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  • I'm not going to write about the plot. I'm not going to write about the characters. I'm not going to write about the meaning of this film. I'm just going to list (in no particular order) the things that makes this piece of trash art one of the greatest so bad it's so good movies of all time. 1- Patrick Swayze's mullet. 2- Ben Gazzara (God bless him). 3- The Jeff Healy Band. 4- The singing waitress(she's hot, even with that ridiculous haircut). 5- Jimmy's girl. 6- Dalton being a cooler and having a PhD in Philosophy. 7- Dalton's speech. 8- The Bigfoot truck. 9- "Pain don't hurt". 10- Kelly Lynch (The real reason why you should check out this turd)

    There are other reasons, but I'm too lazy to write them down. Anyway, if you happen to find this movie on TV (and believe me, you'll find it), make yourself a favor and watch it. Better watch it with a cold one, because when Kelly Lynch appears, the temperature in your house will get VERY HOT
  • Warning: Spoilers
    (The telephone rings)

    Stallone: Who' this?. Reagan:Yo Sly!. It's Ronnie!. Stallone: Who?. Reagan: Ronnie, man. Ronnie Reagan. Stallone: Yo Ronnie!. What's up dawg? Reagan: Nuthin'. This commies trying to play me, man. Stallone: What's up with dem?. Reagan:They be talking crap about the U.S of A. 24/7, man. Stallone: Man, those red are crazy!. Reagan: Yeah. And I can't let 'em play me like that, you know what I mean?. I need yo help. Stallone: I'm down with you man. Reagan: Do a movie that talks bad about 'em. Stallone: Like what?. Reagan: Like Rambo, man. Stallone:I did that, dawg. We watched together in yo crib,'member?. Reagan:Oh yeah. Emmm, do Rocky. Stallone: Nah. Last one was whack. Can't fool people no more Reagan: But this one gonna be different. Stallone: Like what? Reagan: Check this out: Rocky against some Soviet boxer, fighting in Russia. Rocky wins, says some words and all the Kremlim shows love to him. Stallone: Don't know Ronnie. Why Rocky would fight a Soviet?. They no professionals, man. Reagan: Emmmm.... that's it. Rocky fights the red because he kills Apollo in a fight. Stallone:Say what?. Reagan: Before the final fight,let 'im fight Apollo in America. He kills Apollo and then he gonna fight 'im. Stallone: Emmm. Apollo is the O.G. Reagan: Man, Apollo is done. He don't fight no more. Stallone: Who's gonna be the red?. Reagan: I dunno. Anyone with a lame ass face and a stupid ass haircut. And he has to take something before the fight. Gas, juice, crack, whatever. Stallone: All right, Ronnie. I'm down with it. Can my girl act too?. Reagan: Yeah, I don't care about Swedish chicks. Stallone: Ummm..she is kind of German. Reagan: An East German?. She a commie?. Stallone:No no. Emm. She is a Austro-German or sumthin'. Reagan: OK. Cool man, cool. I need that movie. Stallone: Don't worry, man. See ya around. Reagan: See ya
  • Today, while searching for a movie, I found "The Butterfly Effect" on TV. Having been recommended by my brother time ago, I decided to watch it. Well, to put it kindly, I found it a mess, a bleak mess. I don't want to analyze the plot(or plot holes),I have some questions instead. 1)Why every event in the past is a traumatic one? 2) Why the future events have to be so pessimistic? 3) Why the prison scene? 4) Who thought Ashton Kutcher could put a good dramatic effort?

    The idea for the movie is great: "some minor things we do in the past can alter our whole future", but the problem is that the idea is developed in a murky way, and the addition of bleakness and grittiness does not make the plot any favors. It's like they tried to add some grim reality as a way to give the plot a sense of seriousness (which turns to be a bit laughable)

    Another problem is the cast selection. Ashton Kutchner is not a drama actor. Amy Smart as a heroin addicted prostitute is not realistic. Ashton Kutchner's mom looked younger than Kutchner's character. The others are fine.

