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Love, Death & Robots

Like teen Animatrix
So I guess a good script is out of fashion. By the looks of it it seems to be inspired by Animatrix, both visually and auditorial, and if not for the horrible script, bad voice acting, the neverending one-liners, unnecessary nudity, it's predictable plots and the constant immature profanities, it could have been good. But it's not. It feels like it's been made by a bunch of teens who wants nothing more than to animate naked women and sex scenes.

Shot Caller

Well done!
Nikolaj never fail to amaze and even though he's a very versatile actor this script suited him perfectly. Shot Caller is one of those film you haven't heard of, have no expectations prior to watching, and end up happy in the end knowing that good scripts are still being produced. The plot line is believable, it shows the grey shades of life, and you sympathize with villains because you understand that they are a product/victim of their own surrounding; doing what they must to survive. Well done!


Erase my memory please
Slow and tedious, an Equilibrium wannabe with more plot holes than a Swiss cheese. The futuristic surveillance society that they live in is poorly presented, if presented at all, Clive's sad background; like a cliche and very weak, the villains motives, the first person angle and behavior, the weird police work and reasoning. All weak and poorly executed. Sometimes they are very observant to sound, the next Clive outwits them by... get this, closing his eyes and moves through his whole apartment and down to the street without making a sound... only to open his eyes again. That's of course right before he got suspended for doing something he shouldn't have; of course framed by the real villain hacker. But when he tells his fellow investigators they seem to have forgotten that they're chasing a hacker who changes memory... And then there's the nudity. Unnecessary and... just odd. I usually like Clive Owen but man, start to wonder if he's in a financial pickle when choosing this movie.


Great start, terrible rest
First season was beautifully tailored with twists and turns and presented in a wonderful way with sneak peeks into the future that you tried to piece together. Second season was a big let down. The characters became black and white and the story progressed in a tedious linear fashion. Third season started off great. The trial with Chelsea's revelation about her brother's innocence got the excitement running again. I started cheering for the O'Bannons, hoping that they'd get the recognition they deserved... and then it all disappeared in a nonsense episode about John and a diving accident where past and present and time and space was mixed together in a big lump of whogivesash**. The lose end remained untied and it started to feel like a milking competition with Lost. Very unsatisfactory to say the least and you begin to wonder why? Was the script left to be finished after a night of heavy drinking or did they want to punish their audience for their over 30 hours of loyalty? Well, they succeeded! This series started off as a Ferrari, turned into a minivan and then that minivan crashed into a manure factory.


Kudos to all second grade actors that weren't in this movie! It's a male version of "The Gilmore Girls" with non-stop chatter about how cool they are, nudity or talk about it, a whole lot of name dropping and singers/athletes appearing a few seconds to ride on the wave of -input voluntary excrement- that Wallberg produced. His appearance with his crew of buffs didn't help either. So, again, thank you, you few who weren't in this poor excuse for a movie. Only question I have is: "Did any of you appearing in this movie see it more than once?"

Baiohazâdo: Dijenerêshon

I wanted to rip my arm out and throw it at the screen.
The animations was lousy and stiff, and the models looked like plastic dolls from a third world factory.

The lip-sync, rubbish, the textures on the models, don't even go there...

The story and dialogue...maaaaaan. It felt as if the movie was written by a thirteen year old and the outcome was obvious and besides terrible.

One more thing though, why did they hire an American to talk in a British accent when they easily just could have chosen a British actor and at least got that part of the voice acting right....

Missed a great football match because of that and wasted 90 min approx of my life.

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