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Cold Pursuit

Not the typical Liam Neeson action film
Apparently Cold Pursuit is a remake of a sort of Norwegian film a few years prior to this film. Having no knowledge of the original, and did not care about its comparisons. This film has its fair share of moments as it does combine different genres as people may categorize this as a dark comedy.

There is a lot of violence and much of it is done in a more humorous way as opposed to being very serious. The body count death cards were a nice and clever touch. The lead villain seemed far too over the top and with a bad American accent it was very noticeable that he was disguising his voice. This film was less than two hours in run time but felt quite lengthy. It got quite boring in the end and the finale didn't live up to the hype. Overall this film is quite different than expected.


Interesting concept but a letdown
With these type of mind twisting and more so thinking films involving twists and turns when the writing is good, the film can be great and memorable. For instance, Memento, the Butterfly Effect and the Sixth Sense. However this film Premonition seems to overuse its effect and it becomes rather confusing and the end result isn't nearly as good as it should have been.

A lot of it felt forced and we are left with a very sad and rather weak ending. The suspense wasn't very much and not much really grasped our attention. Perhaps if more was added as it did feel rushed. The actors weren't the problem, more so the weak writing.

Welcome Home

Has been done before
Home invasion, vacation getaway type films are seemingly quite a popular sub genre of thrillers and dramas. This film's premise and storyline has been done many tunes before and been done better.

The twists which come are obvious and predictable for the audience, as we know precisely how things will go. Welcome Home doesn't offer much of anything new but the scenery is quite nice. Nothing quite stands out to make this film a special watch. It is watchable to not treat it anything more than just a time killer.

The acting by both leads are passable for a film like this (many people seem to be bashing Emily Ratajkowski for her performance but its solid), and they are not the reason as to why this film isn't better.

Honest Thief

Lesser standard Liam Neeson action film
It has been several years from the Taken franchise which made Liam Neeson is well respected action star. In this film, it shows that Liam has aged quite since then as this film isn't nearly as intriguing or clever as intended. It's trailer gives away a lot away and even so, Honest Thief isn't exactly suspenseful, or thrilling. It is rather tame, given its PG-13 rather.

There were no twists or turns and everything which was presented to us was obvious and predictable. Though Neeson is still believable in the role and makes it watchable but overall this film is less than stellar and not in the level of Taken or some of his other 2010 era action films.

The Last Blockbuster

Eye opening and intriguing
The start of this documentary is quite well done then it starts to drift off more towards little segments with comedians speaking of their love and nostalgia for Blockbuster. At times it was interesting but some of these comedians weren't needed. It showcased a lot about the manager and her family of the last owner Blockbuster which was quite intriguing at first, then got somewhat repetitive. Solid documentary, for a one time watch.


Modern day Taken with heavy technology usage
As pointed out by fans and critics a like, Searching is quite similar to "Taken" but more so real-life like and with heavy usage of modern technology. This film is quite interesting and clever and we are intrigued from the beginning. The writing is well done and polished.

John Cho delivers a very genuine performance as the lead father in search of his lost teenage daughter. There are some clever and intriguing aspects about the film and there seems to always be something to ponder about.

Ultimately the ending gives several twists and may feel quite predictable, none the less it was still quite an enjoyable watch seeing everything unfold. Films like Searching are most definitely a welcome genre.

The Spy

Based on true events
Apparently this mini series is based upon true events and there may be different speculation regarding these events. This series isn't for everyone and may be uneasy for those. It is quite a slow we drama thriller and does raise several points. The acting by Sacha Baron Cohen is top notch as he was rewarded with several acting nominations.


A lot going on
Having no knowledge of this British mini-series but realizing it was a British series, thus did not have such high expectations. The trailer made it seem like a higher paced thriller with the occasional drama but what we are given is quite a slow paced drama with many characters and different subplots occurring at the same time.

Carey Mulligan is the clear lead here but there seemed to be too much going on where we don't necessarily care about many of the supporting characters and they were given much screen time. A lot of the plot seemed to be stretched out from the first episode. With different and new revelations occurring, many of which weren't very interesting.

There wasn't as much mystery and suspense as expected and the conclusion was very disappointing. It would be best watching this series with subtitles as the dialogue is tough to understand at times.

Living with Yourself

Refreshing dark comedy series
Marketed as a type of comedy drama series where this falls as a sort of dark comedy. Living with Yourself is quite refreshing and different.

Paul Rudd plays both parts well and the series is engaging enough throughout, besides but being very long (only 8 episodes).

With this show that premiered in 2019 and now looks doubtful for a second season, especially given its cliffhanger ending. It would be a disappointment if they don't continue the show. Perhaps this show will develop into a cult classic of sorts among fans.

