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Baby Rosemary

Perhaps The Best Porn Film Of All Time!
This movie is slightly haunting and very nostalgic. Director Harold Perkins takes you into the life of a sexually suppressed young woman played by Sharon Thorpe. This may be a shocker to hear me say, but Sharon looks absolutely beautiful in this one! Her character is sweet and very innocent. I remember Sharon doing at least five scenes including being the object of desire in the midst of a giant orgy-- ending with all the male actors getting off in her face. Her look of disgust is award winning! John Leslie does a scene with Leslie Bovee, and I remember a lesbian 3-way featuring Candida Royale. She in later years went on to direct videos for couples! I Don't even know if this film is available on DVD. If so it would have been edited for time, inasmuch as all the old essex releases have been re-cut. But I do remember making a beta (video cassette) copy in 1985 and watching it over 50 times! If indeed it is available on disc, I certainly would not recommend viewing it. "Small Town Girls" was a lesson to me about how the 80's films have deteriorated. I would not be able to handle viewing this one in that way. Try to find it on an old beta or VHS rental to see this masterpiece as it was intended to be!

The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue

Nothing Cheap About This Movie!
Gerard Damiano directed this Futuristic-Sex masterpiece. Every scene is up close and top quality--makes you feel like you're there. Hillary Summers does a great oral scene with Herschel Savage...Jody Maxwell does a DP...Lysa Thatcher sucks off 3 guys,etc. But if an award could have been given to this film, It should have gone to Robert Bolla for his portrayal of "Algon"--A man seeking real love in a time of only sexual satisfaction! It's been a while since I last saw this movie and I only hope the DVD quality is as rich and colorful as the VHS release was. Porn Legend Annie Sprinkle appears in this one as does a young Lee Carroll. I don't know who I would give the miss-messy-with-sperm-mouth award to. As far as this film, it would be either Lee or Hillary.


A Beautifully Romantic Movie!
Because of one completely horrible scene, I am unable to give this film a 10. It is the Annette Haven/ Randy West scene and I wish it hadn't been put in the film. The rest of the film is the most romantic, and second best acted I have ever seen in porn. Jesse St James is just beautiful in her struggle to bring back the magic of her marriage (to Eric Edwards). Edwards is superb in his role, and the scenes between the two are so real you almost feel guilty for watching them! Billie Dee, the late Arcadia Lake and Lee Carroll are simply extras to make the story work. Every couple with problems should watch this one. It is not a dirty movie, but a lifetime type movie with explicit scenes. Even the closing song is beautiful!


John's Best Performance!
Filmed entirely on location in Hawaii, Eruption is a one of a kind film! Not only does John do four sex scenes, but he also does all the stunts in the film. The sex scenes are with Leslie Bovee and Susan Hart, and this movie has an excellent story. John proves here that he was indeed an actor, and not just a fourteen inch schlong. This is a great movie for couples inasmuch as there is a plot that thickens throughout the film. Because this film has deteriorated so badly, I recommend viewing it on a used VHS rather than a newly produced DVD. You will want to see the brilliant colors...especially when the camera gets you about a quarter inch from Leslie Bovee's open puss!

Justine: 'A Matter of Innocence'

Words Cannot Express How Much I Love This Film!
I first saw the trailer of this movie in the mid 80's. When I finally saw the movie it's self I was awe-struck! I don't like to be mean, but anyone who doesn't like this movie is brain dead. All the sex is supreme, and the acting completely believable! Hillary Summer gives what would have been an academy award winning performance...Vanessa Del Rio's best scene is found here, and Ashley Moore's pall-mall office meeting proves his acting capabilities. There is wall to wall sex in this one, and none of the ladies could have been more gorgeous. I only hope the DVD quality (if it's available on DVD) is as brilliant in color as the VHS release was!

Legends of Porn II

A Supreme Disappointment...Sorry To Say!
I only rated this one a 3 because of Mr Holliday's opening presentation. It's a clip from I think the XRCO award ceremony...presenting an award to Alex Derenzy for two of his films. There are not enough scenes here and all are three times too long. Mr Holliday should have left much of this on the cutting room floor! The feeling of the original Legends Of Porn is lost here. No quiz, no insightful information by Mr Holliday, and no grand finale...I couldn't believe I had to continually use the fast-forward button. This was never the case with the excellent "Legends Of Porn". Since I had spoken to him several times, I hate to give this review...but let the truth be known!

