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Baaghe Mozaffar

Mehran Modiri Does It again
When Mehran make a Comedy…… all of people in Iran are waiting to Watch It and Enjoy. Modiri Never Makes a Bad Comedy… His Comedies are Funny and mirror to Modern Iran.

To me Baghe Mozafar and Nights of Barareh are the best piece of television ever to get on TV. Mehran Modiri has produced yet another masterpiece Shame that it was never finished but that doesn't matter.. anyway, i think evry1 should watch this programme

Mehran Modiri has produced yet another masterpiece Shame that it was never finished but that doesn't matter. His Team always are With Him.. Peyman Ghassemkhani and Modiri are Best team of Comedy in Iran. If You want Laugh and Laugh and Laugh Watch It….


Most Perdurable of Faramarz Gharibian
It's about Gheirat..manhood…and love Overall I would have to give this film one of my highest recommendations. This is one of my top ten films of all time. If people tell you not to watch this masterpiece ignore them. I advise you to get a copy and enjoy. For a film like this you need to set aside a weekend afternoon to fully appreciate a film such as this. Believe me you will not regret it.

I was very impressed with this movie. I've put off watching this film until recently. Some have told me how long and boring this movie was. Others have said it was pretty self serving and not worth watching. But after seeing part of it on T.C.M., I just had to find a copy of my own If you you love Iranian Ciema I recommend this to you

Faryad-e zir-e ab

Best movie of 1977 in Iran
In this movie Dariush Eghbali ( Greatest Iranian Singer) is a Lover of a Bitch ( Farzaneh Taidi) !!!! This film is played with such beauty and innocence; it is a true pleasure to watch. Dariush eghbali plays Azar with such incredible depth and passion, one is completely drawn into his plight. From the start of the film, we see the relationship between brother and sister, played with equal warmth by Shohreh Aghdashloo, strained as he explains how he lost her dress. The sorrow on dariush's face, and Shohreh's tears at the news, are truly heartbreaking to watch. The expressions on the faces of the children are so genuine, it is clear that spending a cinematic hour and half will be a pleasure, albeit not an easy one There is so much in Western civilisation that we take for granted. What to us are simple daily belongings to others is pure decadence. Aside from anything else, this film is a window into a world so many of us do not understand Missing this film, particularly if simply put off by the fact it is foreign language, would a sad deprivation of the senses and the heart. It is not just a film, it is an experience, and one that is completely passionate, and totally unforgettable.


Ali Hatami's Best Movie
This Movie is About Art and Artist. It's Very poetic Old movie But it is alright , sometimes i wonder if it is just the acting of jamshid mashayekhi or is it the writer or director , or is it all of them.

However, they are undoubtedly slower paced than other films, and they require the viewer to detach himself from any western stereotypes that he has about film. This would not be a good film for somebody expecting action or a typical Western film, but rather, this would be a film that I would recommend only to those who are in the mood for an insightful, philosophical film that shows an alternative view of life. Overall, it was an emotionally powerful film that will stick out in my memory as all ali hatami films do.

Kolah ghermezi va pesar khale

one of the Best of Iranian Cinema
This movie is absolutely brilliant! It might not be THE best movie ever made in Iran but it certainly is one of the most entertaining and fun movies ever made.

It was with some trepidation that I popped this DVD into the player - it was, after all, my first venture into Iranian cinema

This Movie is about Children and their IMMACULACY. Kolah ghermezi is a boy who wants to be friend with a TV Reporter.

I truly cannot recommend this highly enough. It is widely available on DVD or VHS - rent it, borrow it or buy it - you will be glad that you did!

Missing this film, particularly if simply put off by the fact it is foreign language, would a sad deprivation of the senses and the heart. It is not just a film, it is an experience, and one that is completely passionate, and totally unforgettable.

Star Wars

The greatest blockbuster ever and Best of 1977
I don't know why Academy Don't Give it Pest Picture of 1977 This is a very great movie, its got everything: action, love, humor, it is really a top-point movie I recently purchased this movie and decided to watch it again yesterday and was once again hit with realisation that this movie, even though it is lacking in special effects and gimmicks, is excellent I remember when I first got wind of the upcoming movie, to open in May of 1977, I think. I saw the first publicized poster and bought the novel adaptation. On the poster, a young man stood with some light sword raised, a princess at his feet, numerous spaceships flying all over the place. I was in my mid-teens and felt the first pulse of building excitement as I realized all those fantastic tales I'd been reading the past few years were going to come alive on the big screen for me. It didn't disappoint.

Overall, Star wars is a remarkable example of screen entertainment; it has the proper sweep of a real space opera, it has confidence, imagination, beauty, humour, excitement and a truly brilliant story. It may very well be the best blockbuster movie of all time

Marg-e palang

One of the best Iranian movie
this is a movie that give you hope to live and MATRIMONY it's about love and war and Adore So once again if you want to have a good family fun watch this movie and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. A masterpiece portrait of an opium addicted man trying to function despite of his condition A truly moving piece of picture. This is the story of an man who in spite of his addiction tries to function and figure out his life. The picture of drugs as the cancer of the Prue revolutionary Iran makes even the stone-hearted weak. This movie was used as a critic to the power holders of 80s Iran. Before going on set and shoot for this movie Caribbean spend about 3 months in an institution for drug addicted men outside of Tehran. Faramarz Caribbean does perhaps the best interpretation of an drug addicted man on the screen. The director Fariborz sale is still considered as one of the brightest minds in Pershing speaking movies.

The Mask of Zorro

Best Movie of 1998 after saving private Ryan
this is one of the best Pictures of the year. It's Funny..... Action.....adventure.... all of that are EXCELLENCY Antonio band-eras give a powerful Act watch it and enjoy

This is the best film of the year. Simply, ladies and gentlemen, The Mask of Zorro belongs to a category where no comic adaptation could enter before. An imperishable, spectacular and chaotically-brilliant movie. The Mask of zorro possesses the essence that should always exist in the handover from comics to the big screen. Sequence after sequence, this is the absolute glory. A great movie that does not give a single frame to breathe. An ode to chaos and anarchy, while shares are confronted inevitably lead to a path dirty, black and hostile. A real Gotham City, dominated by fear.

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