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Tegenlicht: The Tax Free Tour

Taxation is theft!
The "documentary" tries to put out the notion that multinational companies that pay little tax commit illegalities, when in fact they only use examples of legal ways you can pay little or no taxes. The try to put up the notion that the bad companies don't want to pay the 30 or 35% tax rates in some countries and start doing business in countries with lower tax rates. How horrible of them to try and keep their money instead of giving it to corrupt governments and politicians. They also make the argument that these companies don't contribute to economies where they are active and pay little taxes, when in fact they pay fabulous amounts of labor taxes, environment taxes, gas taxes, local taxes. They at least want to keep their profit, but no, the greedy government wants to take more than a third of that also. And what do the companies get from the governments, well they get bureaucracy,they get bad schooling systems, bad healthcare for their employees, bad roads. Well why would they ever want to not pay taxes with such a good exchange. The truth is we all could do with smaller taxes. Everyone is better off with just managing their own money, instead of "big brother" hoarding it and using it for the "greater good".

The Hitman's Bodyguard

Funny and well acted without a story
I gave this movie such a high mark because it made me laugh like I haven't laughed in a while at a movie. It does not have an intricate plot-line, it is predictable but has great lines.

I will say this. With any other actors than Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson this would have been a flop. You can see the humor that Reynolds has in Deadpool and that Jackson has in Django Unchained here. I think this is what I liked the most.They also have great chemistry together, I personally would not have guessed this, but now it makes a lot of sense.

It has interesting action scenes. I personally am not really into that so it makes no difference to me, but they seem pretty good.They also don't go overboard to make it not credible, but exaggerated enough that it is funny.

It is easy, it does not make you think a lot afterwards but it entertains you and I think this was the role of this film.

Hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did.

The Dark Tower

A rushed SF western
The Dark Tower seems like a rushed movie. You know there is more to the story but you feel like there isn't enough time to tell everything there is to tell. There are a lot of holes left to fill and to the more imaginative person you feel cheated because you did not get an explanation for what is happening.

The movie is part action, part SF,part western,part thriller.It is enjoyable and the actors do a good job, although there does not seem to be enough time for character building. The scenes are not breathtaking and could have been improved when taking into account it is a Sci-Fi,but probably it needed a bigger budget.

Although the story follows the road to maturity of a young boy,this movie is too fast paced to allow for such a complex plot-line. It reminds me of "The Mortal Instruments" to some extent and the story is similar, only you have to replace vampires with cowboys and wizards. You can really feel the influences from westerns.

All in all it was enjoyable, but I kind of feel I want to know more about the story, so I will probably read the books.

Hope you enjoy it!

Poveste de cartier

An Indian film made by Romanians
At first i didn't even want to watch this movie because of the kind of music that was in this film. But one night I didn't have anything else to see so i decided to watch this one. It was actually entertaining. Although it was a cliché and it was like an Indian movie and the end was also stupid, the acting was really bad etc I liked this movie because it made me laugh. It wasn't the purpose of this movie to make people laugh but since i didn't take it seriously and i didn't expect much of it, it did manage to amuse me. Not because it had humour in it, I laughed at the bad acting and at the bad storyline. I mean it was like watching homemade clips of people doing stupid things. So i give this movie the grade as if it was a parody of the kind of world that surrounds the people that sing the "manele" genre(it is like Turkish, Indian and gypsy songs combined into one only with very idiotic lyrics).


Good story, bad special effects
I saw this movie without thinking i would get something out of it, but it seems the story was actually captivating. Especially the ending was a bit of a surprise, although it was kind of spoiled by final words before throwing the virus at the city more exactly it was kind of a cliché. The acting wasn't all that good, i didn't see anyone that caught my attention as an actor in this film. The special effects weren't necessarily bad as they were almost missing. But the good part was the story. It was kind of a psychological SF film. I tend to ignore the lack of special effects if the story is right because i think a movie is made by the story not by the special effects and that is what i appreciate most. So it depends on what you want in a movie to decide if you should watch this movie or not.

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