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The Village

Pretty good!
M. Night Shyamalan is renowned as a great thriller/twist/shock director, and many believe he is the best of his kind! I would have to agree, although his latest project, "The Village" somehow doesn't quite live up to the expectations of its predecessors.

Set in the late 1800's, it tells the story of a secluded village surrounded by dense forest. It is what lives within these boarders which the villagers fear, and what ultimately brings the two main characters of Ivy (Bryce Dallas Howard) and Luscious (Joanquin Pheonix) together.

Throughout the film, there are the expected jumps and screams, and the acting is beautifully constructed, in particular Bryce Dallas Howard, who I feel rightly deserves an Oscar nomination. However it is the ultimate twist which I feel is a let down! Don't get me wrong, I certainly didn't see it coming, however when it arrived, I kind of expected something else, and without trying to spoil it for those who haven't seen the film yet, it was pretty un-believable. Anyway, all in all, it was a very enjoyable film and I would highly recommend it to anyone. ***/*****

The Day After Tomorrow

A good disaster!
*Some spoilers* Ok so this film isnt going to be your huge Oscar winner, but it was a lot of fun! Roland Emmerich the godfather of disaster movies (Independence Day, Godzilla) has given us yet another good high budget action flick, which will no doubt make such a huge profit, the studio are gonna want to do a remake!

Its best bits were no doubt the special effects. I mean when u see tidal waves gushing through Manhattan and dozens of tornados tearing up Los Angeles, you cant but not be amazed. Secondly the actings good. Jake Gyllenhaal (sorry for the mis-spelling) is great as the gorgeous but geekey teenager, whos only reason for going to New York is because he fancies a girl! and Dennis Quaid was perfect as the unconventional movie hero. There were a few good laughs to please the audience, but some I found may not have been planned. Trust me you will have a little giggle too when you see the Hollywood sign blow away! Finally the narrative was a bit of a let down. By the films final scenes you may feel slightly disappointed because it ends pretty quickly, and for such a huge film, you may feel your wanting more!! Obviously because of the 12 rating, there were going to be elements of which the makers couldnt include, so for what they've produced, its a film I would recommend simply because its great entertainment!

Welcome to Collinwood

A great laugh!
Ive just watched this film for the first time and am amazed by all the bad reviews. I thought it was class! Ok so its no Oceans Eleven, but the actors are fantastic and what could be better then watching amateur con-men get it completely wrong! Michael Jeter in particular, is a breath of fresh air, and shows just how much he's going to be missed in Hollywood!!! Sam Rockwell provides the eye-candy but also shows his versatility as an actor producing some of the high and low moments perfectly! George Clooney is fab as the safe hacker, although i'd love to have seen more of him (Im sure most would agree), and the rest of the ensemble are perfect in there own little ways! Id recommend this film to anyone who enjoyed Matchstick Men! Loved it!

Van Helsing

Not what you expect!
"Not what you expect" - What I mean here is that I had great expectations of this film before I saw it, and to be honest it destroyed all that I hoped it would be. The acting is just funny (not in a good way) and as for those accents, the dialogue coach should have been sacked! Dont get my wrong, the computer generated special effects where impressive, really mind blowing, but every minute of screen time was overthrown by them, so by the end of the film, your head is literally exploding! This film was a disappointing flop in my opinion though Im sure kids of 12 or under would love it! Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale provide the eye candy, with David Wehnams character providing the "comic relief" I certainly wont be buying this on DVD, and dont even get me started on the ending! Im thinking it'll nominated for a Razzie Awards! Pure Cheese!!!

Donnie Darko

So good its a cult...
Nobody can argue that this film isn't your usual mainstream 'event' movie, although I would rather watch this than many blockbusters in the box office at the moment. (except LOTR!!!)

The plot, though pretty backwards is very engaging, every single actor has portrayed their character brilliantly, and the chemistry between Gretchen and Donnie especially is electric.

Drew Barrymore's decision to produce this film was a great one, a Richard Kelly should certainly have been awarded more for his work. There simply aren't enough independent features like this one recognised by Hollywood, but the success of Donnie Darko, proves that small time production companies and young inexperienced directors can make a a smash hit for all ages.


Who would make this...?
Still asking myself why I stayed up to watch this. I should have known it would have been crap, seen as though it was on channel 5 and 11pm!

Its definately one of the worst movies I've ever seen. The acting was just funny, especially Jennifer Tilly, she simply tried too hard, and Daryl Hannah, who hardly speaks at all, couldn't save this flop!

The plot was a joke, (*SPOILER*) especially when Daryl's husband stupidly went to the 'house of horrors' and was caught by he 'psycho' woman, plus the hospital scene, where the doctors stabbed in the neck, was just weird! So much more could have been done to make this film just that little bit scary, but unfortunately it was put in the can finished at only 25%.

Don't watch this movie, it will be a complete waste of time!

Cold Mountain

Anthony Minghella's epic tale of love overcoming all obstacles is beautifully captured in this wonderful film. For those interested in stories of love and war, it is definately the film for you, not unlike Gone with the Wind actually! And the acting ain't half bad either. Though Kidman and Law portray the love struck pair wonderfully, the real star of the film is Renee Zellwegger! Her performance as Ruby Thewes, is both hilarious and heart-breaking, a talent that is certainly worthy of an Oscar. All in all, Minghella has given us yet another great film, (in line with his many others The English Patient, Talented Mr Ripley) making it a likely contender for the top gongs at both the BAFTA's and Oscars!

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Out of this World!!!
This trilogy truely has to be one of the all time greats!

After seeing the first two, more times than most, I was waiting with anticipation for the third installment! And what I saw was beyond my wildest expectations! An absolute gem, that everyone simply has to see, and as for Peter Jackson, well the Oscars in the bag baby!!!

Thelma & Louise

The topic of Women in Film is of much debate in Film Studies, and throughout my many years of studying the subject, I have only touched on it lightly! It was through my lectures that I heard of the film Thelma and Louise, and I am so glad that I have seen it! Its a brilliant portrayal of two womens fight with the law, although with the clever use of editing and the greatness of Khouri's script, you will still feel so much sympathy for the characters right up until the closing stages. It's a wonderful film, filled with emotion! It'll make you laugh and cry, and no doubt keep you on the edge of your seats! And one final point, for all you eager Brad Pitt fans, this is definately a film to watch!!!

What's Love Got to Do with It

Simply The Best
When I first saw this movie I had no idea Tina Turner was at the receiving end of an abusive husband! The film was magnificent! Angela Bassett was outstanding, and to this day I can not understand why she didn't receive an Oscar for her performance! Laurence Fishburne was equally brilliant playing the horrific husband that was Ike Turner! A wonderful film which hits you so hard its something you'll never forget!

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