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Fear the Walking Dead: Humbug's Gulch
Episode 3, Season 5

Far Fetched Cowboy Gunslinger Action
This episode is entertaining, it's the third episode into the season and they have all been good episodes! They must have fired last season's writers and replaced them with some good ones because they have essentially pulled this show out of the chess pool that it has been drowning in ever since they killed off the main characters!

Splitting a bullet up the middle and each half of the bullet killing a zombie is ridiculously far fetched, but I don't really care if they make this show a little crazy like Z Nation! The majority of the plot has slowly moved forwards letting us know that the children are the ones behind the zombie borders and heads on spikes. Those evil kids are up to no good and are likely going to try to kill the group, but I am sure that they will screw it up and the group will somehow have to save their lives.

I rate this episode 7/10 and it's worth the watch. I didn't care much for Dwight showing up only to spill his emotional guts all over the silver screen. Now that everyone is done crying over Dwights sad tragedy of a wife story and how he is chasing her, we move on to see the entire forest has zombies chained up everywhere, but they have to deal with these pesky kids before they do anything, and it's cleark some kin$ of trap.

Fear the Walking Dead: Here to Help
Episode 1, Season 5

Season 5 off to a Decent Start after the Mess that was Season 4
I didn't watch Season 4 and I "think" that I watched season 3, but it was so blase' that I honestly don't remember if I finished Season 3. Right when they started exterminating my favourite characters is when I decided to hit the eject button. In fact I didn't even make it to the episode where they killed off the protagonist Nick. I remember seeing the preview for the next episode where Nick was to die and I said "Ok, they just wrote my favourite character off the show! I'm out". I did just that, and that's where I left off, having never seen the episode where he was killed off. After that I read online or in the news that they were to kill his mother off too! She was the second best actress on the show!

So here I am deciding to return at the start of Season 5, having missed all of 4. I heard 4 was a total mess so maybe I made the right decision? Things seem to have changed. There are new characters and others are gone. I recognize our Kung-Fu peaceful crossover character from TWD. I recognize the journalist and of course our leading lady who is actually a good actress that brings a good performance to the show for her part. The gunslinger cowboy I recognize also. I have no idea about any of the others that seem to have joined the group. With Kung-fu leading the group it appears he has them out doing good deeds to help people? I think that is really dumb and it's lucky his altruism hasn't got the entire group killed yet.

Episode 1 seems to be taking place in some kind of nuclear zone? Perhaps it is a biological danger zone? It's one of those 2, but nuclear makes sense to me because the entire planet is already a no-go unsafe biological hazard. The nuclear aspect is a good direction for the show to take! Perhaps we will have to deal with some mutated zombies with special abilities! Wouldn't that be a refreshing change to hav3 something new and clever written into the story along those lines? We can only hope the answer is yes, and that they fired the S4 writers!

The premier episode ended with a mystery which did a good job of being interesting, mysterious and hooking the viewers interest for episode 2! Well I have to give this episode a solid 7.5/10. It was interesting, action packed and full of tense zombie sequences that we all love! I highly suggest watching this episode, especially if you skipped last season such as I did! Off to watch #2 so I will review that episode next!

Cold Skin

Art House. Entertaining, yes. Horror, no. Thriller, no. Drama, maybe. See this only if you enjoy art flicks!
Surprising is how I describe this movie. Why? The movie was marketed as a thriller/horror film, which it certainly is not. It's not a comedy, it's not a horror movie, nor is it an action movie. The best way I can describe this film is to classify it as an Art House/Drama movie. It doesn't clearly fit into any of the normal classifications! For that fact alone the director and writer deserve some praise because that makes this movie original. So few original movies coming out of Hollyweird these days! The closest movie out there that is almost a carbon copy of this movie is X Machina. Why do I say this? In the movie X Machina spins the movie around 3 people the same as this movie. The people are all in isolation from the world- check again. Both low budget films of decent quality featuring fairly well known actors that for their parts do a very good job of acting. The similarities are very close! Here I was just saying that this movie was unique right before I go on a tirade about how it's the same as another film! Beyond my contradictory points, it is still a very original movie.

