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Too beautiful for Sci-Fi
I've marked this review as containing spoilers because I'm afraid it might dis-guide you (and it will) or think differently about the way you approach this movie... and nobody deserves that! At least in not in this movie...

But for a summary tag line, my only argument about this movie would be: "This is the first time I'm writing a review..."

Should be enough, but still, this movie deserves more much more than just a pure emotional line from a very simple and common IMDb user...

It's a beautifully told story about the old cliché "Robots vs Humans" (that one starts to think it's going to be) and the differences (or not) between them...

It was the first time I was lead to believe that robots shouldn't be treated differently... and *****MAJOR SPOILER***** the movies final (awkward) seconds just try to prove it! (I must talk about the ending because most of my mates thought it was a bit too much... and it wasn't, it's there for this very reason!)

I can only believe IMDBs poor user rating is due to the fact that Sci-Fi doesn't appeal the mass public...

But its 12 wins & 28 nominations speak for themselves... and many more are to come...

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