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Project Gotham Racing 3

OK game
PGR is an exceptional racer, with its usual ups and downs. The series has been practically all the same, with little new features included. There are different types of races, Kudos is involved, the cars are good, the drifting is a piece of trash, and I think car lovers will like this game, but I personally do not favor it too well.

Downside - Drifting, Handling, Crash result Upside - Cars, Race Types, Kudos

Final Score - 6/10 or 3/5 or 12/20 or 24/40

If you are searching for a better game

buy PGR 4, this game's successor

007: Quantum of Solace

An OK game
I'd simply also like to say that for people who don't know it, this page is about the Quantum of Solace GAME not the Quantum of Solace MOVIE.

Anyway, the movie was not that great at all, it just had a random set of events taking place in random places. That doesn't work well as a film, but in a video game, I really don't care. The gameplay was quite exceptional, powered by the Call of Duty 4 game engine, with different controls and an effective cover system much like that of Gears of War. The missions were almost equally shared with both Quantum of Solace events and Casino Royale events. I just like the way Treyarch turned short encounters with the enemy into full-out battles, to make the game much more interesting and fun to play. The Multiplayer mode was quite good, though. We had a set of players winning and losing matches, with received credits for purchasing weapons, equipment and attachments. The maps were, like in Call of Duty 4, directed exactly from the campaign.

The problems about this game are just simply about my opinion, not about the general opinion. I am used to shooters with blood, and after Gears of War 2, I am used to lots and lots of blood and gore. It was strange playing this game because whenever you kill and enemy, not a single drop of red liquid oozes out of his body. Maybe because they'd think countless Bond fans out there are not used to blood, and that the gore factor must be shrunk down a bit.

I'd originally give this game a 7/10, but being reminded of how addictive the campaign was, I changed it to 8/10, still keeping the cons of the game in thought. Still though, it is recommended for fans of both James Bond and First-Person-Shooter. Treyarch did a great job to making this an epic game for all those Bond-lovers out there.

I gotta admit though, I didn't buy this game because I was a fan of Bond, just because it seemed interesting at first. I had no idea of what the story was about, and why I was massacring so many people.

Halo 3

A creative and amazing sequel to one of the best games of the year
There is so much about Halo 3 that makes me want to play it over and over again. It is just such a great way to end the Halo trilogy, and an exhilarating sequel to Halo 2.

Graphics - The graphics are exceptional and realistic in some ways. The scenery is always bright and colorful compared to those of Gears of War and Resistance: Fall of Man, which brings the levels and gameplay to life. I found that Bungie has greatly improved the graphics and scenes from Halo 2, and that had a massive impact on the style of gaming and maybe the addiction of the all the levels that I encountered.

Campaign - The story was well-thought and creative, but it still doesn't pull me in as much as the Halo 2 campaign. The major plot line still sticks to that of the other Halo games; survive the Covenant, stop the Halos from activating, blah blah blah. The campaign was quite short, with only nine normal levels and a minute-long one called Arrival in which the game's protagonist is seen crash landing in Africa. Halo 2 took much longer to complete, not only did it have six more levels than Halo 3, but they were longer, more detailed missions.

Multiplayer - The first day of matchmaking and I have already been addicted to it. The multiplayer in Halo 3 is special, and there is nothing else quite like it. You dive into a world of explosive online play, fun glitches and just awesome frenzy-like action. What makes it so unique is just the infinite possibilities, especially the way you can tweek gameplay to suit your style, and make seemingly impossible kills like far-away sticks and splatters. I just simply can't find anything more addicting and lasting than the excitement of Halo 3's supreme online matchmaking and Custom Games.

Bonuses - Gears of War 2 had a bonus and it was called Horde. It was addictive, fun and enjoyable, but limited. A noticeable bonus feature in Halo 3 was the seemingly limitless Forge mode. You can create any object linked to the selected map, and create your very own type of map suited to almost any kind of gameplay you choose. Saving countless maps and playing on them was a fantastic experience and it is recommended for any creative minds out there. Another extra feature is the Theatre. You can save films, record your favorite game moments, a take screenshots of any wacky, memorable experiences you had during your time playing. It is a very creative addition to this extraordinary game, and let's gamers show and share their best moments to all of the Halo 3 online community This game is recommended to any fans of Sci-Fi and First Person Shooter. It is epic and a simply a really fun game. A tip for newcomers to the Halo trilogy: Play through Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 first, they're also fantastic games, and they'd make you understand the story better.