Now if you aren't an Art House movie fan you are definitely going to have issues with this film. I myself am not really into Art House films. After attempting to watch David Lynch's Inland Empire Art House film I decided to never watch Art House again! Luckily this film is nowhere near the Art insanity of Inland Empire. That being said, I still enjoyed Cold Skin because it wasn't too Artsy for me. In fact the movie starts out quite normally...

It starts out with a man getting dropped off for a one year tour of duty as a lighthouse technician. When he arrives it's discovered the main house is dusty and in dis-array as if no one has been there in many years. That's when they find the islands lone occupant living in the lighthouse. Bruno the occupant is simply crazy from having cabin fever due to years in isolation. The captain warns the new technician that something is wrong on this island and that he should not stay. His warning ignored and he leaves.

We quickly discover that every night these lizard people from the ocean attack the lighthouse in an attempt to kill Bruno. Thousands of them every single night. Now here is where it starts getting artsy as the lizard people are undoubtedly meant to represent something else and the technician is supposed to recognize colonialism that crushes their enemies before attempting peace. I won't spoil any of the story for you, but it's all symbolism and goes straight into full on Art House symbolism where "friend" stays with them and magically appears and disappears throughout the remainder of the film. There is no horror or scary scenes. In fact, what we end up with is a mediocre film that is disjointed and due to the Art House attempts the film itself becomes a disjointed story with plot holes and a story that is not well written.

As this film still manages to be entertaining there is some value in that. The writing could have been much better than what we got. I mean it seems like the story even could have been filmed but it's almost like the producers removed the critical scenes in the story that connected everything together! It's a real shame as I feel that this could have been a fantastic 7.5/10 if only the story was actually completed better and connected the dots. A real shame. So bottom line is don't watch this movie if you are looking for a great film. This is more of a bored on Saturday afternoon movie to watch when there is nothing else to watch! Do yourself a favour and go into this one with low expectations and you may enjoy yourself! Otherwise I would avoid this one.

Mortal Engines

Slightly Better Than Average Entertainment
Greetings friends!

This is the kind of movie to watch on a Saturday evening when you are looking to watch something entertaining. It delivers on a slightly better than average level of entertainment providing lots of good CGI, but with a story that is over the top unrealistic and acting that is acceptable. This kind of movie is the type to watch when you are looking for entertainment that has some decent action sequences and not a lot of intelligent story. Basically the writing isn't all that good, the story is poorly converted from the novel cutting a few too many corners to the point that the story is a bit of a discombobulated mess.

If you are looking for a deep movie with rich realism and thought provoking narrative then you have most certainly come to the wrong place. This is definitely a "one watch wonder" meaning that after you see this movie you will quite literally have no desire to ever watch it again. Great movies are ones that you find yourself thinking about for days after having had watched it. This movie is unfortunately all together forgettable. It's clear they spent a ton of money on this flick and the6 definitely did not make any profit off of this one!

The casting selection was very well done having had selected experienced actors who more or less played their parts to the best of their abilities. Some of the most interesting characters were on screen and killed off as fast as they were introduced. The Shrike was a fer6 interesting undead cyborg character that they actually gave spent a good amount of time fleshing out his character and his history quite well, which makes me wonder why they spent all that time building up his back story in the movie if he was to just have been killed off after only a few scenes. That was a major screw up for sure. Apparently his in book character is much better and his story arc is played out properly. The Chinese woman who played a supporting character role for @ good part of the film was done in the exact opposite fashion. Zero backstory for her leaving the viewer asking themselves who is this person, why is she a big part of the film if we don't know who she is?

Indeed these massive character flaws are not the fault of the actors; rather, they are the victims of poor writing. So, in conclusion I would not have wanted to spend any money to watch this film in the theatres. This is one to watch after it shows up on Netflix or another streaming platform to watch when you are bored looking for some mindless entertainment. The entire concept of this movie is very unrealistic and far reaching to the point that it's borderline ridiculous! Rolling cities on wheels? Flying cities in the clouds? It's absurd, unbelievable and altogether over the top!