    To sum up, this movie suffers a lot from its plot holes and leaves you wondering if it was for real or it was a good joke. If you want to watch a movie where a small thing in the past can alter the future, watch Kieslowski's "Blind Chance". If you want to watch a movie where the main character has scary flashbacks from the past, watch "Jacob's Ladder". And if you want a movie when the main character travels through time, well watch "Back To The Future".
  • I saw this movie recently and it blew my mind. The long shots, showing the mundane aspects of life. The camera aiming at the actions rather than the characters, symbolizing the every day ordeal of a conformist life. The eternal agony of a family, who slowly tears apart from everything that connects them with the world.

    This is not a pleasant movie to watch. It's sad, bleak, disturbing and angry; and Haneke doesn't make it easier to the viewers. He presents life as it is, without any dramatization; and what it strikes me the most is the pace in which he presents it. The characters doesn't shout (they speak every once in a while), fight or cry their hearts out; they just keep on doing the same things they do every day. However, as you watch closer, you sense that something is completely wrong.

    To me this is as an existential film as you can get. The world is there: raw, unsympathetic and indifferent. Everything happens without a reason, without hope; and the character's lack of desire to confront the nothingness of an empty life is the central theme of this movie.

    "What happens when people are dead from the inside?" That's what I asked myself after watching this cold, cynical, gem of a movie. Can be someone dead from the inside and alive from the outside?. If so, could that person communicate with any other person? How can we avoid the meaningless things in life? Should we fight them back or surrender to them? Watch this movie and then you may find the answers to those questions..... or may be not. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!. Avoid watching it if you're a bit depressed. This movie is bleak and challenging as hell.
  • Brutal, honest, horrific, bleak, grim, ruthless, breath taking, depressing, enlightening, real, unpleasant, disturbing, are more or less the adjectives than comes into my mind for describing this film. Never in my life had I experienced anything similar to what I have experienced while watching Threads. Surely, it has its flaws (the production was not the best and the acting was anything above average) but still it manages to deliver its strong message by exposing the viewer to an almost accurate description of what would happen in case of a nuclear war. So, by taking this into account, I have to warn you that this is not a film that you should take lightly when viewing it. Try to read about it before watching it, so you can make your mind of what you are going to see. In the end, however, you will get your head blown up by the power of this nuclear drama.YOU WON'T NEVER FORGET THIS MOVIE AS LONG AS YOU LIVE. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PS: I forgot to tell you that this movie is very unpleasant to watch and its images (mostly the ending of the film) may struck in your head for months or years.
  • Apocalypse Now is the story of a US Army Captain named Willard who is ordered to travel to Cambodia to kill a renegade US Colonel (Colonel Kurtz) who has gone insane and is fighting on his own, with his own army. At first, Captain Willard can't possibly understand why that man had gone ballistic, but as his journey moves forward, he starts to witness the insane side of war (the only one I believe) and how much the war has affected the ones he met and his crew itself. This film is the best war film in the sense that depicts what war is really about: loss of innocence, madness and death. There's no "good war" as someone said, and Coppola let us know through this incredibly filmed masterpiece, that there are no winners in war, everybody involved in it lose something: an arm, a life and most of all sanity. So, as I stated before, this film is a kind of "there's more than meets the eye" thing. Sure, the backdrop is the Vietnam war, but the main theme is how much a war can affect the human psyche of those who fight in it. Knowing beforehand that war is barbaric act, does the men who fight in a war need to become barbarians to be able to cope it?. One thing is certain, and that is that we are civilized people and when we are out of our social environment, our barbaric instincts emerge to take hold of our life in order to survive. That's what happened to Kurtz and Willard understood it well when he faced it and saw where he was at. Did he became like Kurtz after he killed him?. For what I could sensed, I say no, but I really think he became aware of what is (in my opinion) may be the real horror of war, and that is to lose your mind by becoming someone else opposite than you totally were, in this case, a civilized human being. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  • After reading quite a lot of review about this movie, I find compelled to watch it, and let me tell you something, this movie is a bit overrated. Sure, here we have all basic features found in a drama: dysfunctional relationships, the pain of growing up, a broken home etc; but for some reason, this movie falls short in delivering the goods. Why?. Because the plot is plain, the acting is above average, one can't really identify with the characters, and the movie is SO PREDICTABLE. You don't need to watch the end to foresee what is going to happening. However, in my opinion, the weakest part of this film is that the reality portrayed is nothing but shocking. Granted, there are some disturbing scenes (principally the opening)and that's all.Nothing shown here is different from what you witness in any normal problematic pre-adolescent girl. So, if you want to see some real drama. avoid this and watch "First Born" or "Kids".
  • OK people, I'm going to honest with you. I have seen half an hour of this movie, and not from the beginning. Furthermore, by the time I caught this movie (at 1 am), I was drunk and half asleep, so I don't know how much I got from this film. What I saw was Judd Nelson as a tough villain dressed like Gothic pirate and "Shooter McGavin" (from Happy Glimore) as no-nonsense cop with a grudge against Nelson. Also, there was a young man played by someone I don't know, who happened to be the cop's son. Anyway, to make it short,in the part of the movie which I saw, the cop's son went to a metal bar owned by the goth pirate, who introduced a red hot smoking blonde to the cop's son, who later on supposedly killed that hot smoking blonde.Then, there was scene at the metal club where Nelson tells McGavin he is going to murder his son and after that I completely fall asleep.

