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Hudson & Rex

I love this show plus its Canadian. Good cast of female and male actors the dog is a good actor as well and you're. Really good crime just watch tv show.

Brittany Runs a Marathon

Good movie
For people who are not ok with too much bad stuff if don't like things here's are some stuff in it, they're too much swearing then there should be, A big using gods name in vain and a gay couple and people with the gay LGBTQ flag not saying I'm agest it just saying urs in there for those who don't like it, it's not the best movie that's why its 8 out of ten. Some stuff I did not like all that they put it in. Great acting and cast if make and female actors, plus it was so funny. A must see.

The Outer Limits

One of the best sci-fi tv shows I have ever seen gas a great cast of American and Canadian actors make and female and great stories and a great scripts, sad it ended like it did, love it so dang mush. Great characters as well.

Alexa & Katie

its really good.
Its good amazing cast and crew and really funny. I loved every single episode was not that disappointed ...

Max Steel

good right
Good movie people are weird and two thumbs up.. Liked it no too bad stuff or any bad stuff and yea cool.

The Flash

Best TV show of all time since Smallville.
I love this TV show it s the best TV show U have ever seen since Smallville it's that amazing. People who stop watching it and don;t like it are wrong. Trust me it has great acting and actors and actresses and great ratings and an amazing take on the flash. Grant is amazing so is the others a very great TV shows I hope it goes on for years, He is the best flash and looks just like he does in the comics well he face. I love the TV show from the start. Why have dislikes of the TV show or hates. Iys so good and acting best iv'e seen in a TV show in years.

So epic gets me too think the flash is my favourite superhero of all time. Love the super powers and the other stuff. Hope More and more people like this TV show for years.

Scream Queens

It's good funny horror TV show.
It's funny some people might think it's dumb and makes no sense and that's it's stupid and a waste of time. I would say too that they are wrong. Its a very good scripted TV show.

Great actors and actresses and cast. Its great I hope it goes on for years too come. Its brilliant and so funny and so will written. Why did the deaf girl have too die? Just saying it's that well done and epic and funny. I love this horror comedy. They all did a good job. I love this series. I hope you love this TV series. Sorry I can't think of anything else it's good it I cant think anything about it. Its good. Trust me.

Mighty Med

A very good TV show.
I love this TV show.

This show is about too kids finding out superheroes they read about are really real and they become superhero doctors. Really well written and well dome. I can't believe it did why it not made it too season 4 it was really good done. I love this Disney XD. I like that they guest stared with lab rats it was an epic TV show. You must watch it and that's about it. So this is a TV show you have too watch and love it's that good.

I love the theme songs too. This is a good wrien scripted series. I really wanted it too become on season 4 but never did yes they saved a lot of superheroes live and then finally kaz and Oliver become superheroes and got there own superheroes. I hope more and more people like this TV show it's that good trust me on

this. its more then good it's amazing.

K.C. Undercover

Good TV.
This is a great Disney TV show. I love Disney TV show. I love jokes and hummer, I love the cast and Judy is a crazy funny robot who helps them in occasion.

I really like that's shes a spy and shes on the good side not the bad side that's called the other side literally. I love that character who plays her best friend and the character who plays the mom and dad and the character who plays the brother and robot. I love what the writers do and that's about it. I really love this TV show all the best not the best TV show of all time but a good one. I really like the TV shows characters and story line.

I hope it gets better and better. I love that it's for all ages mostly. The like that Zandaya sings the theme song.

I give it a high rating. So please watch IT I hope you like it as mush or more then me. I love that it's on season 2.

Lab Rats

Love it.
Even though its ended that's sad and I wonder why I know it's the only season 4 rule.

I rally like it Chase and the others are great cast and same with Eddie he's a computer program and hes funny and rude. The father and uncle of the bionic teens are great it's great that the real father came from evil too good.

Plus the action and writings and all that stuff is really good. I think the actresses and actors did really good. I like there bionic powers and that one has super speed and one has super strange and one is supper smart and one has telekinesis and so good.

I really love that there bionic and that's about it. I love the theme song too. I love the cast they pick for the TV show. It's a must see for sure. I liked how the mighty med cast guest stared and they guest started on the TV show together. I really love this TV show. Wonderful four seasons and years. I really like this TV show I hope you like this show as mush s me or more.

Lab Rats: Elite Force

A very good TV show.
Here's all the good and bad stuff about this TV show.Just going too say Disney and Disney XD ans can be good or can be bad. In this case it's good Chase is still smart like other stuff he was before because he's smart chip still works and still a believe says smart stuff. Chase is a good Character and other stuff about him.

I miss that Adam is not on the TV show right now. I am a huge Mighty Med and Lab rats TV show fan and the TV show so far is good amazing so I have no idea why people say differet stuff. And Bree is the same as she was in Lab rats so thats a good thing about the TV show.

Oliver and Kaz are great characters.

SO the TV show is really well acted and good so people who disagree why? Why not good when it is good? Great writers and all about it a must see. I like that they joined together. Also I love that there's going too be a time Adam comes back and I love that I got too see bob again and others. The alien one is good in the show even though she lost some of her powers. I love that Bree has really superhero power or powers now. I love watching all episodes and that's about it. I also love the jokes so funny. I love the characters and all people in there.

Best Friends Whenever

A very good TV show.
People say that this TV sucks and is bad about it's not.

Its not good because it's amazing it's so good I love the fact they can time travel and they can change and relive stuff.

I love the theme song it's great and so well done.

A great cast of cool stuff the writers wrote about and that's cool and the acting is great and good and amazing and well done and epic and so funny. It makes me laugh and it's good TV show.

I love ans a huge fan of the actors and actresses and the seince behind this is good and nice. I love the apeel of the TV show. I really like it and i hope you do as well. I hope it makes it too season 4.

yes they met a princess from the past which was good and nice. i really like this TV show and I hope that you watch this TV show and love it. The TV show keeps getting better and better I really love it. I hope t goes on for years and years and I hope the ratings good and keep getting better and better like it is now.

I can't wait too see this years Halloween episode. I hope the actresses and actors want too keep doing this for years and so do the fans.


What I think of the movie.
A young women goes into a motorcycle accident and wakes up too need too

be temporary in a wheelchair with no memory. Its a very boring movie made in the UK. Plus her family is nuts. Plus not really good acting.

Not a good script as well. It could be way better and the acting. Saw

it on Candian netflix. Plus not entertaining and really lame. Plus do'not waste your time too watch a waste of watching that's about it.

Just not a good movie at all. Just a lame move poorly done and made and bad acting at all the movies scenes.

So bad please don't waste your time watching this movie not worth it.

That's correct this a very badly made movie.

The Lion King

A good movie magical epic and a dad dies Which is an old musical movie with talking animals and singing animals which I love great voice actors and actress and love it great job amazing art work great writing and a good job.I love Disney movies which is that and love animals and movies and it is a pretty movie great artwork and it's over 10 years old which is good for a movie of it's time the early 90's plus the lions are great and the worthog and the other animal rocks there so funny and I loved seeing as a kid and soon maybe as an adult in my saying so other Disney movies are good too but this is cool and cute and nice greatjob of Disney too make a good movie for too enjoy for years too come.

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