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Hônteddo kyanpasu

Hônteddo kyanpasu(2016)
This movie is bad but not terrible. It actually has some good moments. The acting could be better yes but it doesnt do much damage to the movie because guess what?... This movie is also a comedy!

Yes yes it is, as you will notice in the first few minutes in the movie so dont expect jump scenes. It has its funny moments but for me at least it wasnt scary.

So if you decide to watch this movie dont expect to see another ring or grudge but something a lot less scary, a bit funny and add some grainsmistery and there you have it. It is an average towards bad movie but at least it kept me watching till the end.

I hope you have fun!

Hoed to you

Hoed to you (2012)
I think this movie is supposed to be a comedy but it says horror... No comedy and no horror. It is actually quite dull and I suppose it wants to be a mystery. I didn't like the acting and the movie seemed pointless at some parts. I don't have much to comment to tell you the truth.

So a guy is searching for work and ends up working in what seems to be a haunted factory. Things though are not what they seem. Everybody acts suspicious and mysterious and something is hiding behind this ghost ... I don't know I wouldn't bother with this movie. I saw it with breaks and still lost time watching it. But if you see it I hope that you will have fun.

The Death Is Here

The Death Is Here(2012)
I don't know what the title has to do exactly with the movie but it was quite interesting, slow but interesting. The acting was not bad, and the script ok it could be better but overall not that bad.

Two couples go to a house and I think all four of them has something to do with the movie business. The two girls are actresses and are getting prepared for their movies. The house they rented to leave in for a couple of weeks, are being told that it has dark secrets that want to come out. As the days pass one of the girls is starting to change. She seems to be possessed by a sinister presence. Stay tuned to the end to find out what is going on and what is this presence really looking for!


Xiao Hua Gui Yi Shi Jian

Xiao Hua Gui Yi Shi Jian
So ... yes... that was interesting ... Ok so it is not an awesome horror movie with a lot of scares etc but it was not that bad actually... I had fun watching it! It had some mystery in it. Some small scares and it keeps you interested. Ok the acting is not the best also but is not the worse you have seen I suppose. Another problem is the script. It has some weird holes in it but ok it all makes sense in the end. So there is a girl who is a student and goes to stay at a hotel. The keepers of the hotel are really weird and shady people, who act really suspicious. She was told that the hotel was full but it doesn't really seem as that. Weird things start to happen during the night and she is not sure if they are real or if she is just dreaming about them. But what is the real story behind everything? Can there be something else behind all of these events? Overall it is a mediocre movie, but it was fun for me to watch!

Ghost Wife

Ghost Wife
Not bad not bad. Is their a horror romance category? That's what it is. It is not a story u have never seen before. Nothing to surprise you. Not much scary either. But i found it pleasant to watch. A little bit of Romeo and Juliet in a horror version! A boy meets a girl who is new in town. Slowly the fall in love. The mother of the boy doesn't approve of their relationship so she sends the boy away. And all goes wrong from than on... If u decide to see it i hope u enjoy!


This movie had potential at the beginning. It was pretty interesting. Than things got bad. By wanting to surprise the audience, i suppose, they went from one twist in the plot to another which made the movie too weird and unrealistic.

The acting wasn't bad, loved some shots in it ... Too bad it really had potential for a movie of the last decade or so.... But all movies now days want to surprise u by plot twists or the CGI or the gore or whatever that the end up loosing the essence which is the story and the characters in it.... Sad ...

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

puppet master
Brilliant! I couldnt believe it !!! Yes i love and prefer the original puppet master but the gore in this one .... i havent seen such scenes in years! I loved it ... It is not a master piece. I am not saying is good as the original but is bloody with scenes that have gore and humour. Dont expect to see something like the other puppet master movies. It is a totally new look. If u ask me I hate this new look on the movies but still ... THE GOOOOREEE I LOVE IT

Hitori kakurenbo

Hitori kakurenbo (2008)
Well not quite what I expected…

It is an average movie, with average acting and an average plot. The movie could have potential but got pretty boring fast. The story promised a lot but the plot didn't have an edge at all. It could have given a lot if more afford was given to it. The dialogues where boring and meaningless and you couldn't identify with the characters and the story.

It had no atmosphere what so ever and that affected the entire movie… Back to the movie now, it is a compilation of three stories about a game. A game which you play when you are alone at home and you play it with a ghost. So you go hide and the ghost comes out to seek you… Promises lots of scares and gives nothing. It is a reap off other movies of its kind like Ringu etc but not as good.

