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Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky

unanswered love
I bought the DVD some 7 years ago , not knowing what to get. But a BBC production must stand at least for a minimum of quality. I was pleasantly surprised by this lovely drama. I was not familliar with the 3 leads , but all three , Bryan Dick, Zoé Tapper and Sally Hawkins delivered a great performance. As a viewer u want things to end good for all of them, and find love. The spirit of the 1930-ies is well presented in here. I wish there were more of these goodies. Peter Piessens/Belgium

Secret Army

secret army
Yes indeed. "Secret army", has to be my favourite series from the 70-ies. A classic in his own right. Very dramatic, very real! Even at this moment it's running again on Belgian TV, and every time it's a joy to watch! I got to mention, especially Kessler, played by Clifford rose, a great performance, even today! I wonder what happened to most of the actors, cause haven't heard or seen much about them after the series. One thing I did find very sorry is, why they had to make a comic version of it! Because the series is telling us of people who risked their lives to save that of others, when Europe, (Belgium), was going trough his most dark period in history! Peter.

Beautiful Girls

Nice one.
These people, where the film is about, could live right next to you.It's about everyday people who don't reach what they want in life. Hutton, wanted to be a professional musician. Rappaport thinks he's the local cassanova, Dillon doesn't want to clean up snow the rest of his life aso. All have their typical problems, and good times. All the leads are good, especially Rappaport, Portman is charming, and Dillon is good as always.


a small classic
I was hooked from the first minute I saw this one! All my friends to whom I recommended this film, liked it too. And they said all the same. Good, you told us to watch this movie very carefully, and keep concentrated on it, constantly, cause it will keep you guessing long after you seen it! Seldom I've seen a film, so slow, but so good! It has such a strange feel about it, it's erotic and it has thriller effects, especially each time somebody enters the building. The leads are good, Pullman exellent! Mike Figgis is a great director, but he never made something good, as this, afterwards. Very nice photography, and good soundtrack.

Peter Piessens.

Q & A

Nick Nolte is brilliant!
Exellent police thriller, about corrupt cop Nolte, who finally meets someone, Hutton, who's determined to bring him to justice! Film is good all the way, with Assante in good supporting role. Why this actor hasn't had greater sucses, is a mystery to me. Calderon is also good as transvestite! But Nolte, is absolutely brilliant as the arrogant, super corrupt Mike Brennan! Is one of my favourite police thrillers from the 90'ies. The only downpoint is the silly song used for the end credits, "don't betray the ones you love", of course you don't!

Peter Piessens

No Way Out

great suspenser.
First film I saw with Costner. Great thriller, good suspense and very surprising plot! But the star of the film is Will Patton, great performance, and why this exellent actor hasn't been offered bigger roles after this one, is a small mistery to me. It's a pitty Costner has chosen wrong films to play in, where most of his talent is wasted.

Peter Piessens.


It's a popular show here, which I really don't understand! It's produced by our national tv station (VRT), and I hope they don't think they have made something exeptional. It looks there's only a handfull of actors and actresses in this country. In every show, you see the same faces. I still think there are some good actors here, but it seems to me, that their talent is reduced by the director(s)! Most of the episodes lack a good story and tempo! But what bothers me the most is actress??, Andrea Cronenberg. Her acting and dialoges are so forced, and I hope she doesn't think she can sing. Two other shows that were shown on TV here, were of much better quality."Niet voor publicatie" and "Terug naar Oosterdonk".

Living Out Loud

Nice one.
Lovely movie about people looking for love and tenderness.I didn't know the movie, but took a chance, cause it had Hunter in it. She still is one of my favourite actresses. Danny De Vito is also good as the hardworking guy, who's in love with Hunter, but is afraid to tell her. Latifah surprised me as well, good performance. Would like to see more of this!

Nine 1/2 Weeks

Some people hate, some love it, I love it! I remember seeing this movie way back, in 1988. To be honest, I didn't like it at that time. Some time later I saw it again on video. From then on, I started to like it more and more! I saw it about 7 times. For me, it has become a classic in its genre. I was fascinated by the way Rourke played, as the cool seducer, who goes one step further every time. Basinger is also very good and sexy looking. I admit, the story is thin, but the acting performances from the leads, the photography and the exellent soundtrack, makes this movie...irresistable!

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