    I know this review is a bit useless, but I wanted to write it because the movie looked to me as a strange thing, o perhaps I was hammered. Anyway, see this movie for yourselves (if you can find it). A piece of advice, don't watch it while being drunk or half asleep, for it's going to confuse you a bit more. Cheers
  • When The Cable Guy finally hit the movies theaters here in my country, movie goers from this part of the earth knew beforehand the kind of the reviews it got from around the world. So, when some friends of mine had asked me to join them to see one of the most bastardized piece of film of its age, I said "No, thanks". Ten years later, during one of those lost Friday evenings, I caught The Cable Guy on cable; and let me tell you, it's a hell of a movie. Well, it's not The Godfather o The Decalogue, but it's dark comedy with an air of "there is more than meets the eyes".

    Sure, the plot is a bit formulaic and the premise "weird guy stalks another person" is not that all original, but the performances are really solid, especially Carrey who makes the character credible (at least) and sympathetic. All this joined by some of Carrey's best scenes (Porn Password scene) and one of the greatest comedy scenes ever (the karaoke scene). And this is not the end of it, as in this film there is a critique of Amercian television in general, though not being very deep, is done with a great comedy timing.

    One thing I didn't like however, is the ending. Of course, being it a comedy, I wasn't expecting some dramatic or disturbing ending, but I felt that I was a bit contrived and unrealistic (the very last scene). Nevertheless, the film is very consistent in all its part, and it sad darker atmosphere, which makes this film oddly pleasant.

    So, to sum up, people bashed this movie because there were used to the typical Carre's flick in which he would same the same goofy things and be hysterically hyperactive from beginning to end; and let me tell you, that is the reason why I enjoy this film the most, because here we start seeing a more range of Carrey's acting skills. I guess people hadn't realized that
  • 7 September 2010
    Sunday afternoon. After one night of partying, I woke up let's say, at 2 am. With a never-seems-to-end hangover (and thus feeling kind of sick) I turned on the TV and started changing channels. After zapping through the cable for 15 minutes, I found to my surprise Bloodsport on a semi-obscure action channel from I-don't-know-where. If you are familiar with the Cronemberg's film "Videodrome", my having found Bloodsport on that particular hour of the day, in that particular channel. one would compare that scene to the scene from Videodrome when the character played by James Wood had found the Videodrome signal.

    This time, however, I have to point out that a)James Woods' character wasn't as drunk as I was and b) I didn't care if Bloodsport could expose to a brain tumor. Gladly, the latter didn't happen, but I did made an impression on me. Why?, because there couldn't been more of an action cheese flick like Bloodsport. Really, it has all the symptoms that make this movie unforgettable (for some semi dubious reasons): bad acting, lame dialogs, lame music,the American hero, the foreigner almost invincible villain, the tough sidekick, one hot girl and some of the kick ass fights ever. And the end of the day, that is what Bloodsport is all about, the fights. And here where Van Damme and the others fighters excel at. Fast paced bouts, death matches, all of them decently choreographed just to add more drama to this flick.

    So, in the end Bloodsport won't expose you to any terminal disease. On the contrary, it will amuse and entertain you in a funny way. Better watch it after a serial hangover, it's better in that way. Trust me
  • Being a metal head myself (though I like other music genres too)I'm not going to review the production qualities of this movie. No, I'm going to go higher and to speak my mind about the horrible facts who makes this to be one of the worst insults to whatever heavy metal have inspired in its more than 40 years of life.

