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  • Warning: Spoilers
    With 52 crores being spent for promotion Ra one is being touted as a breakthrough Indian superhero movie. But apart from the promotion nothing has been done right by the film makers. The culprits 1- A very weak script. The main good super hero(G One), bad super villain(Ra One)is standard like all superhero movies. But the subplots are extremely weak. And at times pathetic and not needed. G One is robot/computer program machine. There are issues related to him not understanding human emotions and then at times he gets too touchy which makes no sense. Kareena Kapoor on the other hand is not human. Sometimes upset that her husband is dead and the very next second she is dancing to "Chammak Challo". There are some attempted comedy element tried to put in between the movie from time to time which are poor. **The scene when Shahruk and his son get mugged by dwarf guy is embarrassing. That time the movie hall was in pin drop silence. As confused as the script writer. 2)Cheap humor-The only audience that might find this movie decent would be age 5-10 years. Sadly this movie has messed up for even them.The culprit the not needed, cheap adult humor. A scene where G-one tries to grab kareena's boobs, which for some reason comes in between and action scene. Then there is a scene when G one is holding the Ra one's crotch for a painfully long time. One wonders what Shahruk was thinking during the filming. Another one in which G one holding a packet of condoms and telling Kareena that they would improve her mood. Really????? Does he really expect us to laugh at this. 3) Misdirected Special effects - The special effects are of high quality. But with weak plots and too many effects on a single event. The whole thing gets diluted and excruciating to watch. The train chase is all about Shahrukh twisting and turning. The special effects are shown from every possible angle and with the amount of time spent one wonders how long is the train which G one is scaling. There is a fight sequence when some ruffians come at the standard bollywood - one at a time sequence and keep getting bashed up by a football. After 5 minutes it gets on your nerves and Rajni's entry after 15min of that torture adds to the pain. I guess only die hard Rajni fans could tolerate it. 4)Horrible acting. Shahruk should hang up his boots after this.He looked amateur in front of the kid actor. Kareena cannot act. And please don't make her a mom.She only looks comfortable as a bimbo. The attempted pseudo west lingo of "Dude" and "kick ass" is stupid. They are extinct in the west and too old even for India. And last but not the least among the several low points in this movie there is also a racist comment by Ra One "I hate Chinese".
  • I was a bit skeptical before going to see this movie. "Fourth Air Bender" was disappointing.I haven't seen "Lady in the Water". It never interested me. Some of the very promising yet disappointing movies of M.N.Shyamalan have been "The Village" and "Unbreakable".Also the fact that this is a horror movie and horror movies are rarely good. "Signs", "Sixth Sense" and "The happening" are some of his masterpieces. His movies are such which make you think and ponder. That is why I risked going to see the movie the first day and before the reviews were out. The trailer was not impressive. An 80 minute movie inside a elevator was a bit deterring. I thought maybe MNS saw "Phone Booth". I had gone with a lot of doubt in my mind. The movie was gripping form the start. You know the half the plot if you have seen the trailer. But the way the story is unraveled is impressive. Rarely horror movies have good stories. This is an exception. The acting is good and the actors played their parts well. This movie is more of a thriller at times. I Cannot write more without exposing the plot. But one thing. Normally Horror movies is just about passing time with a few scares. But this movies makes you think in a way you have never before thought after seeing a horror movie. Thumbs up to MNS and hope his future movies are equally entertaining.