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Chernobyl Diaries

It could have been awesome
Basic Premise, six foreigners decide to take an extreme day trip into the town Pripyat, near the nuclear disaster site at Chernobyl. While touring the area complications arise that prevent there leaving, and they quickly become suspicious of the supposed abandonment of the area. Having said that, this is not a horror movie. It could have been, and in my opinion it should have been given the potential of the storyline. But it seems the creators of this movie were either A) scared of some sort of backlash given the material, or B) they were worried about the obvious comparisons to the The Hill Have Eyes. I wouldn't recommend going to the theater to see it, but it's worth a watch on Netflix, or Redbox.

The Inbetweeners

No one Has Seen This Here
In looking at the reviews for this show, I saw that only one person outside of the U.K. had reviewed it. Although I didn't agree with there comparison to That 70'S Show, I did agree that this show is hilarious. I have a problem trying to compare it to anything, because I don't think there's anything comparable to it on American television. I guess the biggest thing that sets it apart from American shows, is the dialouge. With word's like sh*t, spunk, bender, bell end, and many others being thrown out so often. It makes me wonder what differences there are in the ratings systems in the U.K. On the B.B.C channel its rated tv14. But if it were an American show it would have to be TVMA. I'm not complaining though. But the premise of the show is a pretty tried an true one, teens trying to get laid, drunk, and all the other things that pop into the adolescent mind. Plenty of laughs, highly recommended.

Tropic Thunder

Either you like Stiller's humor, or you don't.
Ben Stiller is one of those actor's, who people love or hate.If you have enjoyed his humor before this movie,then you won't be disappointed.If you think he's a moron then that opinion will continue. Personally I think the guy is hilarious, as well as this movie.This may not be his funniest character to date,(i.e. his roles in Dodgeball, Zoolander,Mystery Men,There's Something About Mary, etc. etc.)but the supporting cast picks up the slack.Robert Downey JR flat out steals the the show, I was not expecting anything that funny to come from him.Although his character was set up to be funny,(an actor who's so serious about his craft he has his skin dyed to make him look black, and refuses to break character even after takes)I just didn't know what to expect. Danny Mcbride delivers with another performance along the line's of his others.( his roles in Hotrod, Pineapple Express,Drillbit Taylor) And although I as far from a fan of Tom Cruise as you can get, but he was very funny. Jack Black's performance wasn't anything spectacular but I think part of that had to with being over shadowed.Bill Hader, and Jay Baruchel were also funny.

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