only film giving us something original and not simply ripping of the older movie of the original trilogy, in one way or another as the previous did. The scenes in Death Star and Exagon were breathtakingly beautiful. But on the other hand, the Episode 4 inspired ending was lame and the only true rise of Skywalker was Luke rising the X-Wing.

Although the hard effort, it was too late to save this trainwreck of a trilogy. Objectively, it is an honest effort to end a void trilogy, with no soul, full of such cardboard characters that no one are able to sympathize and a story with too little originality. A real trainwreck to sci-fi and a trilogy which you can skip entirely, along with its lame spin-off Resistance animated series and of course the Episodes 1-2.

Just watch Clone Wars, Episodes 3-6, Rebels & Mandalorian.

Meitantei Conan: Konjo no fisuto

One of the worst Conan movies ever made
I had great hopes for this one! The 23rd movie dethroned Avengers in the box office, but was a big mess...

Kaito Kid is a solid character and it was great visiting Singapore. But the plot was all over the place, from the "Arthur disguise" to the incredibly "evil master plan".

Just skip it.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

A unique experience
The first of a mayhaps series of Witcher Tales, is a unique mixture of Gwent & adventure-like gaming, with open world to explore, loot and influence.

The story takes place in the war of the North, before the first Witcher game and you are the tough but fair Queen of Lyria & Rivia, Meve. You try to defend your realm against the Nilfgaardian invasion and during this, you get to meet and greet a LOT of very unique and different people. But be on constant alert...

If you want to try it, the most story-friendly mode is the Adventurer mode, where you can skip repetitive battles. But it's still, the best game to get in the epic world of Witcher!

Meitantei Conan: Junkoku no naitomea

After I caught up to this wonderful series, I decided to catch up to the movies too, knowing that anime movies are a double sided axe.

Detective Conan movies range from ok to extremely good, but around 2010, they started putting extremely ugly and ugly to the eye CG animation. 2015's movie had probably one of the worst CG made sequences.

Then, this movie came. And it has the best CG action scenes by far, mixed with the main villains of the show and starring a tragic character.

This, is one of the top Conan movies. And a true victory of Conan, too.

Meitantei Conan: Tanteitachi no requiem

An epic anniversary!
The tenth movie was at first glance a mixed bag. But the aftertaste is pretty delicious!

A faceless villain kidnaps in a "Saw" way Conan's friends & "family" and he has, along with Mouri, a day in order to find and solve a case based only on hints. Or else everyone he holds dear will explode!

The mixed bag refers to the unnecessary and a bit forced addition of fan favorite Kaitou Kid. I love him too as a character but it was a bit off.

Other than this, is one of the best movies of the first ten and a true emotional rollercoaster!

Chô semeitai Transformer: Beast Wars Neo

The good JP Beast Wars spin-off!
Beast Wars Neo was the immediate sequel to the ridiculously childish Beast Wars II and nobody had any ambitions. But Neo is an apocalypse!

Several capsules with Angolmois energy have been scattered throughout the universe and a Convoy warrior called Big Convoy takes on the mission to collect them before Destrons do, with a team full of bizarre cadets.

Neo has everything. Drama, comedy, battles and an incredibly epic story, with a kickass soundtrack to back it up! All characters are being built up and at the end you get to know everyone enough to care! In contrast to BW2.

Personally, along with Car Robots & Victory are the only TF anime you must watch and BW Neo has won a place in my heart and in TF Top 10 series of all time! Dive in!

Rage 2

A good sequel
Rage 2 is a sequel absolutely none asked for, to the first Rage game, that was released in 2010!

The first Rage was an ambitious but low-badget effort, for a low-badget Doom-like game, with Mad Max-y elements. You were an Ark survivor and had to survive in the wasteland that was now the world, after the apocalypse. The story was nowhere to be found, until you choose to fight with the resistence against the Authority. The ending was poor at least and extremely cliffhangerish.

In Rage 2 we are 30 years after the finale of the first Rage and Authority is back with a vengeance. They have kept all the good elements of Rage and enrichened them with loans from Borderlands, giving an unbelievably enjoyable ride. The story is again average and the ending a bit poor, but at least satisfactory. The best element is the open world and the far better driving mechanics, that gave me personally what I was expecting from Far Cry New Dawn, but was disappointed. A mindless and violent game with fast pacing.

I zoi en tafo

A decent adaptation
"Life in the tomb" is the greatest anti-war WWI book written in Greek and has vivid discriptions of the filty life in trenches, picturing the madness and desperation, in the war that tried to end all wars, in the East, Balkan front.