Congratulations, Bungie! 9/10

Quantum of Solace

This movie had high expectations, but low results
I saw all Bond classics from Dr. No to Die Another Day, but nothing was better than Casino Royale, which starred Daniel Craig and Eva Green. The plot line was well thought and the excellent layout of the movie, with the tweeked gunbarrel sequence, made me want to watch it over and over again.

Casino Royale was directed by Martin Campbell, and since Quantum of Solace was being directed by Marc Foster, I expected it to be different, and it was, but not in a good way. This film was a let-down for thousands, maybe even millions of Bond-lovers out there. All it became was a set of events blitzing between city from city, where as the viewer has no idea how he got there or why. The movie was not understandable most of the time, it was just some rushed events that didn't seem to fit into the plot line. Plus, the fact that the gunbarrel sequence for Quantum of Solace was at the end of the movie, not even near the beginning, like other Bond movies, struck me hard. Marc Foster seemed to hate that feature and wanted to remove it, but since it was James Bond, he had to put somewhere, and the only place that was good beside the beginning, was the ending. But it still was quite shocking.

A few deaths including General Medrano and Domonic Greene made it a little action-like, but overall, I just didn't seem to get the thrill like I did during Casino Royale. The villains didn't have that sinister feeling like Le Chriffe or even 006. And they weren't. in my opinion,even villain-like at all. At least until their deathly experiences at the desert hotel.

I thought this movie was a serious let-down for me, despite how much I was hoping to first watch it, and I sure hope that the twenty-third Bond movie would not be as upsetting as this one. Not recommended for those who like a good, gripping storyline, I'd give this a straight six out of ten, not any lower score, simply because it was a Bond movie and Bond movies have their reputation for being really exciting.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Best free-roaming game ever
Grand Theft Autos have always been excellent, but GTA IV, set in Liberty City, is the best one yet! With excellent graphic, realistic scenarios and a newly introduced cover system, GTA IV really does bring this city to life with the ability to car-jack, drive around, and simply enjoy escalating the wanted level stars.

I loved the multi-player mode, with up to around 16 players around Liberty City, either working together, capturing territories, killing each other, or many other options. The thing I don't like though, is the fact that only a, huge map can be played. But this is minor, you'll be so absorbed in massacring everyone that you'll fail to notice.

The cheats have also been enhanced, now the quick-dialing of cheats can be accessed by using the phone instead of having to always dial the cheat when you want to use it, like many other GTA games.

This game is recommended for all PS3 and Xbox 360 users. Congratulations, Rockstar!

Gears of War 2

Best game of the Year
The 7th November 2008 brought forth one of the best games I've ever played, the graphics are awesome, the gameplay is almost flawless, and the campaign mode definitely beats the first one.

Campaign - I like the fact that you get to venture deep into Locust territory and get to finally face-off with their queen, although my greatest regrets is that you don't get to kill her personally. Anyway, i basically enjoyed the campaign. It's easy to understand, and pretty intriguing compared to the first Gears of War, where as you, for the first time, are able to fight Reavers on the ground, ride Reavers in the air, and even hop on massive lumbering giants called Brumaks. I pretty much enjoyed every aspect of it.

Multiplayer - I definitely prefer this multiplayer to the one in Gears of War. In the first installment, it's four vs. four for every playlist, but now, not only newer playlists have been added, but the number of players can vary from five vs. five to two vs. two vs. two vs. two vs. two. The new Horde mode in which you battle wave after wave of Locust forces, is an excellent feature of the game, I was completely hooked with trying to ascend the rounds and finally reach Wave 50.

Achievements - Now, this is something only Xbox 360 and Windows games have: game achievements. Achievements are accomplishments that you can complete in the game, each achievement gives you some gamerscore, which is added up to a total. The achievements in Gears of War 2 are pretty straight-forward. They include completing campaign on the difficulty levels and much more. They were pretty great, but some achievements, most notably Seriously 2.0 (kill 100,000 enemies) seem impossible to complete.

I'd give this game a 10/10 rating despite the drawbacks, simply because it is so compelling and breathtaking. Recommended for fans of Third-Person-Shooter and sci-fi. Congratulations, EPIC.

Call of Duty: World at War

Not World War II again...
This game is a really genuine shooter, with intense battles and so much more. But thing is, I, like many other folks out there, are tired of games set in World War II! I mean, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare brought something new to the series, because it's not set in the second World War. I was totally miserable when I was told this game would be set yet again in WWII. I was hoping the fifth installent of Call of Duty would be in modern times like Call of Duty 4, or even in the fictional World War III like EndWar, although Treyarch and Infinity Ward don't seem to like fictional settings.