A little too SJW for my tastes
They make the jock in this movie out to be total evil for fingering a girl that initially started the sexual encounter. Undoubtedly he should have stopped doing what he did because he was wrong for doing it. That said, our protagonist crippled him for life and still treats him like crap for what he did. She punished him badly and permanently by crippling him yet still feels like he should die or something because of it. He did not rape her. Every episode is focused on male evil stereotypes that far left SJW's seem to hold this thought that men are evil. Didn't she punish him enough? At some point attacking a cripple seems overboard and this show should have tied off the forced sexual encounter story arc in episode 4, yet here we are at the end of the season where it's a major plot issue in every episode. Poor writing on that part. The show started off cool with assassinations, suicides, super powers etc., yet all it turns out to be is another SJW show. Too bad.

Game of Thrones: The Long Night
Episode 3, Season 8

Epic battle filmed in an epic way!
Great episode/movie. All aspects of this episode were generally excellent. It's hard to criticize such an amazing film, but I will manage.

Let's go with my let downs first:

  • The crypts held no secret or mystery. This pissed me off. I was hoping they would be spelled against the dead or that there was a secret army of Dead Stark Kings to fight back, or better yet a sleeping ice dragon in the pool beside the weirwood tree. Theory's about the Great Other being trapped under there in a prison. A theory about a sleeping fire dragon kept warm by th3 hot springs naturally found beneath Winterfell. All of these theories were very good, but we only got a regular crypt with nothin* special about it. You see it was built by Bran the Builder supposedly using ancient magics...built to do nothing apparently because the show took a crap on all those theories also. This made me angry.
  • the Night King went down without so much as a sword fight or even a word of conversation. That was a let down.
  • The Show was shot at night and it was very hard during the dragon fights to see who was doing what.

The positive aspects of episode 3:
  • Amazing battles that made you feel as if you were there.
  • Great fire aspects to the war. The fights were well done and a true sense of dread and fear was in the air
  • Great soundtrack that added to the true horror of war.
  • it was almost a scary episode where undead could be hiding around each and every corner
  • The visual effects like a battle in the smoke, snow storm and clouds made for an ominous feel
  • The dragon cgi was excellent in this episode, especially the undead dragon

I give this episode a solid 8/10. It was a great episode and film well worth watching.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

A Left Wing SJW's Feminist's LGBQT Dream Come True
This tv show reminds me of the Clinton campaign. Beta males, SJW everybody and the literally bash and hate Christianity and the church in just about every single episode. There is a transgender supporting actress and more ethnic actors than white ones. What really shocks me the most is the constant devil worship where they exhaust the devil constantly. These political undertones really hurt this show I find. If only they took the Hollywood extreme left politics out of this show then it could have been closer to a Buffy 2.0 tv series. Unfortunately, that is not the case though. The story is adult oriented with series issues and for the most part is just ok. The men are bumbling idiots except for the boyfriend beta male who does what he is told by Sabrina and worships the ground she walks on like a good beta male. I give this show a generous 6/10, but it could have been a 7.5 without all the politics and heretical devil worship. This is not a show for teens as the teens in this show act and talk like college grads and deals with some very adult themes.

Z Nation: Doc's Stoned History
Episode 7, Season 5

I love this show, but this episode was garbage
I usually enjoy the quirky zombie tv show, but this for me at least was the worst episode in the entire history of the show. The flashbacks to the founding fathers generating the constitution was terrible. I think in part it was meant to look silly, but unfortunately it came across as dumb, really really dumb. During the show they had about four cutscenes that went to shorts of the founding father's working on the constitution. It was about as good as dressing up four men from the street in high school drama class quality costumes and then filming them in a high school quality stage play...except worse. It was so bad that I actually had to change the channel. I don5 know which writer did this episode, maybe he was not having a good day or something, but it was terrible and should never have made it on tv.

Beyond that, the story in general for this season was straight up ridiculous. I expect a certain amo7nt of tha5 in this show that doesn't take itself too seriously, but this talking zombie theme for this season is ridiculous. By humanizing the zombies and having them talk such as they are in this season it humanisés them a lot and takes the terror and scare out of the zombies. The entire premise of man eating zombies is that they are scary and I still terror in the viewer. Feeding them cookies to make them human again destroys the entire theme.