Petty I expected much much more. Still I will take a look on the other ones also to see if they turn out better. The story has a potential for a good scare … I hope I am right.

3 Doors of Horrors

3 Doors of Horrors (2013)
This movie is a compilation of three stories. The first one is taking place in a school and it's a ghost story. It reminds me a little bit of shutter. The second one I am not sure, but I think is another ghost story and it has to do with regret and decisions, in a way and the third and final story is about possession.

In overall the movie is not bad, it has potentials and it is entertaining. But the problem is what I said: is not bad. To make myself clear it is mediocre movie and has not much to give and it is not something that you haven't seen before.

With that said, if you decide to see it, sit back and enjoy!


Cub (2014)
This movie will not give you something new. It is typical not many scares, but it keeps you interested till the end.

People go into the woods and they try in a way, to come out alive. Although it is a typical slasher movie as many said, it has a nice angle, not a lot of blood or nudity and sex. It focuses on the characters mostly and the story. This helps you get more involved with the movie and sympathize with the characters.

The cinematography and the directing is descent and the script keeps you till the end. But don't expect a lot of blood and scares. It has a kind of old time flavor horror movies; it gives you the thrills not much gore. If you want to see a lot of gore and blood watch another movie. Also the music is eerie.

The ending is very interesting and the psychological aspects of it, will make you wonder for a bit.

Among Friends

Among Friends (2012)
Well I didn't expect that! It was a decent movie! The story is really interesting and it keeps you watching it till the end. Oh, the end! I really loved it! I didn't expect it to end the way it did!

The plot is really great. You get to know the characters more and more as the movie continues, and you get mixed feelings of love and hate on the same time. The director did a good job and the acting was really decent. So in overall I think you will enjoy watching it.

A plus is that Kane Hodder has a cameo appearance here so it is a bonus!

So as far as the story goes: friends meet up to play a game of mystery, clues and murder. Things don't turn out the way the planed really quickly and the real story begins. A lot of well buried secrets see the light and their relationship is put to a test.


Neuk-dae-so-nyeon (2012)
Wow I didn't expect the way, this movie's plot, would turn out! A really amazing story…

The movie is a little long and the werewolf part plays a small role in the movie, and the werewolf part was what drew my attention, but anyway…

It is a story about romance, love, betrayal, loyalty, it's funny and it is sad, makes you furies, and in general it makes you feel a lot of things.

The plot is amazing, you really see the relationship between the actors grow, change and mature, as time passes. The acting is great and the dialogue is not bad, although in some parts it is, but this doesn't change the fact that this movie is great. But let me point out as many before me did, this is not a horror movie. When I rented it I didn't read the plot so I was expecting something totally different.


Zombeavers (2014)
Look out for the toxic mutated zombie beavers! The ZOMBEAVERS!

When someone mentioned this movie to me, I knew I had to watch it! Zombie beavers, like the Zombie Sheep! Mentioning the movie with the Zombie Sheep, Zombeavers had a lot in common with Black Sheep (2006), although Black Sheep was funnier than this one. Actually I didn't find Zombeavers really funny. When I watched Black sheep I couldn't stop laughing. But this is just my weird sense of humor!

In general it is a decent movie with a good scenario. You won't care much about the characters though. The acting is not that good. But come on, it is a movie about ZOMBIE BEAVERS! Who cares about the other stuff, if the scenario is half decent? Even if it wasn't… come on, think about it… Zombeavers!

Devil's Tower

Devil's Tower (2014)
I don't know what to make of this movie. It was a really weird one. Just when i thought that i knew where the plot was going, it got to a point where I lost it!

In the end it made some sense! So it is a mediocre movie and it's up to you if you like it or not. It has its points though.

I played this movie for my friends so we could hang out and watch something for fun. Even though they didn't like horror movies so much this got their attention and no complaints were made. I think they actually loved it. As I said I found it mediocre so go figure!

Back to the movie! It has ghosts, possession of a kind, weird zombie like creatures, it has it all. Basically though, it is a ghost – possession type of movie. The acting is not that good and the story has potentials, you want to find out what is going on, because you can "see" the question marks piling up above your head.

Have fun watching it!

Deo web-toon: Ye-go sal-in

Deo Web-toon: Ye-go Sal-in (2013)
I didn't know what to expect from this movie and by the title killer toon… Well let's just say I didn't have high hopes. But I wanted to watch something, so why not this one? It might be funny! (If you read a title like killer toons and not read the plot…what would you expect?). Well it wasn't funny, but it was really good movie and suspense was piling up!

