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Beneath Still Waters

Lots of talking, and not much else.
Easily a movie with no redeemable qualities to it. The acting was bad if they were even trying, the story was carbon copy: people stumble into evil and must stop it, and the action and horror was FEW and far between. I honestly could not finish what is with out a doubt the worst movie I have ever seen, I made it to 1 hour 16 minutes and I could not stand any more of it. The previews of it mad me so excited, but the actually movie was a let down. Save your self the time and don't watch it.

Everything could have been fine if it chose a side. Horror or Suspense: pick one. The few moment of terror were cool, but they happened only a few times. There was a TON of story build up and character development, perfect for a suspense movie.

Chocolate News

Offensive and Unfunny
At first I expected the show to be a "Daily Show" or "Colbert Report" tailored to an African American audience like BET. But instead, the show turned out to be nothing but racist jokes and offensive depictions of races. Some defend it drawing parallels to the Chapel Show, but that show was funny not because it talked about stereotypes every episode, it was funny because it had comedy. Some of Chapels sketches were racist, but think of the Rick James and Prince sketches that became house hold catch phrases over night. This show however tries to get a few "hars" from constant and unending black jokes and rehashing of stereo types. If the comedy was not focused so much on race and deviated from its constant race humor, it would not be a bad show.

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