I can tell that this season was written by a far left Democrat (which is ok) as they made George a woman with a mans name who is clearly gay the main protagonist of this season. While making a brand new never before seen actress your new show protagonist it makes me wonder why did they do this? Why take the spotlight off of our usual protagonists on the show to make a gay female named George all of a sudden the new star of the show! Someone who we don't even know!? It was a mistake. She/he (George) does a good enough job acting, it's just we don't know who this person is or why she is the new star!?

So I truly believe this entire season is a major mistake and that the show needs to get back to its roots. Back to when zombies on screen actually I still terror and horror and a real threat to what remains of humanity. The show never really took itself seriously, but it still was scary, it still had horror. Turn down the comedy a bit, fire some writers and go back to the drawing board please.

The Predator

Bad writing, Entertaining Movie!
Whoever wrote the plot for this movie didn't not do a great job. The story arcs were silly, at times unbelievable and still very entertaining at a basic level. Let's start with what was poorly done:

The writing was bad. The scientist woman who had never seen a drop of military training instantly picks up a gun and goes 100% Mary Sue. For a poorly written reason she pick some up a gun and continues the rest of the movie like a trained commando. Bad.

The story of the protagonists kid being some kind of savant with autism whom the predators want to use his DNA is ridiculous. The autistic child is portrayed as the "next level of human evolution". Bad.

There are a number of additional, similar type story arcs poorly done, like The backstory of the soldiers. It was weak and you never care for them.

Now the good stuff: The protagonist is fairly well acted, and you grow to actually care about what happens to him, so good on that.

The movie never takes itself too seriously and neither should the audience. Go in to this movie with an open mind, don't take it too seriously and you should enjoy it. It's entertaining.

This new Predator film is entertaining and enjoyable. It's not anything like the original, but they needed to do something new and for the most part it works. The characters in the hero group are good enough, but you don't really care about them. The scenes with the hero's kid are annoying....we came to watch a Sci-if action flick, not a children's movie. That being said the film builds enough of a hero's backstory that you care for the protagonist on some basic level.

The action is well done, the effects are great and the score is good as well. This is certainly no Oscar winning film, it's a down and dirty sci-if action film that you should think about all that's much. Here are my scores for this film:

Plot and writing: 4/10 Effects: 9/10 Direction: 7/10 Acting: 7/10 Sound score: 8/10 Action: 8/10 Entertainment Factor: 8/10 Lore: 8/10 OVERAL RATING: 7.5/10

For a Predator and Aliens movie fan this is worth the price of admission to go and see. Non-fans probably won't connect with the excitement that watching the Predator brings to the table, but if they like action movies with great effects and a story that's not to deep the you should enjoy it also. Some of the crazy story arcs in this film are unbelievable and that definitely detracts from the relationship with the original film and lore. Overall it's still good, the lore is decent and it's a fresh take on an old fan favourite, worth seeing.

The Magicians

Slow Star, but It Gets Much Better! Watch this show!
This show starts slow. I found that the further that I got into the show that the better that it gets. Admittedly Season 1 was a bit of a slow start, but there are many tv shows that are like this. It takes time to develop the characters and for the viewer to connect with them. As there are man6 characters in this show, there are just many more people that the viewer needs to connect with. The overall story is actually somewhat fragmented in the first season; however, the fragments eventually come together to weave a decent tale somewhat along the lines of a Twilight theme with a Hogwarts or Harry Potter type of setting. Luckily these characters are not children as is the case in Harry Potter.

We have a large amount of charactersall of whom are magicians of varying strength. Each one seems to be specialized in one type of magic that makes them unique. They all use magic to create some amazing feats, often making their lives better. What happens when all of that magic disappears? Season 2 is all abou a quest to fin$ magic and to repair it by completing a special quest to find golden magic keys.

By Season two the actes are clearlya becoming more confident in their roles and the acting takes a massive leap in quality. The main protagonist who is the star of our show actually gets outshined by some of the other actors. The gay king and the straight queen do a fantastic job of acting and and possibly outshine the protagonist! Bottom line- this show is worth the watch!