Surf School

All around bad
Surf School is a teen comedy but without any clever jokes and without an interesting story. It's a underdog type story with the main cast being outcasts with the audience supposed to be rooting for. This film is very stereotypical in its characters and filled with many cliches which have been done many times before in better films.

Based on the poster, somewhat expected this to be an Asylum type film of sorts or more so like the American Pie spinoff films. First, this isn't a teen sex type comedy like those Asylum films or the American Pie spinoffs. Surf School is rather tame in comparison with only a few quick scenes of nudity being by the three foreign girls. This felt like it could have been originally PG-13 but decided to add in a few scenes of nudity to give it an R rating. In that case, the film isn't funny enough (really not funny at all. Lame jokes one involving a monkey) for a good comedy and doesn't provide enough tna for the Asylum type genre. Not to mention everything was utterly predictable and rather boring.

Frat Party

Comes as expected
This is another frat teen/college type raunchy comedy with much female nudity and one dimensional characters. The comedy isn't clever but very predictable and at times forced. The lead character was likable enough as he did a good job in carrying the film. The lead female is on and off but always does a decent job.

This film isn't an Asylum production film but has done similarities. Overall don't expect too much.

Turn Up Charlie

Solid and short
Having knowing nothing about this series prior to watching and not watching the trailer or reading too much if the synopsis. It was a decent watch and quite short (only 8 episodes) where it's easy to watch the entire series in a few days (or less). It starts off relatively slow then does get better as each episode.

Nothing too special but something more so pass the time. The comedy isn't very clever or anything quite we haven't seen but it seems like Edris Elba was enjoying his character, and the chemistry between him and the little girl of Gabriela are the highlights.

The Crew

Standard comedy series
This latest Netflix series starring Kevin James is as what we would cone to expect. The comedy is very standard, typical and safe for a family type series. It isn't too clever or funny and at times is quite forced. Also there is a laugh track which makes it worse. Otherwise the show is entertaining and decent at best.

The first couple of episodes are slightly weak then gets better. The last 5 episodes are greater than the first 5, and in the finale we are left with a cliffhanger making it seem as if there will be a second season. Which has great potential. The Crew isn't the greatest comedy series but serves as a lighthearted and time passing series.


All over the place
Having remembered the initial trailers of this film upon its release many years ago and thought it looked somewhat intriguing at the time. However after watching this film, it was relatively a disappointment. The story is quite confusing where it leads to questioning which was the real world and what was the video game simulation, specifically the ending. With ultimately a predictable and happy ending.

The characters aren't that interesting and we don't care much to root for. Then the action and overall plot is quite boring. Gamer isn't on the level of the Crank films nor on the level of Death Race (another film with a similar feel and tone). Mainly because we are interested in those lead characters.

Gamer just lacked any sort of intrigue or suspense. Gerard Butler wasn't the problem but he didn't quite elevate the film.

The Wedding Planner

Lighthearted and typical
This film was apparently somewhat of a box office success and was number 1 at the box office for two weeks during its release. As a film the premise is relatively obvious and predictable. It is very lighthearted and not much cones by a surprise.

The end of the film is about how we knew it would end, to a certain extent (as in both leads ending up together). There are some decent moments but overall nothing that quite stands out or makes a big impact.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Both leads raise this film from being forgettable
This is a film where we can see the leads having genuine fun while making the film. Although it is quite predictable, their performances make the film worthwhile and entertaining. It is light hearted and at times clever and emotional yet never seems to lose its intent. Although we sort of know how it would end, it is quite enjoyable all the way through.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Not very funny and misses the mark
Found this film to be quite interesting with a clever concept as it starts off decent then does get better but eventually becomes very predictable, and quite stale. The acting is solid and the actors aren't the problem, it's more so the writing. Though perhaps the film does teach and send a valuable message.

The Gentlemen

Tries too hard at being cool and stylish
At times it feels as if this film becomes confusing for the sake of trying to tell an interesting story as it tries hard in being cool and stylish. The beginning of the film is quite slow paced and provides a lot of dialogue.

Although it does get more entertaining in the end, overall this film has that feel of a "British" film with everyone speaking in UK lingo making it hard to understand. It gives off the sense that every character is trying to act cool and trying to "one-up" the other person.

Hugh Grant makes the film worse as he is arguably the worst part of the film with a completely irritating character. Too many British characters and not enough American characters but given this is a Guy Ritchie film, we guess its expected.


Tries too hard at being mysterious and clever
Apparently this film was a massive box office failure and was panned by critics (for the right reasons). As a film this was relatively a confusing and different. The story wasn't too easy to follow and there were some moments of intrigue and entertainment but as a whole its "twist" felt forced and was somewhat confusing and far fetched.

