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Ali: An American Hero

Commendable performances yielded entertaining story
I thought the movie was overall pretty good. I believe it is very difficult to put a persons entire life in a 2 hour snapshot. The story flowed fairly well. I viewed the program on BET (a couple of times), and found Clarence Williams to be excellent (as usual). David Ramsey definitely has the chops (and physique) to portray such a powerful man but I do believe the writing could have been a little stronger. I have seen Mr. Ramsey in other projects and find him to be very talented. I don't want to compare people but I have an easier time seeing Mr. Ramsey portraying Ali than someone like Will Smith or Terrance Howard, only because portraying someone of this multitude seemed to be too much of a stretch for Smith and Howard looks NOTHING like Ali. David brought an honesty and vulnerability to the role that I did not see in other portrayals. Joe Morton was OK as Malcolm X. For a character like that I would have liked to have seen someone a little bit more seasoned. All in all I learned a lot about Mr. Ali from this movie and the complexity of his life throughout his career.

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