Van Helsing

Slow start, but gets better
Episodes 1 to 8 are very slow. The vampires and the way that they are portrayed similar to dirty homeless people with normal teeth and the feral ones seem to skulk around like retarded monkeys or maybe irradiated feral children out of a 1980's style Mad Max film. Bottom line - the vampires are poorly done. They could have and should still make a change to the vampires to amp up their scariness factor by 10. Right now it's almost silly and sitting around a 2/10 on the scary scale. All that being said, the shows first 7 or 8 episodes are slow moving, and the narrative is not very good either. We know it's the vampire apocalypse and VanHelsing is some kind of special human/Vampire hybrid that has the power to turn vampires permanently back to human form. We know the vampires want her to run experiments on her so they can make a daywalker breed of vampire. Once the humans escape the city the story actually begins to get better and things are better explained. By episode 13 we know the protagonists real name is VanHelsing and she comes from a long line of hunters. The story is interesting by this point and maybe pulling a 7/10 on IMDb as opposed to the 5/10 it has been rocking since launch.

If the writers and directors made a few changes to the show starting in the second season (providing it gets one) then this show could be great. Here are my suggestions:

1. Maker the vampires scarier, especially the feral ones. Make them mutate and gain strength to the point that even the intelligent vamps fear from lack of feeding. 2. The intelligent vampires need some teeth, literally. Make them more powerful then they are, and limit their numbers somehow. I mean if the world is now 95% vampires how on earth is there enough blood from humans to feed them? 3. VanHelsing needs some special powers when she drinks blood or something. 4. Backstory on what caused the apocalypse...we need some.

I hope this helps!

Fear the Walking Dead

Amazing Turnaround- S3 is great so far!
Seasons 1+2 weren't so great, but S3 is simply riveting and a massive change that writers should be congratulated on. They got rid of a few characters and turned up the tension to the max making this show into a gripping thriller of a show with fantastic drama and excitement hat rivals and possibly puts the show on par with the original series.

If they can keep this exciting pace going for the rest of the season then I think we may finally have a winner of a TV show here. The realistic writing that is now taking place replacing the hum drum boring show that was the first two seasons tells me that the show runners finally decided that if they want to keep this show on the air that they needed to ratchet up the quality of the writing....and they have! Good work AMC!

The Mummy

Entertaining, But Ultimately A Shadow of the Original
The Mummy is and has been a series of exciting action with the original two Mummy movies being exciting but at the same time didn't take itself too seriously. 2017 and we are already at the reboot! No Brendan Fraser and no comedy.

The Mummy staring Tom Cruise starts off well and good with over the top action in a far away Muslim country. This is where Cruise discovers the Tomb of Ahmenet a female version of the original Mummy. We don't get much backstory on Cruise, just enough to let us know that he is a modern day Indiana Jones that's in it for the money. Before we know it Cruise dies then returns from the dead. Like this movie returning from the dead.

This movie tries hard to become a thriller with horror scares, and in a few scenes it actually Archie's that. The missing humour would have added a bit more realism to Cruises character because this incarnation of the treasure hunter has no depth at all. The leading lady also fails to connect with the audience even worse than Cruise.

This movie tries hard to be a horror but ultimately falls flat. Even worse is why the heck did they bring Russel Crowe in as Dr.Jekyl? He just shows up out of nowhere as the head of some paranormal agency obsessed with collecting evil paranormal artifacts. The organization is poorly explained having zero backstory and Crowe's character like every other is 2D and terrible. They somehow manage to find Cruise and save his ass at a middle of nowhere location in England...again poorly explained.

The core of this movie wants to be scary and paranormal and it does touch those notes in some scenes. Character depth is bad. The cgi is very good along with decent visuals to be expected in this kind of blockbuster. The script is bad and suffers from poor writing..something that not even Tom Cruise could save them from.

If you are able to look beyond all of those negative aspects in this movie and go in there to watch it with no pre-conceived notions of excellence then you might enjoy this as some kind of action/horror flick. The original is much better than this one and I would be surprised if they even make a sequel to this failure of a movie that is supposed to be the flagship move for the new Dark Universe horror series. I am being somewhat generous when I give this a 6/10.

John Wick: Chapter 2

Outstanding, gripping, violent and dark
This sequel is the best movie I have seen in a few years. My wife asked me if it was better than the first Bourne movie and I said yes. John Wick the original wasn't as good as the Bourne Identity, but this sequel was! From start to finish this movie was gripping, violent and dark with a few bits of humour injected for good taste.

