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Raaz: The Mystery Continues

Raaz-2 must watch, it delivers more than it promises
Yash (Adhyayan) and Nandita (Kangana) is a couple deeply in love. While Yash is heads a successful reality show on TV called Andhavishwas which exposes superstitious beliefs in India, Nandita is a successful model. One evening Nandita realizes that a stranger (Emraan) is following her. The stranger then manages to encounter her in her building lift. He introduces himself as Prithvi and shows her the paintings he has drawn of her. What has him intrigued is that though he had never seen her before, he has drawn her many portraits including one which shows her lying in a pool of blood. He tries to caution her about something evil about to happen to her soon but she ignores him. But from then on, strange things start happening her as if she has been possessed by an evil spirit. What twists and turns follow next form the rest of the film.

Full marks to Mohit Suri for making that one kick-ass horror thriller which can easily put on par with Hollywood's best in terms of plot, setting, technique and acting. Though the initial few minutes appear dragging with a slow pace, the film takes your grip, once Kangana gets possessed. There are sufficient twists and turns plotted at just the right juncture to give you shocks. The suspense too is well maintained right till the climax. Generally Bollywood horror films tend to have lengthy and at times unconvincing flashbacks to support the happenings but thankfully in here the flashback is not only slickly shot but is also right in length and very convincing. The camera-work by Ravi Walia deserves special mention especially for night shots which are aplenty in the film. He has succeeded in creating the right eerie atmosphere. The song are well placed too, especially the song Mahi by Toshi is the main attraction.

Mohit has gone right in the casting as well. Emraan is just perfect for the part and his expressions speak a lot. It is not the same Emraan you have been seeing till now. Kangana enacts her part well and succeeds in getting your sympathy. Adhyayan shows remarkable improvement as an actor from his debut film.

The film is a definite must watch, it delivers more than it promises. Not only it is way far better than the first Raaz, it is that one good horror film, that Hindi horror film fans have been deprived for a long time now since Bhoot. Go for it and be prepared to be spooked.

Khan kluay

This is Old 2006 Thai Movie dubbed in Hindi
This is Old 2006 Thai Movie dubbed in Hindi.

Akshay Kumar's Jumbo where the superstar has not just lent his voice for the central character of an elephant but also shot for an exclusive music video - 'Everything Is Gonna Be Alright'. While Percept Picture Company has proudly flashed their association with Akshay Kumar for the film and there have been (reported) talks about him being paid Rs. 9 crores to come behind the mike, the production house has chosen to keep the film's origin as a closely held secret.

Well, the secret which has been unveiled now throws quite some surprise as it is revealed that the animation film Jumbo is neither an Indian product nor has it been made in collaboration with an International animation house. Instead, Percept Picture Company has claimed the rights of a Thai film that goes by the name of Khan Kluay.

Khan Kluay, which was released in 2006, is a Thai computer-animated feature film and is about a baby elephant named Khan Kluay who wanders away from his mother and eventually becomes the war elephant (for whom Akshay Kumar has given the voice-over).

The film has been directed by Kompin Kemgumnird, an animator who has worked on the Disney features such as Atlantis: The Lost Empire & Tarzan and also Blue Sky Studios' Ice Age. The film was in the making for three years and cost 150 million baht (about $3.9 million USD). When released in 2006, the film was the highest grossing Thai film in 2006 with an approximate box-office receipt of 91 million baht. The film has already been released on DVD in the United States with its title as The Blue Elephant. The movie has won numerous awards ever since its release and now looks at making an impression at Indian theaters with Akshay Kumar endorsing its case.

Desh Drohi

Movie Talks about unity of India
This movie talks about unity of India, this is what our Country needs. This movie is about politics, corruption and a common man. after watching this movie I am very happy that Kamal Khan has made this type of movie which can open our minds and makes us think why we are fighting and hating each other. An unemployed RAJA(KK) comes of Mumbai in search of a job. Staying in Mumbai for RAJA is not easy and he soon realizes that being a North Indian is even tougher. The main highlights of this film is its powerful dialogues. Movies like this should always be appreciated. Watch this good movie to know how Raja and Sonia teach lessons to the criminals?

Singh Is Kinng

Santa Singh and Banta Singh
The title of this movie should have been Santa Singh(Akshay Kumar) and Banta Singh(Om Puri) because there is nothing as a king in this movie. First half is entertaining and the second half is just dragged.

Happy Singh(Akshay Kumar) is the do-gooder who tries to help any and everyone, even if it means engaging with ruthless killers and mafia kingpins. He leaves his village and sets off for Australia to bring back a bunch of bonny sardarjis to their wailing moms and dads. So what if the Sardar brotherhood has metamorphosed into a mafia gang in distant shores, headed by two chalk-and-cheese brothers (Sonu Sood and Jaaved Jaffrey). Happy Singh is here to browbeat them onto the path of goodness, ek baar phir. One by one, the rogues undergo their life-changing experience -- calling for some rowdy fun and games - and end up reformed souls. The film has an entertaining first half which sees some great camaraderie between the village boys, Om Puri and Akshay Kumar. The second half does get cluttered, clumsy and loose with loads of wasted talent in the likes of Ranvir Shorey, Javed Jaffrey and a side-lined Om Puri. Even some of the songs get deafening and inarticulate in a bid to celebrate Punjabiyat. Om puri has done a great acting, but Akshay is disappointing, not at his best as he has done in 'Bhool Bhuliya' and other movies. Don't go looking for king-size entertainment and this King con might just end up as breezy time-pass.

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