    1. The title. If the plot of the film consists in the story of a METAL fan singer, who sings in a METAL band who pays tribute to another METAL band called Steel Dragon, and one day he's giving the opportunity to front the latter band, why on earth have this movie been called "Rock Star"?. Rock stars are Mick Jagger, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, and they are not that metal (at all!). 2. The music. Is Bon Jovi metal?, no. Is INXS metal?, no. Enough said. 3. The lead actress. When you know beforehand, that the movie is going to portrait 80's metal life style, one with even a certain amount of knowledge about that era could foresee that the lead female actress is going to be someone named Doro Pesch (Warlock's singer) or even Lita Ford. Nop, here we have Rachel from that annoying TV sitcom. 4. Steel Dragon. If this movie is based (loosely) on Tim Owens'life, then Steel Dragon is the fictional equivalent of Judas Priest. Mmm, not likely. Though made up of great musicians (Zakk Wylder, Jeff Pilson and Jason Bonham)Steel Dragon's image and music is nowhere heavier or good as Priest's. I see them as a slighter heavy version of Motley Crue (when they played pop metal). 5. The main protagonist. Marky Mark it's an outsider here. I think Vanilla Ice could have done a better effort. It's like doing a film about the life of Bob Marley, and giving the main role to Adam Sandler (who would suck even if he decides to play himself in a movie about his life). 6. The end. If you think this movie is inconsistent, then don't watch the end. I'll tell you one word: Seattle. Can you make the associations?.

    In the end, Rock Star is not good or bad. It's not entertaining or depressing. It's just a travesty to the Metal genre, the Metal community, its bands and fans alike.
  • Landscape in the Mist is the tale of two Greek siblings (a girl and a boy) who one day decide to travel to Germany to search for his unknown father. Fifteen minutes into the film we learn that the father in question, doesn't real exist. In fact, we also learn from the children' uncle (her mother's brother) that it all has been a lie as the children are the result of different love affairs. In most conventional movies, this early discovery would ruin the plot, hence the rest of film, but here it becomes the turning point into the children' odyssey since it fuels up their desire to meet his father. From that towards, the film shows us thew siblings mixed up in the raw atmosphere of the adult world, surrounded by bleach landscapes and a misty never-ending who serves at the only witness for the children descend into adulthood. There, in the battlefield of an unknown world, our main characters encounter many challenges, but they all together manage the constant menace of a number of difficult situations, thanks in a part by a good natured youngster named Oreste. However, he is not always present for the children (due to their constant moving) and at the end, one has the feeling that after all, they are alone to face their fate; which in my opinion reflects the paradox of a new born child.

    Landscape in the Mist is a piece of art, a masterpiece so well crafted that makes think about it even if you haven't watch it in years. It so powerful and yet so sad, like a misty sky in a rainy day. HIGHLY RECOMMENDABLE. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE
  • I haven't seen the original film, but after I saw this, don't feel the urge to do it so. What can I say about this film: it sucks, and it sucks badly. Completely pointless, unreal, unfunny, lame dialogs, and very predictable. But what it strikes the most is why the big studios in Hollywood are producing films with Adam Sandler as the main character. Can't you see it?, HE SUCKS. I personally believe that you have a low self esteem (or a brain tumor) if you consider this guy funny, god forbid an average actor. And this turkey of a film doesn't make me change my point of view about this man. Not only doesn't make that, but also makes me believe that the stars conforming the supporting cast had taken LSD before reading the script. How can you make John Tuturro look silly and unfunny?, pair it with Sandler in a stinker movie. How can you make Steve Buscemi look disgusting and like a moron?. That's right, pair it with Sandler in a stinker movie. And the same goes with the rest. To sum up, if you like Adam Sandler doing the same type of character in the same Adam Sandler type of movie, I suggest you to view Mr Deeds. If you like to see a group of talented actor, doing it for the money and losing a bit of artistic credibility, I suggest you to view Mr. Deeds. But if you have good taste and like to have some earnest laughs, watch Mr. Deeds all the same, and try to find them. Heaven knows I couldn't
  • Today I saw this movie again after ten years or so, and let me tell you something, it never ages.

