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Ali: An American Hero

It was a good film.
Being a true Ali film it was difficult to watch any film which portrayed him. This one earned its audience because of its star David Ramsey. This film-maker decided to concentrate on Ali and the period of his life for which we celebrate him today. It was Ali's political and religious stand against the Vietnam War that makes him a worldwide hero. Since when do big budgets and big name actors determine the quality of a film? In this movie David Ramsey embodies the essence of the true Ali spirit. Through his Ali experience as opposed to over-acting he gave us Ali in the midst of the episodes that made him strongest: his stand against the war, his religious differences with his father, and his close relationship with his brother. He showed that Ali although not very refined in his grammatical English was very charming and intelligent in his own way. He exhibited the strength that is Ali and did not hit us over the head with the "Ali talk." Unlike the Will Smith film which decided to portray Ali as if he already had Parkinson's Disease. Cheers to David Ramsey and Joe Morton for respecting two American heroes enough to honor them with performances in a film that did not have the budget to offer anything but good acting!

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