The series, was enrichened with more characters, for tv adaptation's shake, but that did not matter, as long as the theme core is well done. And that's where the problems start. Most performances, especially by the main stars, are average at best. Also, the music score reminds of mediocre productions made in the previous century.

The good points, is the main production and the older actors, that actually know how to play their roles. So, some scenes were adapted very well, but others, very badly.

This adaptation is an example of miss or hit choices, but I would suggest watching it, for the strong anti-war messages. But it falls far short, compared to the book.

Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative

An epilogue worthy of Unicorn
Gundam NT takes place a year after the ending of Gundam Unicorn. And let me remind you that Unicorn was a very perplexed and heavy story, with a tone of references and fan service to Universal Century stories. It had great fights, interesting mecha designs and decent to shallow characters.

In Gundam NT we have a tone of references, a lot of fan service to UC, some great fights, ridiculous overpowered mechas (although I loved "Phoenix") and decent to shallow characters, in a story incredibly thin.

It can be watched alone, too, but the best way to watch it, is as an aftermath movie to Unicorn. And then forget both of them and move on.

Densetsu kyojin ideon: Hatsudou-hen

A true Sci-Fi masterpiece!
Ideon: Be Invoked would be just the second and last compilation film of the below-average super robot anime Space Runaway Ideon, which was cancelled, with just a strange ending.

But Tomino did otherwise

This is not a compilation movie. Only the first 15' are from the final episode and then Tomino makes an epic movie, worthy of being among the top sci-fi anime movies of all time!!!

This would be the true ending, but fortunately it was cancelled and we got an incredibly violent and mindblowing sequel movie. Especially the last ten minutes justify of doing the chore and watch the whole series, only to reach to this incredible conclusion, that will leave you speechless and fully emotional. Spoiler: it is about a new beginning and a space Messiah!

Tomino is a genius! And of course many elements from Ideon would be used in later Gundam series and in Evangelion, by Hideaki Anno.

Thapse to senario

The Greek Nostalgia Critic We Needed And Wanted!
A caustic and relentless series of reviews on movies, Greek and foreign, inspired by Nostalgia Critic.

The main hosts are Mike & Costas Maliatsis, with various guests and the trademark is a shovel, thus the title. "Thapse To Senario" means "Burry The Script" in Greek.

There were released 34 epic episodes, from 10 December 2013 to 12 December 2017, with some extra bloopers and since then, the show is on hiatus. All episodes are available in Comedy Lab's site and youtube channel.

Far Cry New Dawn

Actually a DLC
FC New Dawn takes place some years after the ending of FC 5, where Joseph lives.

The map is the 1/5 of the fifth game, the story is non-existent and is full of grinding and chores.

If only it had an interesting story, it could be at least average. But even when you make County's post-apocalyptic world full of neon & fluorescent colors, if all villains are lame, down to the three final bosses, with the roaster's side missions being far more interesting than the main story, then you have a game below average.

And now that I've completed my Farcryothon, I can now do this:

FC 2 < FC - New Dawn < FC 4 < FC < FC Primal < FC 3 < FC 5

Assassin's Creed: Embers

Ezio: Exodus
AC Embers is the ending story of AC II's trilogy, where Ezio is old and still fighting for justice. Especially when a mysterious Chinese woman appears.

The animation leaves many to be desired and it was dated even back then, but the story is very emotional and closes a huge chapter in AC history.

A must watch, until they decide to make an Ezio animated or live-action movie.

Assassins Creed Chronicles: China

The Ezio Legacy!
The spin-off/sequel of AC: Embers is by far the best of AC Chronicles games and the most difficult AC I've ever played!

ACC China is a mixture of platforming and AC's famous combos, but enrichened with Shao's personal moves and arsenal. Every chapter has a beautiful hand-drawn cutscene and the story is strong and emotional.

By far in the top 5 AC games! Along with II's trilogy, Black Flag, Syndicate & Origins.

Sex Education

Awfully & overrated
Sex Education is an attempt of Netflix to make an original series about all the sex taboos and the lack of basic knowledge by teenagers.

It starts quite interestingly and with unique characters, facing ordinary problems with sex, with some over the top acting and comedic situations, along with some good British humor. But from the second episode, goes all "American Pie Movie" way and loses all its charm.

I would recommend this mess only to American Pie & "Movie The Movies" fans, or to some hardcore Agent Scully fans. Everyone else, just pass...

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