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Lost in Translation

Really nice
I thought that this film had a really nice subtlety and feel about it. Just the right amount of humor as well. You could see the way Murray was feeling at the start; sort of bored and finding it hard to be enthusiastic. I know the feeling and to see it on-screen felt good.

Johansen is, well, Johansen after all- the best looking girl in the world. Pretty hard not to like her. Acting like that at age 19? Absolutely amazing.

It really is beyond me how someone could hate this movie, and I love reading some of the 1 star reviews on here (You've got to look for the one that starts with "Me and my husband have high degrees and watch 50+ independent movies a year." I also loved some of the scenes where they were meeting people and being random, it had portrayed that perfectly, and I really felt it. And the ending was so emotional and great. Just please watch the movie.


A truly engaging story
One of the best films I have seen. I hope more people find it. So much better than another Hollywood movie. This is so real.

The acting is fantastic, performances have real passion and one cannot but feel related to one or another character. You really do care about the characters in this film.

The camera-work is also very engaging and while not ground-breaking it does not become repetitive and boring. The plot unwinds in a very satisfying manner; this film just feels right. The mood reminds me a little of films like crash. I'm surprised I had not heard of it before I stumbled upon it, but then again, this is just the way things go I suppose. Lots of great movies go unnoticed.

The Happening

Not Lady in the Water
OK people I UNDERSTAND. Lady in the water was definitely the worst movie of all time without any doubt. It would be absolutely fair to hold a massive grudge against m.night for that POC.

However, The Happening was a completely different thing. Now it is a little out of the ordinary- many people have commented about the acting. The way I saw it was that M.night Was trying to show characters who were a little awkward and perhaps ordinary, without the smooth as hell Hollywood dialogue we're used to. Give the movie a chance. Forget about lady in the water and try to be open-minded. Just makes the 7-star for me, there were a couple of memorable moments.

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