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Midnight Mass

Nothing happens and no one cares
Hour after hour nothing happens except long long long monologues on piety and faith. Otherwise it's really just a look into the boring goings on in a small isolated fishing village where everyone knows everyone else's business and there's tons of petty and not so petty grievances. And occasional monsters or something.

The Blacklist

Entire nations are destroyed to save Elizabeth Keen
Frankly the damsel in distress schtick gets very old very fast. You have to understand that Blacklist isn't a crime show or an action show. It's a SAVE THE CHEERLEADER show. That's the sum if it. Nations are destroyed, governments toppled, every single man, woman and child on earth are thrown at a single objective; Rescue Elizabeth Keen. Every episode the combined might of the 3 or 4 largest armies in the world are sent to kill Elizabeth Keen and she must be rescued. So she can utterly refuse to hide herself or change her life in any way. Nope. Better we kill 50 to 100 people each week while extricating her from the clutches of eeeeevulll!

The Truth About Charlie

In retrospect, a horrible over use of shakey cam.
It detracts and distracts from the movie badly. You can never get very invested in the movie. Staring into the camera is also badly over used. In fact all the editing is wildly frenetic. Not sure what they were going for there.

Also why does Tim Roth affect a speech impediment?

Red Joan

It's not a spy movie
If you're looking for a spy movie or a wartime movie or a Cold War movie, you'll be unhappy. The movie is actually an endless stream of Joan and various men, their faces inches from each other whispering pronouncements of love to each other. And occasionally Joan gets angry and slaps someone.

Out of Death

Every single second filled with county music and classic rock
Luckily there's almost no dialog in the movie so you can savor every moment of the soundtrack. But as to the movie it's very simple. The entire movie is bad cops chasing a woman through the woods and mud. That's it. There's no beginning middle or end.

Into the Dark: Treehouse
Episode 6, Season 1

Every single Jimmi Simpson character is the same character
Not that he plays that character badly, it's just that it's 100% the same guy in everything he's ever done. I think even most of the dialog is the same. I can't be the only person who sees this.


This is crap
Everything is terrible from the acting to the writing to the lighting and sound. The camera work is insane. Random scenes of birds in the park and blank walls. Some shots out of focus for no reason. And everything is handheld shaky. There's even a problem with the video camera being unable to keep up with movement like the buffer is overloading. It's straight trash.

Medium: The One Behind the Wheel
Episode 12, Season 3

The unending jazz tune every second was great
Especially since it's a boring two note tune that goes on and on and on and on. And on and on and on. And on. And on.

A Little Help

Another dysfunctional family get together move
Number 347. Another big angry messed up uppermiddle class white family that gets together solely for the purpose of screaming at each other movie. It's great background noise.


Genuinely intolerable people
There a not a single character in this movie who's not despicable. They're all selfish abrasive narcissists. Especially Tomlin whose character not only treats people like objects, she has an almost paranoid sense of self grandeur. For all her screaming about helping others she helps only herself. If this is feminist empowerment I didn't get the memo.

Close to Home

SVU 2.0 with headlines ripped the news, etc.
Two angry women prosecutors switch sides to defend women from the evil men in the world. Every ep they yell and scream and fight with their bosses over how they don't do their jobs. In the meantime EVERY man in their office demands they purjure themselves EVERY ep.


Will no one mention there is almost zero dialog
For a 2 1/2 hr flick there's maybe 300 spoken words of dialog. The other 98% is mood music. I don't think there was a single spoken word in the first 45 minutes. In fact the female lead character is rendered mute. There's got to be more to a movie than sad slow piano music.

The Affair of the Necklace

Worst sound editing evah
Between the utterly overwhelming score that fills every second at top volume, endless background noise especially crowd noise, and the barely audible dialog, this has to rank as the worst sound editing in the history of talkies. The composer and the foley guy are criminals.

Los favoritos de Midas

Boring as hell
Slow as molasses and boring as hell. Nothing happens except some rich dude's midlife crisis with a hot employee. Basically a defense for Antifa inspired anarchist violence. Even 6 eps are far too many

Elizabeth Harvest

Worst sound engineering in the history of movies. There is no way to actually hear what they're saying. All the actors mumble and mutter underneath a blaring music track or weird sound effects. I guess if you want to turn on the subtitles and read the movie you can have at it.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Remember Me
Episode 23, Season 19

Dumbest episode ever
Even for this show this is insane. All you have to do is cry rape and Olivia Benson will excuse you for murder three counts of assault and kidnapping and torture.

De Twaalf

Omg sooo stupid
The Belgian legal system if this is even a semi accurate representation, is hopelessly broken. Don't ever get arrested in Belgium because they will prosecute you with nothing more than childish feelings. Evidence, facts, reality even adult behavior are totally out the window. This show is incredibly stupid slow and boring.

Ofrenda a la tormenta

It never seems to end
There's a mess of subplots and side plots so that most of the movie is filler for the central story. 2hrs 20 is a long slog for a pretty simple story if they just stuck to it but they have to drag along so much. Keep in mind also she's a terrible detective who does almost no detective work.

Medical Police

Just terrible
Not funny not smart not interesting not cute. Just cringe worthy as if they made a show so obnoxious they dare you to watch. And they fail at that. It's awful

Gotham: Pilot
Episode 1, Season 1

Just dull and badly written
Get your cliche bingo cards out. Because it's lame and you'll stumble over every single one. But more than anything it's dull and uninteresting. All the pilot does is cram in every character you'll see later.

Inside Man: Most Wanted

The US army wasn't integrated in WW2
The first scene of the movie is wrong. I understand that for PC reasons you're required to have black characters, gay characters, trans, Hispanic etc but scene 1 second 1 starts w racially integrated infantry troops in WW2 which simply did not exist.

As far as the bad script implausible plot nonsense banter and terrible lame characters this about as good as Netflix gets. And btw the Federal Reserve bank is not a retail bank. You can't 'do' your banking there.


Isn't found footage/shaky cam dead yet?
We always hope that it is but like zombies from the graveyard it keeps coming back. And why do characters who are supposed to be professional camera operators all suck at it? Anyway who cares? This is a paint by numbers effort.

The Week Of

Crappy movie real people
Silly movie but here's the thing. There really are these awful obnoxious no boundaries people who when they visit demand to be treated as royalty. That's what these negative reviews are.

Marriage Story

Will Noah ever get over his parent's divorce?
The Squid and the Whale 2.0 but with a cuter more obnoxious kid. We get it Noah you're damaged goods. Now sniff the tears clutch your trophies cash your grant checks and try to soldier on


It's not really a story it's a technique of telling a story
There's little if any plot, very little character development and little tension or much to drive the story forward. It's an ordinary soap opera told in three parts in three time sequences all tangled up and told forward and backward. The series is more of a puzzle to see if you can follow it. The reward isn't the story or the characters it's seeing if you can figure out WTF is going on and who is what character in any given scene.

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