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Oral Fixation

Great Film
I was lucky enough to catch a cast and crew screening of this film over the weekend. Really is a great flick, from production quality to storyline to acting talent. Cashill portrays a clear and concise storyline free of any extraneous explanation or blind logic - the audience isn't undermined and expected to accept unbelievable plot points, but rather treated as a sophisticated third party trying to crack the mystery along with the film's characters.

A true thriller, Oral Fixation stays away from the jump-out-of-your-seat scare tactics so many horror films use as a crutch and instead opts for sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense. Suspenseful scenes that purposefully last just a bit too long are the hallmark of this film, and they are some of the best in the bunch. The audience squirms as they watch, too anxious and horrified to look on, yet too enthralled to turn away.

As the main character, Parker expertly delivers an almost too convincing performance of a woman crippled by her own dark obsession. Parker's performance paired with Cashill's raw cinematic vision drags the audience into the sick and frantic world of obsession, and it's not until the movie's climax that they are set free.

I truly enjoyed this film and can't wait to see it again. Hope you all get a chance to see it. 10 stars!

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