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Ray Donovan

Not for the Dim-Witted
If you enjoy subtly, watch this show. If you need things spelt out for you, step-by-step, explicitly with poor writing, don't watch this show. If you like character-driven drama with quality acting, watch this show. If you have a short attention span and need action sequences every second minute to avoid channel surfing to the next thing, don't watch this show.

Ray Donovan is a well-written, superbly-acted, character-driven drama. After two episodes, it is clear that Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight have bought in fully to their roles and they are nailing them. Supporting performances are also very strong, in my opinion.

I expect plenty of people to be confused by the plot, because the writers don't feel the need to spoon-feed the audience. You have to pay attention and not everyone has that ability. In my opinion, this is everything a quality TV Show should be, when it is written, directed, and produced for an intelligent audience.

The Cape

Trouble Defining an Audience
If The Cape were aimed at children or as a program to be watched by the whole family, it's campiness and cheese would be appropriate. It would be a GREAT show to enjoy as a family and in that enjoyment I could get past some of the overly clichéd acting, directing, and dialogue. However, some of the language, some of the violence, and the current time slot seem to indicate that the producers aren't interested in a preteen audience... and the silliness, plot holes, and overall feel presented in the Pilot lead me to believe they won't be able to develop a loyal audience of mature viewers. I can't imagine The Cape lasting much beyond an initial order of episodes. For all of the potential the show has, it misses on too many levels and fails to properly reach any defined audience.

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