    There are some films that even now continue to be relevant, and "Esperando la Carroza" is one of them. Why?, you may ask. Because despite the fact that this movie was made twenty four years ago,the core of this movie (family costumes, traditions and relationships during a difficult financial time), are pretty much the same in Argentina (as well as the country's financial situation). Even now today, we have the old decaying grandfather/grandmother who gets more annoying day by day, the drunken family member, the different economical situations between brothers and sisters in the same family, the silent hatred between the people who come form other families (the brother's wife or the sister's husband) and the list could go on and on. But what makes this movie be so great, is that it has such an unforgettable Argentinian touch. Needless to say,the story of the film could have happened in every country, but I bet it wouldn't be half as funny as this one.

    I highly recommend this movie for anyone who might be interested in knowing the life and issues of an Argentinian middle class family. Also, I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to have some laughs; because despite the numerous Argentinian elements in the movie, this is a comedy, and a very damn good one.
  • It's been half an hour since I finished seeing this movie, and believe me people, I'm still shaking.

    Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, tells the story of Henry, a man with one hobby: killing strangers. Played by Michael Rooker (his best performance ever) and loosely based on notorious serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, this character is pretty much the summit of what a serial killer is about: white, in his thirties, lonelier, soft spoken and shy. But, however, what makes Henry persona so disturbing (and interesting) is his lack of guilt or remorse. He just kills whoever crosses into his path; and moreover, he does it in such a ruthless and remorseless way,(expressing no feelings), that makes the original Terminator look like Lassie (you have to see it yourself).

    The rest of the main characters are Tom and Becky, who are brother and sister. Ottis, Henry's sidekick at first is a kind of obnoxious grown up Milhouse since he does whatever Henry says (as Milkhouse does with Bart) and also, since he seems to have homosexual feelings towards Henry (In the Simpson it has been implied more than once that Milhouse has homosexual tendencies, especially towards Bart. However, you have to figure it out by yourself in the case of Henry and Ottis). Nevertheless as the films moves forward, Ottis becomes Henry's partner in crime and his lust for blood equals Henry. Becky, on the other side is as problematic as Henry, since both have been molested when they were kids (even though Henry was molested in a crueler way) and because of that she finds in Henry her equal and thus, falls in love with him.

    This movie is not for everyone. It's dark, bleach, depressing, melancholic and has an atmosphere of evilness rarely seen in other films. Most of the violence shown on the film is shocking and some scenes are disgusting.But,don't get me wrong, it's not a cheap gore-fest either. It is superb filmed and well acted movie and what is surprisingly enough, it doesn't condemn nor support: it is just the story of a sick, twisted and sad human being, whose lust for violence and blood makes him able to cope (more or less) with a world he doesn't understand. If you get easily disturbed and sick whenever you see a scene of violence, don't watch it. But if you want to open your mind and to discover the dark side of a human mind, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. As long as you live, you won't never forget this movie.
  • I saw this movie yesterday, and let me tell you my friends it didn't disappoint me. But don't get me wrong, it's not that this movie is fabulous (God forbid), is that I hadn't any expectations before seeing it.

    The film starts good. We have our main character, a lonely and tough guy who receives a phone call from a relative (aunt?), telling him that he has to give shelter to an unknown cousin of him for a few days. This cousin is a young woman who wears a chinstrap due to some illness. They hit it off quickly and she is introduced to his cousin world: an underground world full of crime. Here, in this world, we are introduced to the character's brothers: Fly (a gangster wannabe) and Site (Fly's sidekick). After some scenes of violence involving the three brothers, we learn that Ngo (the girl), had to go back to her home. Hau Tau (the main character), not waiting to loose Ngo's love, decided to track her back. After this, I fall asleep

    Again, don't get me wrong people. The movie is not that hideous, I was very tired after a grueling day of work. However, between the part we learn about Ngo's departure and Hau tau's travel to Ngo's place, the movie somehow slows down a bit in a very noticeable way.

    To sum up, this movie it's not so bad, but it's not s good either. After all, it is just another movie
  • City of god is the most powerful movie I've seen. Period. Is it the best one?. No, but it should be considered as one of the best.

