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Der Wixxer

Funny but not great
This movie makes fun of all the Edgar Wallace movies and some others like E.T. (again, guess which scene) or Silence of the lambs. But you notice that the authors really loved those movies and are able to pick out all the typical things that make these movies great. The actors are great especially Bastian Pastefka (who got extremely fat) and Hatler. The jokes vary from great to autsch but especially the first half hour is extremely entertaining. I thought by that now the Hitler-jokes would get old (all those brits faking a German accent - and doing it rather bad by the way) but here it is very well done with the butler Hatler. All in all good entertainment and a few memorable scenes and Jokes. 6 out of 10.

Sleepy Hollow

Great book, terrible movie - spoiler? -
The short story's main theme is how a person that believes in ghosts can be tricked. The film does the reverse. It's about a person that does not believe in ghosts comes in a situation where there are ghosts. What makes me angry about this movie is how a great setting (the spooky forests of main?) and story are being used for a cheap horror flick. It is the same as if a criminal story about a murder in a locked room is solved by having a murderer that uses deathrays through the wall. The movie always takes the easy way. It seems as if the filmmakers ran out of ideas how to solve their problems and just went for the ghost that can do whatever it pleases.


second worst ever
This movie has nothing to offer whatsoever. The story has no funny moments at all and the dialogs leave you with an utter feeling of emptiness. Gerhard Polt just doesn´t seem to understand that the jokes he made in his older movies were ok at the time but now are simply old and boring. The use of dialect is frequent but not in a way that would surprise you or add to the characters. The supporting cast consists of actually good actors or comedians but there lines are just not funny. I´m sorry to have wasted time on this movie. Btw the worst is still Roadflower (if you don´t know it do nothing about it)

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