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  • Not another typical film on AIDS. Most important thing in this film is that it gives a universal message of "Hope".

    Acting performances are OK, the story has been rightly narrated by camera within the short time.

    Who ever is confused about some important decisions about life and death, its a worthy 13 minutes to spent. you never know what you get.

    The central character is played by Siddharth as Arjun Dutta. The story has its own climax till the end when it brings the message "Hope".

    Also there are typical messages that a AIDS awareness movie or film should bring.

    What to loose? just 13 minutes!
  • This is my first movie review at IMDb. One of my friend suggested me to watch the movie. It was worth.

    The story is really good one dealing with romance, reality and the absurd in it. All the characters are in love, or at least have some problems with love affairs and punished duly.

    Anwar himself is punished severely since he looses his beloved, his friend and himself, life has at least no meaning to him except his love "mehru" who betrays him for real dreams while Anwar till the last moment lives in the world of his illusions.

    The beggar, theatre artist Master Pasha, after loosing his Meera, awaits for another love break, Dipa who actually considers only as a beggar. The world has no time to pay for the emotions, all it want to buy is the product, what master pasha can do. Master Pasha stops begging and making designs temples for Meera/Dipa and went to perform hi final stage show.

    All other characters in their own way or other are all facing the same thing.

    The story can not be categorized as tragic one since it gives you a thought of considering not only your love for others, but also in the contradicting way.

    I salute the story writer and the actor in the central roles. I rated 8.0 since it could have been better in other departments.