    Seldom we the viewers have the chance to experience something like this film. From the beginning to the end, this masterpiece allows no time to breathing. The storytelling is restless, the descriptions of the favela and its inhabitants are ruthless, and the hope of a better future is scattered after the sound of a bullet (from the thugs' guns or the police's guns)

    The story starts in the 60's and right away we see the city of god as forgotten and desolate place, with its inhabitants debating of which way would be useful to earn some money: by working hard or robbing. Here we find our two main characters: one is Rocket (buscape)and the other is Lil' Dice (dadinho).Rocket is a well intentioned boy who tries to carry on a normal childhood (and he is the narrator of the story). On the other hand, Lil Dice is a wannabe gangster who hangs out with Rocket's brother gang. Lil Dice is merciless, psychotic and has a strong ambition to become a well known criminal.

    Ten years later, we find this two characters in the same place but in different situations. Rocket works as a photographer in a local newspaper and hates Lil Dice for having killed Pato in the past. Lil Dice (now Lil'Ze) has become the greatest drug-lord in the City of God by erasing his opponents. The only opponents left is Carrot, who albeit being a smaller scale drug-lord, he threatens to displace Lil 'Ze

    From then on, the story becomes bloodier as a series of related events between major and secondary characters (Knockout Ned, Carrot, Steak with Fries)leads to a gang war.

    To sum up, City of God is powerful in both of its side: the human and the brutal. Its depicts the reality of a forgotten place where its people try (in their own way)to not be left behind. Pretty much what is happening in the slums of my country right now.

  • For those who still regards David Lynch as of one the greatest masters of surrealism in film, this video is gonna blow your head. Yes, it's the toughest guy of the 80's, and he is willing to teach how to be a better person! (you can't get better than this).

    From the opening song (just listen Mr T singing the chorus), to the last song (a hilarious rap song), Mr T gives you some bizarre tips for severe problems as anger, peer pressure, shyness and the like. What is more, all these situations become more and more surreal due to the erratic behavior of the host (the scene with the cello is creepy), who tries to show himself as a sensitive guy by not being sensitive at all(amazing huh?).

    Don't get me wrong, this is not just another 80's fest with bubblegum pop songs, break-dance moves, colorful clothes. On the contrary, this is an instructional video with bizarre situations, surreal dialogues, deep messages, forgotten glories from the past (New Edition), and of course, a guy named Mr T. I wish you could enjoy it, because for me it was to complex to understand.
  • 22 December 2008
    When I heard that Eminem was going to make a biographical movie, I said: Why God?. Let me set it straight. I don't like Eminem's music nor his I've-been-suffering-since-I-was-a-child attitude. To be honest, I think he is a cry baby (sometimes). Nevertheless, after seeing this movie, I was surprised: this movie was fine.

    Eminem's performance as being himself was appropriate. The rest of the cast was average. Britanny Murphy was so hot! (as usual).

    The plot is simple, the characters one dimensional, but what makes this movie to be good is its dark but realistic tone. The drama is legit, the problems are real, and Eminem's struggles are no ordinary to common people.

    The ending is kind of predictable. Due to the movie's dark tone, I was expecting something more bleak. But at the end, I realized that the ending was the most suitable for the story.

    Eminem's fans love this movie. Eminem's haters despise it. I think this movie was OK.
  • Perhaps you're wondering why do I claim Faith No More's being the greatest rock band. Well, folks, I suggest you to check this video.

    From the beginning to the end, this video shows the energetic performance of a band at the top of its game. No interviews or backstage images, only five musicians doing what they know and in the meantime, changing their viewers' lives forever.

    Mike Patton is at his usual: jumping, dancing, head banging, spitting, climbing stairs, in a word, being himself. The rest of the band sounds well oiled, playing each song with an impressive accurateness without losing an inch of their passion.

    Overall, if you love Faith No More, this is a must see. There is no better way for you to remember your love band than to watch it at the height of their popularity. If don't know about Faith No More, this is a must see also. I dare you to see it and not to fall in love with this truly unique and amazing band
  • Get rich or die trying' tells the story of a young boy named Marcus,who dreamed to be rich. The premise is not new, but the thing that makes it disturbing is that the character dreamed to get rich by being a criminal!

    This movie is awful, bad acted and bad written. 50 cent looks like an emotionless human puppet, who fails miserably whenever he had to show any real feeling. Perhaps, in real life, he have been a tough criminal, but here, even his rapping skills are below average. In contrast with 8 mile, this movie glorifies violence, has no positive message and tries to show that you can be successful and respected in life by being a drug dealer.