Legends of Porn

A Jim Holliday Compilation Disc
Having spoken to the late Mr Holliday a number of times in the mid 90's (the DTY Mailing list), I have to say that he was a kind man, and always honest in his reviews! This disc covers most (but not all) of the legends of the 70's to early 80's porn. Running nearly two hours, this disc features one sex scene after the other. John Holmes is in at least three scenes, and never before seen footage is also featured here. The Film ends with a porn quiz...I got smoked I'll admit! If you want to see porn from back before the shot-on-video error...yes I spelled it correctly then you'll definitely want to see this one. Don't bother with "Legends of Porn 2 though. It was a big mistake on Mr Holliday's part!

Taboo II

Excellent Porn Film
I seem to remember that the original VHS release was approximately one hour and fifty minutes long. This movie is focused on Dorothy Lemay's family played by Eric Edwards(dad),Honey Wilder (in her best role as mom), and Kevin James as big brother. I can say without hesitation that this one is much better than the original "Taboo". There are nine scenes #1 Kay Parker, Juliett Anerson, and Kevin James. #2 James and Bambii. #3 James, Bambii, Lemay #4 Honey Wilder and Eric Edwards. #5 James and Lemay. #6 Wilder and James. #7 Humungous orgy featuring Parker, Anderson, Lemay and at least 15 extras. #8 Lemay and Edwards #9 Wilder and Edwards. The story is believable, but unlikely.

Taboo III

An Absolute Piece Of Crap!!!
Shame on Kay Parker for reprising her role. This film is absolutely nothing. With the exception of "Innocent Taboo" (not related to this film...Read my review on it at IMDb) no film/ video with "taboo" in the title after "Taboo II" is worth watching. Taboo American Style in a good porn mini-series, though. I can't explain how disappointed I was that Jerry Butler was in this film. He is just not appropriate for that role! As another reviewer said, "the film is much too dark"...It's difficult to watch, and for me it's even harder for me to accept it as a taboo movie. It is the equivalent of the karate kid part III. Don't get mad at me, I'm just trying to save you about 85 minutes of time!

Innocent Taboo

Best Of It's Kind!
The story is that two families go on vacation and Billie Dee slips some aphrodisiac into their food. You can guess what happens next. What makes this video (not film) unique is the casting. It is absolutely incredible! Colleen Brennan, Buffy Davis and Porsche Lynn actually look like mother and daughters. This was a shocker to me that the casting could be so exact and believable. So that I don't catch myself going on and on about this movie, let me simply say that there is a great 3 way between Peter North, Porsche Lynn and Buffy Davis...maybe the best scene in the video. Also there is a DP with Davis, Dee, and Edwards. This is a very overlooked video, and that's too bad. Everything in it makes you want to watch it again and again. The sex is supreme, and the picture quality is bright and colorful.

Mad Love

Congratulations John On A Great Shot-On-Video Feature
There are not many of these that I would recommend, but this is definitely the exception. The Video (not film) is bright and colorful--a lot of fun to watch. The Story is that Kendal Marx and Jon Martin move into somewhat of a sexually haunted mansion. Kendal does a great scene with Martin, and also a gangbang nearing the end of the video with Damien Cashmere, John Dough, Tony Montana and Rick Lee. She is so beautiful in this that you simply wont believe! Also Aja does a double suck with two of the actors mentioned above, and Brandi Wine appears with F.M. Bradley. Director John Leslie puts care into this movie...all the way to the closing credits. A great video to get off to, and remember that Mr Villain Told You so.

Nothing to Hide

Excellent In Every Sense Of The Word!
There is no better porn film than this one. Watch it alone, or as a couple. Your wife will absolutely love it! John Leslie and Richard Pacheco are unbelievable in their roles as Jack and Lenny. Chelsea Manchester gives a surprisingly romantic performance, and all the ladies in the film are very willing. From the escape-out-the-window scene to the tear-jerking ending, this is a beautifully made movie and there is not another one like it. Adam film world rated it 5 stars and I absolutely agree. One great great porn movie. It is hard for me to write this review, inasmuch as there's not room enough for me to write an encyclopedia!

The Other Side of Julie

A True Film For Couples!
This is not a movie to be watched alone, and certainly not a movie to get you off. John Leslie gives an excellent performance, and surprisingly Joey Silvera as well--I'm not a Joey Silvera fan in the least. The story is better than most Hollywood movies, and the sex is awesome in most cases. The stair crosscut scene needed some work, though! This is an easy film to overlook inasmuch as cal vista had a certain look at that time. "Nothing To Hide" (John Leslie's best film)looked very much the same. This was long before the unfortunate shot-on-video-times. Jackie O'Neill could have been a top porn actress after this film, but she did the smart thing and left the industry. The color couldn't have been better, and I hope they manage to keep this film from deterioration!

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