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Superb Film!
One of the best films that I've seen in a while and my favorite for the Oscars. The nearly 2 hour movie went by in no time. I didn't realize while watching that my emotions had become so heightened because by the end I had tears in my eyes. Was not expecting that. Would highly recommend!


Oscar contender???
Well, I'm shocked by other people's perception that for some reason this is a great movie. It's okay...weird, strange, far-fetched, unusual, but not the best movie of 2020. Same goes for Jojo Rabbit.

I recently saw 1917 and it is by far superior and my favorite so far this year. Ford v Ferrari and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood were also quite good. Have not yet seen Joker, The Irishman, Little Women and Marriage Story, but will.

Sugar Mountain

Barely watchable!
The premise of the movie, Sugar Mountain, sounds intriguing, but the execution of the story turns out to be lackluster/mediocre at best. It lacks either good direction, writing, acting or whatever it is that makes a movie thrilling and dramatic. The movie has many twists and turns, but I felt no excitement for or interest in any of the characters and their situations. Cary Elwes delivers the best performance acting-wise, while the others are okay.

Contrast this movie with let's say the movie, A Simple Plan, which is dramatic, suspenseful, thrilling and has excellent acting throughout where you feel for the characters and their various plights.

Overall, If you're bored and just want to watch something to pass some time, Sugar Mountain is watchable...just barely.


Realistic Emotional Drama
This film is quite good. The movie portrays the struggle with being gay and the family dynamics during the AIDS crisis in 1985, but not with a flashy Hollywood style, but from a realistic and personal side.


Gay-themed psychological drama
I found the film to be somewhat of a psychological mystery, quite good and not what I expected. I had not read any reviews/story line synopsis beforehand, but only had watched the trailer. So, I was not aware of a major aspect of the story line which played out at the end as an unusual, but intriguing twist for me.

The main character Daniel, played by Chad Connell, appeared to be a damaged individual with heavy childhood guilt. He is attractive, has a successful career, but is emotionally stunted. A few of the scenes, whether directed as so, appeared a little awkward, but overall I was impressed with much of Chad Connell's portrayal. One other aspect of the film was that I thought some of the music reminded me of a bygone era and didn't sit right with me. I just thought different music might have been better.

If you are not seeking an action-oriented film, but more of a character study with eye candy, then I would recommend this film as most gay- themed films have vapid characters and unimaginative plots.

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