I loved the plot, the atmosphere was great and it kept me on edge, trying to understand what was going on, because after a point, I was trying to find something else behind the lines of the script! I was so sure there will be a crazy ending, like the ghosts where not really behind all that (the ending was not that don't worry!), but still a great story with a great ending. Because I was expecting my ending, I didn't see it coming.

Give this movie a chance you will enjoy it!

Mahalai sayongkwan

Mahalai sayongkwan (2009)
Haunted Universities is a low budget movie from Thailand and as the title says it has to do with ghosts. You will not see great special effects or great makeup job or great acting. For some odd reason though, it works.

It works because the stories are descent and they are connected in a great way. The stories are funny, serious and tragic. All put together in a great result. Only one of the stories I found mediocre, but in overall it is pretty good movie. Good horror movies after all, don't need many special effects – CGI to be great.

I would like to point out one last thing. The second story got me curious, because the background seemed so real. So I tried to search about it and found out that is based in some true events about a university in Thailand that happened in the 6th of October 1976. I think it is this story… From what I found out they are trying to forget the events of that day.

In overall it is a good film, with a very interesting plot, not bad directing and it keeps you till the end. The acting might not be great but it is not bad either. Basically what will keep you is the stories, which are interesting, funny, playful and the one that is based on true events will haunt you.

Mu-seo-un Iyagi 2

Mu-seo-un Iyagi 2 (2013)
This is a collection of three stories, four if you count the narration. The third story for me, is the one that is the funniest and the craziest! I really loved it. the story is about a teacher who gets a job to teach for the very first time.

The first story is about two guys who went up a mountain. It's the story that I didn't find so much interesting and I didn't like it that much. The second story is about three girls who went on a ride with their car. I found it a little predictable. You knew where the story was going before it got there.

Also in the background is the main story with the insurance company which was … I don't know … indifferent too.

In overall is not a bad movie. It is a funny movie and the last story will give you some laughs.

Horror of the Hungry Humongous Hungan

Horror of the Hungry Humongous Hungan (1991)
OK this movie is bad, really bad…

The acting is bad, the makeup is bad, the plot, … everything. Also the plot doesn't make sense in some parts

They are trying to have some comic parts, but it didn't work for me, I don't know maybe they will work for you. I have a weird sense of humor after all.

Sometimes the camera stays too long in a scene, I suppose to feel in some gaps and also many scenes in this movie seem that they made it through the final cut, just to feel the time gap! In the end they made it, the movie is over 90 minutes!

So back to the plot. Mad scientist – doctor creates a weird creature that goes in a rampage killing people. A weird girl has visions – dreams of some kind and the plot continues.

In overall yes the movie is bad. Is it cult bad? No I don't think so. You need to have something weird and extraordinary to be cult bad and you have to be much more than this movie to become a classic! It misses that something.

Eoh-neu-nal-gap-ja-gi D-Day

Eoh-neu-nal-gap-ja-gi D-Day (2006)
Girls go to a school that helps them prepare for collage exams. The girls that are attending the school didn't do well at the exams at the first place so they are all closed their studying and studying and studying and studying… Only the idea of being locked up in some place for so many days gives me the creeps… So in this school they are trying to make you better and help you get in to a collage. For a year you have no personal life, no free time no nothing; you only have time for studying. They are trying to turn you in to some kind of a robot. So creepy… and on top of that the school is haunted!

It is an interesting and unsettling story without the ghosts. The ghosts seem to be unnecessary to the plot, but in the other hand is an interesting bonus. You could have two different stories in a way, but you have two in one!

It's a nice story with interesting plot and pretty good characters. It also gives you the sense of no escape in a hall new interesting way. History tends to repeat itself. It's a circle which you can not escape!

Juk-eum-yi soop

Juk-eum-yi soop (2006)
The story takes place in the woods, where five friends go there to have some fun. It is nice, it is sunny and the woods seem so bright and welcoming. In the woods they knock down some pile of rocks which are wish – prayers (I think) and there are hints that they might have something to do with the story but they are nowhere mentioned, so I might be mistaken. Although the director seems to be pretty persistent about them, but still there is no mention to why they seem to be important in the story because the camera persistently points at them, but at the same time they don't seem to have anything to do with the story! Confused about that part, really.

