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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Their Time Is Now

Bad... worse.... Legends of Tomorrow
I generally love superhero movies, I love action series, I'm totally into Arrow, Flash and Agents of Shield so I thought this is my kind of show! Boy was I wrong. I haven't got the slightest idea as of to how this show managed to gather over 7 stars here on IMDb. I usually am generous when it comes to handing out stars, but this piece of shite show just made me cringe.

The plot holes could make a universe of their own, the acting is B movie level at best, especially Wentworth Miller. It is the definition of cringe when he opens his mouth an utters those drawn-out vowels which he seems to think make him sound mysterious and superior. Yikes... OH LOOK, there's your arch nemesis laying at your feet, just waiting to be struck down... OH NO you can't kill him, because that would mean the weak-ass version of your lover to be born 100 years after you died may stay a security guard for him. No seriously, up until that very moment in Ep. 12 I managed to go through with Legends of Tomorrow always hoping for it to get better, but that straw really broke the camel's back. Save yourself time and nerves and watch something less gruesome.


Metaphorical tree - fruit tree?
I do sincerely hope that last tree was a fruit tree and that it bore fruits. Plenty of fruits. Otherwise they could've as well left them on earth for BBQ. There wasn't even the remotest sign of animals. And even if, they didn't even leave them a god damn cleaver to chop 'em up. Waiiiiiiit a sec, they've let them keep the rabbits. Hmmm.... this is starting to sum up. Even the gestation time of hares, being 25-50 days, would be short enough. Only the growing of the litter would need a severe speed-up.

Who knows, maybe the aliangels have put them down at some supercharged turbo-growth valley. Bang! It's pregnant. Bang! It casts its young. Bang! They're grown up. Bang! 10 are pregnant. Bang! 10 cast their young. Bang.... no wait, that would mean a world of rabbits within weeks.

Hmmm.... I presume the aliangels found the delicate balance of not letting the kids starve to death and not overly boosting the rabbit population.

But maybe that will be the plot of the sequel.

Transporter 3

Very fast, very action-packed, very entertaining
Oh please, come on!

That's always my first reaction when I see people complaining about small plot holes and lack of reality. It's an action movie, for god's sake.


So he blows up the huge plastic bags by deflating the tires. So the wagon doesn't stop when it's uncoupled. So he manages to keep up with the car within a distance of 1 mile by cycling shortcuts through the market where the car cannot. So they somehow manage to repair the car within a very short period of time, after it was fully submerged in the lake. SO WHAT!?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>END OF SPOILER<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

1. The movie's packed with perfectly choreographed fighting scenes, that make it - at least in principle - look as if it would be possible for a fighting machine like Frank Martin (Jason Statham) to defeat all of his opponents.

2. The high bpm sound track perfectly fits the movie's fast action style.

3. All the actor's performances are impeccable and given the fact, that the ukrainian girl didn't ever see an actor's school from the inside before Luc Besson asked her right off the street to play the role, even her performance is outstanding. I'm sure not everybody will like the appearance of freckles here, since she's not the average action flick catalog beauty, nonetheless it's an unusual yet the more refreshing choice of cast.

To cut a long story short, IMO none of the flaws is grave enough to jeopardize the over all entertainment quality of this fine action film.

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