Apparently it's main twist is that the characters are a part of a game created by the real life son (13 year old child), meaning the characters on the island aren't real and the acting by the side characters are deliberate (speaking in cliches, not much depth).

Also near the very end it reveals that Matthew McConaughey's character died in real life many years before (when his son was very young). It can also be interpreted that his apparent son was not his real son.

Serenity is a film which feels as if the writers thought they were smarter than what actually occurs. But overall the film was quite a mess and it's big twist wasn't as clever or great as perceived to be.

The Night Clerk

Intriguing little thriller but a confusing ending
Having not heard of this film until deciding on watching. With no expectations or not knowing exactly the type of film it was (not watching any trailers either). Relatively a slow paced story but overall was intrigued with the story and fascinated by the character of Tye Sheridan (a young actor who continues to shine).

The Night Clerk plays out like a mystery but doesn't provide many thrills or suspense as expected. It is more of a drama and occasional romance story.

Ana De Armas plays the love interest and steals her scenes with given not too much but does what she's capable of. Her star power and ranking has most certainly risen within these last few years, and it is great to see as she deserves her success.

Relatively predictable story telling but the ending felt quite rushed and that they could have possibly added about 10-15 minutes more to expand on the story.

This film was less than 90 minutes of run time and it did feel short. It was entertaining for what its worth but there could have been more added.

What we see in the ending was slightly confusing. At first it appears that it was all a dream but then when the male victim was spotted, it was shown to be the same guy whom killed the initial blonde woman.

What was most confusing is in the final scene we see Tye Sheridan at a mall walking around (when it seemed as if he had shot himself- it was off screen where we just heard the gun shot). So apparently he did not shoot/kill himself but shot the gun to get the police to the house and he was somehow able to escape without being noticed.

We then see a scene with Ana de Armas with the guy in the car and the police coming behind them. Overall it was slightly confusing and felt rushed as the recap was shown with flashbacks. Perhaps they could have paced it slower and showed it in a breakdown each step.

Otherwise the film was relatively unique and intriguing all the way through. It's IMDB score is quite low for what the outcome was. Would recommend.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Doesn't work well
The original first two films in the Terminator franchise put high pressure upon this third film as far as potential. Now as a film this third film is a letdown in comparison with the previous two. It is quite dull, the story is repetitive and not all that interesting and the characters of John Connor and Kate are annoying and irritating. Besides a few solid action sequences, Rise of the machines is relatively boring.

The After Party

Doesn't flow well together
Was not expecting much from this Netflix film. The plot is the typical coming of age/underdog story but for an aspiring rapper. It is of course predictable in that when something bad happens, in the end it will all work out. The comedy is lacklustre and the story feels a little far fetched. It definitely feels a little rushed at forced at times.

The acting by the lead is passable and he's easy to root for. The friend tries too hard at being funny. The After Party reminds somewhat of the Harold and Kumar films. Overall the film isn't great but passable at times for fans of hip hop of this generation. Nothing groundbreaking.

Real Rob

Quite amusing
After binge watching the series in its entirety in a couple days (only 16 total episodes between the two seasons) can say that this mini series is quite amusing and has a certain amount of charm to it.

The first season starts off relatively slow and tries a little too hard in being funny and comedic while season 2 makes more of an effort in being more than just a comedy.

Season 2 is better as it improves as a drama, and gives better storylines. Rob's character becomes slightly more of a jerk in season 2 but it's all with good intentions (especially towards Jamie).

Though at times there seems to be less focus on his wife and she steals her scenes and is arguably the highlight most of the time. The character of the stalker was one of the funnier things in the first season but he's barely in season 2.

Unfortunately there won't be a good season 3 which is a shame as this series goes by very quickly. However the season 2 finale was quite good.

The American Meme

Sends a strong message
A well put together documentary showcasing some famous and popular social "media" influencers and business people who've made a name for themselves by starting out relatively low. It shows that money is the main attraction and at times these people needed to do some desperate level things in order to accomplish what they wanted.

Paris Hilton is one of the central focuses in this doc and she stands out the most (next is Kirill), as she seems far smarter than most would give credit and didn't have a "15 minutes of fame" like some may think. Very solid insight and this documentary sends a strong and powerful message. Highly recommend.


Intriguing concept let down by bad execution
There seems to be relatively new original ideas for science fiction films and the concept of Replicas sounds far fetched yet intriguing. As a whole the film starts off relatively okay and interesting then gets suddenly worse and it's climax isn't very mysterious or suspenseful.

There's a reason as to why this film was released in January and why it was a box office flop. It could have been better but it didn't quite amount it much and seemed to get boring and drag on after a while. It became too predictable.

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