The characters are indifferent. The story is weird, it has potentials though. The problem is with the plot, which is very very slow. VERY slow. But it was faster than some other movies that I have seen so I didn't mind that much. I didn't get the whole wood and blood part and why did blood which was spilled on the ground, turned them to … something… zombies…???? I really don't know what they were; sorry… So the story had holes and the explanations during the movie helped a lot; but there are some holes left. For example if those things (????zombies????) come after you; why the fourth woman was hiding in the car and why they didn't see her from the beginning, why didn't she chase that other guy who was their searching for her all this time. Because their main goal seems to be killing whoever is alive, so…?????

And really what is going on with the rocks???? Does anybody know????

Nebeonjjae cheung

Nebeonjjae cheung 2006
In Chinese tradition the number four is considered an unlucky number because they relate it with death. So they sometimes skip it! A woman and her child move into an apartment building where there is no fourth floor… or is it?

Strange things starts happening and strange deaths occur. There are noises coming from beneath that can't be explained and people are not what they seem to be. They all seem to be related with the old building and the apartment 404 which is now 504. Nobody seems to care to find what really happened in the past or what is happening now.

In overall is not a bad movie and the acting is not that bad either. The story is interesting and keeps you interested in the movie as it goes. I think you should give this movie a chance and enjoy it, is not hat bad!

Kôsoku bâba

Kôsoku bâba (2013)
A crew wants to film inside an abandoned hospital which is supposed to be haunted. And yes I will tell you this it is haunted! It wouldn't be a horror movie if it wasn't! You have girl revelry, back stubbing and a lot of disgusting things going round which makes this movie worth seeing!

The disappointing part is that I thought it would continue from Karuto which it didn't, but I'll survive it! I didn't like it that much after all.

It is not great but it is good. Time passes; it is small which helps you have fun with it. Not great make up job with the crone though, she seems too fake. The story it's really crazy and fun. You have some question marks over your head during the movie and in the end. But give it some thought; after all good J-horror movies need some contemplation in the end! With some of them you still wonder what the **** happened, but that why they are so entertaining!

So sit back, dim the lights, don't eat anything and push the play button. Enjoy!


Karuto (2013)
I really love good J-horror movies. It gives a claustrophobic sense, like where ever you go whatever you do you surely can't escape. The world is so big but becomes so small at the same time. I love that they don't depend so much in special effects. But this is not the case.

It is not a bad movie. It just leaves you indifferent. There are three actresses who take part in a reality – documentary exorcism. So there are cameras all around the house and you are seeing things as they really happen. I am getting really tired of the reality – "real" story type of movie!

In overall as I said the movie isn't bad. It is perhaps one of the best of its kind. You will have fun watching it, it is really entertaining!

A Trip to Mars

A Trip to Mars
An interesting piece of movie which is based entirely on H. G. Wells book. Melies "A Trip to the Moon" is based mostly on J. Verne's book "From The Earth to the Moon" and has elements from Wells book "The First Men in the Moon" (Wells mentions that the moon is inhabited by Selenites and about huge plants and also in Verne's book they never get to step on the moon).

In this movie, like in Wells book, the scientist discovers a substance which defies gravity (in the book it's a new material called cavorite) which helps him travel up in the air and straight to Mars! There he finds strange creatures and an environment different from Earth. He manages to get back to his house and in a strange twist he spills the substance on the floor.

It is not as good as Melie's movie but is fun small piece of history. If you like the short "magic films" of this era than is a must. You have to love the way they brought fantasy into life and the way they used the means they had at the time to make this possible.

Zombie Werewolves Attack!

Zombie Werewolves Attack! (2009)
It is a really short movie 1h and 10 minutes give or take. For such a short movie it takes too long to get to the point. The action really starts after 30 minutes. Well not exactly. Ιt is, as I said, a really really really slow movie ! The scenario sucks I still don't get the zombie part. The dialogues can't keep you interested in this movie.

I fell asleep towards the end. I really tried to stay up. Really! And the actors who play the characters who are stoned are the ones who are worst written and played. Basically not much in the acting part in general.

The locations are not much. You get tired of the background. In some parts of the movie it changes from early morning to night again (it is supposed to be the same night). Also they made the movie seem so 80's which was funny and I really loved it.

It wasn't a good movie not even cult good. I really had high hopes for this one. But when it takes you more than half an hour to get to the point and even when it gets it continues being slow you lose interest. The movie is only 71 minutes!!!! Get to the point faster. Like start the killings in the first minute!!!!!!!!

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