    To sum up, to the ones that believes that it only takes a man to sell drugs or kill people in order to be rich (I personally think there are better goals in life), I suggest you to watch the movie "City of God", and then you'll see what I'm talking about. By the way, this movie stinks
  • To these days I can't figure out what made this average sitcom to be so especial for people. The best conclusion I could reach is that this show served for escapism to the real issues that American people where suffering in those days.

    Perhaps by seeing that those characters could overcome topics such as: divorce, infidelity, sexual inclinations, obsession etc, with a smile on their faces, real people in a way, could deal with that issues in that way. However, "Friends" was a fictional show, much of what it happened, albeit taken from reality, was dealt in a light-hearted way.

    To sum up, although the premise was interesting (six friends living together in New York), the development of the plot and characters could have been a bit more realistic.
  • Once upon a time, when I was child, my family and I would gather around the TV to watch an old TV series called: The Dukes of Hazzard. The plots of the show were simple, but entertaining. We really felt amazed and intrigued what was going to happen to the Duke family and to the General Lee and whether Boss Hogg and Roscoe would finally catch them. Ahh, how beautiful memories of my childhood. One year ago, my family and gathered to see The Dukes of Hazzard (the movie). However, it was not the same. I'm not going to thrash this movie, because I feel a deep respect for the TV show. However I'm going to say this: Yo!, Hollywood people, what the f*ck is happening to you?. Why do you think that by taking an all time classic and turning into a mediocre post-modern shadow with amateur actors (the jerk who did "Jackass", Sean Willian whathisname and Jessica Simpson) and an old fart (Burt Reynolds) people actually would find it likable?. Think about it
  • That was my question after seeing like 20 minutes of Marci X.

    I don'tknow what you Americans are thinking, but if this is a portray of your mainstream pop culture, you are really f*cked up. I don't have anything against you people, but PLEASE!, stop bombarding us with these God-awful stinkers such as: Date Movie, Soul Plane, Adam Sandler's romantic "comedies",From Justin to Kelly and so on.

    What can I say about Marci x that hasn't been stated. Well, it disgusted me. It disgusted me the way in which people are stereotyped (white, black,latinos). C'mon, not every black people in U.S.A is a rapper or a criminal and not every white people is wealthy and conservative. The comedy in this film also disgusted me: not a single funny part!. This is way too much, taking into account that Damon Wayans has proved himself to be a good comedian. On the other hand, Phoebe stinks as usual.

    To sum up, Marci X is a disgusting Hollywood piece of s*it, which creates a racist decadent good-for-nothing version of American pop culture.

    Yo! American people,if you keep doing movies like Marci x, the world would find it easier to keep hating you.
  • 10 November 2008
    Teacher: Well kids, today we are going to talk about American films. Can anyone tell me an American film you have watched recently? Johnny: Last week, I saw "Airplane" with some friends. Teacher: Ohh, that's interesting. What can you tell us about it? Johnny: Well, first of all we laugh our asses off. Teacher: Johnny, don't use that language here. Johnny: Sorry, Mr. Walker, but that is exactly what we did. See, the movie was so funny,with funny characters, dialogues, and acting; which made the movie a full of endless memorable scenes. At the end we laughed so hard that one of my friends peed himself. Teacher: All right. Is there anyone who have also watched a similar movie like "Airplane"?. (nobody replied. the teacher was becoming anxious. all of the sudden, a girl, with tears in her eyes, raised her hands). Teacher: OK, Sara. Sara: Last night I saw a movie called "Soul plane". Teacher: Soul plane?. OK, could you please tell us about it?. Sara: Well, first of all, it's a piece of crap. Teacher: Sara, behave yourself. Continue. Sara: The setting was similar as in "Airplane". However, the plot was utterly garbage. The actors were cheap,there was an abundance of negative afroamerican stereotypes, the comedy was as funny as my grandpa's terminal cancer and in addition, the pilot of the plane was Snoop Dogg and the co-pilot was Method Man. Teacher: Oh dear. Now I see why are you crying. You had a bad experience. It's all over now. Sara: But, that's is one of the reason why I'm crying. Teacher: OK. Which are the other reasons? Sara: I'm crying because after seeing the movie, I went back to my brother's room and I shoot him to death for having recommended the film. Then I went to my parents' room and I stabbed both to death, just for having given the soul plane DVD for my birthday. And now I have to kill all of you for making me speak about it.
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