Despite the drawbacks of this game, the battles and gameplay are pretty interesing. Multiplayer has improved with new perks, Nazi Zombies has been inserted as an extra feature, and the missions are quite fun, although a bit too WWII-ish.

All in all, Call of Duty: World at War is a game which fans of the Call of Duty series would enjoy, but not one for gamers who like advanced and sophisticated settings.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Best in the series
Call of Duty: World at War was quite fun, but still, nothing beats the fourth installment in the Call of Duty series. I found this intrepid game a new experience for me. I've been playing the previous CoD games and developed a bore for World War II games. This really gives me the feel of a real war against international separatists, instead of being in the classic gear of a 1940s soldier, you experience the modern day technology of the British SAS and American Marines. I like the way the mission are varied and not simply about running into enemy territory all guns blazing. In All Ghillied Up when you plan to snipe the Russian Imran Zakhaev, you have to employ stealth where as during missions like Charlie Don't Surf, squads of your allies storm into an enemy town and stealth is almost the last thing you'd need. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare definitely beats all others in the series.

There is not much to say about errors in CoD 4's gameplay. It is so realistic and perfected. Maybe there are a few tweeks that could improve the game. First of all, I think the grenades are too powerful, and should be weakened a little bit. Secondly, the difficulties are too spaced out. Recruit is completely easy, Regular is slightly challenging but nevertheless quite easy to beat, Hardened needs a bit of thought about your decisions, and Veteran is not for anyone but experts of the game. They are understandable, but Recruit needs to be toughened up a bit, and Veteran, I think, needs to be a bit more fair, especially the last level, it is a nightmare on Veteran. And last but not least, in multiplayer, a higher rank means more weapons and more weapons means a greater chance of beating the new recruits. I think that the newcomers should be given more chance than to have to select between five standard classes whilst much higher players are allowed to choose between a great variety of equipment.

Still, I think Modern Warfare is a great game and flawlessly is one of the best I've ever played. Two thumbs up.

Gears of War

Outstanding game
I wasn't exactly sure of Gears of War when I saw it sitting on the shelf of a game store, but, man, it was worth it!

10/10 Game play- The Gears of War game play took me a while getting used to. I was not accustomed to needing to hold a button in order to bring up the targeting reticule, nor was I used to the Active Reload system. But the game play is just really fun when you get used to it. Anyway, killing the Locust Horde (your enemies) is exceptionally enjoyable, so is ripping someone to shreds with the one-of-a-kind Chainsaw Bayonet.

9/10 Graphics- The graphics are pretty good. From the first hour I played this game, I could see the setting and atmosphere was supposed to be a solemn and lonely one. I thought the blood was a bit dodgy, although I blended in the rest of the scene. The Locust were extremely well designed, every scratch, scale and inch of skin and armor was carefully thought about. The graphics of Gears of War were really state-of-the-art and something to look forward to.

8/10 Story- The plot line of Gears of War if actually pretty basic, but not just any average shoot-en-up story. War had broken out between several Human countries. After decades of fighting, humanity stopped the Pendulum Wars and began recovering. But then, without warning, the Locust Horde, a vile race of creatures, rose from the planet's core and started slaughtering the still-recovering human race. A quarter of all humanity was destroyed, and the war between Humans and locust began. The still surviving human cities joined to form the Coilation of Ordered Governments (COG). The COG retreated to the Jacinto Plateau, the last safe haven for the humans. Due to the plateau's impenetrable ground, the Locust couldn't dig their way to it. Marcus Fenix, a war hardened soldier, fought the Locust for about a decade. But during an intense firefight, Marcus abandoned the battle to save his father in the East Barricade Academy. But he was too late. Marcus was to be sentenced to 40 years in Jacinto Maximum Security Penintentiary for dereliction of duty. But four years later, the Locust attack the Penintentiary. Colonel Hoffman, Marcus's former commanding officer, evacuated everybody, but left Marcus to die. Although his friend, Domonic Santiago, breaks him out of prison and Marcus is brought back to the Military. The COG have obtained a Lightmass bomb, which can blow up the Locust's tunnels, destroying thousands of Locust in the process. But the navigation data is needed for the bomb to work. And so Marcus and his squad are assigned to plant a device called the resonator in the tunnels so they can be mapped and the bomb will be ready to explode. The storyline is pretty good, but some parts of it are quite maddening, like the end of Act 3 in the campaign.

10/10 Overall- All in all, Gears of War is a great game, something all PC and Xbox 360 gamers should buy. Trust me, the campaign is quite gripping, and it is just so hard to put the controller down.

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