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Pretty funny
I love history, and puerile stupid humour, so this is right up my street. I loved the Inbetweeners, and this is almost as good. I find that good historical comedies are really difficult to find. At times they can be a real disappointment, but I instantly liked this. Some are saying that season 2 sucks, but I don't agree. I still love it, even if it's had some near-the-knuckle moments. For me, Stylax is easily the best character. I wasn't sure about Groomio initially, but he's growing on me. I'm hoping this will last for another couple of seasons, as I like the way the characters are developing, and there has got to be a good few situations to explore. I hope it raises its profile a bit more, and becomes more popular, so we get some more seasons.


Laugh out loud funny...not just for kids
Okay, there's not a whole load of stuff i could write as spoilers, as it's just solid gags after gags, in-between a loose story. I watch Gogs every year or so, because it's just such a classic. I'm now 43 years old, by the way. The timing is excellent, expressions brilliant, scenarios stupidly funny. I've given it 10 stars, only because it doesn't go to 11! My fave characters are the mum and baby. The animation is all in clay, but it doesn't suffer for it. It actually gives it an extra dimension over today's CGI generation. Whoever wrote the scripts was a genius. Remember that there's no dialogue, it's just grunts, screams, growls and wails. Somebody, anybody, Channel 4 or whoever, please bring out another Gogs!!!!

The Hangover

Poor script lets this down
I laughed once at this movie, where the wedding singer does 50 Cent's 'Candy Shop'. Apart from this, nothing. The acting was okay, the characters too. The main thing that was lacking was a good script. You know what you're gonna get with one of these kind of movies, but unfortunately this just didn't deliver. I had a few beers before, and was ready to laugh.... but this movie just couldn't deliver them. Shame, because the premise sounded fairly good. I don't like trashing movies, but I think it's best that if you must see this movie, then don't expect a lot, and you won't be too disappointed. I know lots of people rated it highly, but I can't think why for the life of me. I'm not a prude, and laughed pretty good at Stepbrothers and stuff of this ilk, which you can call puerile and stupid. I'm just very disappointed that the most important thing of the whole film was just not up to it, cos everything else was there. Sorry guys!

The Land That Time Forgot

The film that I forgot... (after 2 days, thank god)
The dinosaur in this was that good, Ray Harryhausen would be proud of it. Usually, I prefer to review films that I really like and feel the need to recommend. Here's the thing, I recommend you turn off the TV when this is on and go do something more productive like slamming your head in the door. Okay, the film is for kids and adolescents... but this will just make them mad and want to smash up a telephone box. BAD BAD BAD. AWFUL. TERRIBLE. I wasted an hour of my life watching this, (I was asleep for some of the film, so it wasn't all bad).Screenplay 1/10, Acting 1/10, Plastic Dinosaur 2/10.


Being Human

A breath of new (after)life.
I expected to hate this, yet it turns out I loved it. Great first series. Can't wait for the next one. The characters were interesting and funny, and dare I say it, you actually begin to care about them, (which is the cornerstone of any good drama). This took a tired genre and gave it a breath of new (after)life. The backdrop is very ordinary and mundane, and the characters are self-loathing. It gave it a different, quirky angle which hasn't really been explored before. I really hope the BBC have the next series lined up and ready to film. UK series are always woefully small. You just got me interested, and now I've got to wait for the next episode. Best character by far is George the dorky werewolf, who I suspect has unwittingly shacked up with a she-wolf. Mitchell is good as an on-the-wagon blood junkie. The bad guys were all nasty and loathsome, which was great. The first episode was slow, but stick with it!

The Inbetweeners

The best TV comedy for 2008!
The story revolves around Will, a 6th year student who changes school, and tries to 'fit in' with a bunch of equally geeky types. This series made me laugh out loud several times per episode, which is a rare thing for me. It recaptures all the embarrassing awkwardness of late-teen school, where boys are just preoccupied with self-image, and getting laid. This series is very cleverly written, with lots of painful observations, and excellent characters, brilliantly played. I gave it ten out of ten, as nothing has come close to beating it this year. I would've given it 11, it's THAT good. We eagerly await a second series, and it can't come quick enough.

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