This sequel continues immediately after the first movie and has excellent music, sound and even cinematography. I found few downsides to this movie at all. Perhaps some of the action sequences extended a bit too long, but beyond that this movie was adeptly made and will be an instant classic that puts John Wick right up there with Jason Bourne and James Bond. See this one in The theatres and do yourself a favour! This is not to be missed.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Top notch horror! Highly intelligent and darkly twisted!
Going into this movie starts off as a slow burn into terror. It starts subtly, but the surprise is that instead of gently ending the terror it continues at a constant increase, keeping the viewer on the edge of a blade, walking on pins and needles so to say. The acting is top notch as well where the protagonists play their parts extremely well and convincingly. This will undoubtedly become a horror classic, the director utilizes old fashioned terror in a slow burn that is reflective of 80s horror. Of course there is a surprise twist in the movie as it becomes more and more supernatural the further it progresses. This is a gem, be sure to watch this one!


Absolutely Badass! Aliens and Final Fantasy in One
This is a great movie. First the downsides: some plot holes, some problems with unrealism where some of the things done like creating an arsenal of weapons really quickly. The good points: this movie is fun and action packed with sci-fi scary goodness. I actually found myself a bit scared over these ghost monsters just jumping out of the walls and instantly killing someone. The only sfx are fantastic and better than most budget films. The acting and actors were great. The plot is believable and not too far reaching. This movie is part Final Fantasy and part Aliens and it works great It's not going to win any Oscars but the film is entertaining and a great way to blow a few hours.

This movie is a fun 8/10 for being fresh and fun and Syfy action packed with creepy ghosts and great dialog. This director should get some big budget Hollywood movies after this one!

Van Helsing

Slow start, but gets better
Episodes 1 to 8 are very slow. The vampires and the way that they are portrayed similar to dirty homeless people with normal teeth and the feral ones seem to skulk around like retarded monkeys or maybe irradiated feral children out of a 1980's style Mad Max film. Bottom line - the vampires are poorly done. They could have and should still make a change to the vampires to amp up their scariness factor by 10. Right now it's almost silly and sitting around a 2/10 on the scary scale. All that being said, the shows first 7 or 8 episodes are slow moving, and the narrative is not very good either. We know it's the vampire apocalypse and VanHelsing is some kind of special human/Vampire hybrid that has the power to turn vampires permanently back to human form. We know the vampires want her to run experiments on her so they can make a daywalker breed of vampire. Once the humans escape the city the story actually begins to get better and things are better explained. By episode 13 we know the protagonists real name is VanHelsing and she comes from a long line of hunters. The story is interesting by this point and maybe pulling a 7/10 on IMDb as opposed to the 5/10 it has been rocking since launch.

If the writers and directors made a few changes to the show starting in the second season (providing it gets one) then this show could be great. Here are my suggestions:

1. Maker the vampires scarier, especially the feral ones. Make them mutate and gain strength to the point that even the intelligent vamps fear from lack of feeding. 2. The intelligent vampires need some teeth, literally. Make them more powerful then they are, and limit their numbers somehow. I mean if the world is now 95% vampires how on earth is there enough blood from humans to feed them? 3. VanHelsing needs some special powers when she drinks blood or something. 4. Backstory on what caused the apocalypse...we need some.

I hope this helps!

Suicide Squad

Kind of Droll and less impressive than expected
Well the characters were neat to look at, and they all had interesting back stories for each criminal. The entertainment value just in the character flashback stories made excellent use of film and was very interesting to watch. The problem comes in the story beyond that, like what the main plot of the film was. I felt that the main story and plot was weak and underwhelming and I lost some interest about halfway into it. The movie was a bit of a let down in that regard and the main story, at least for me wasn't clear for me. Because of all of that, the poor storyline on the main plot and the underwhelming overall progression just made his movie very average.

An entertaining way to spend a few hours, probably worth the money to go and see.


Similar to Lost Highway, Inland Empire and Mulholland Drive......
In the sense that they are all wacked out discombobulated works of film "ART". The movie started sane, but quickly went down a path that left me scratching my head. Eventually I literally had no clue what was going on, other than all characters began down a partying path to degradation and ruin.

That basically sums up this piece of crud. The actors were excellent and well known who obviously felt that by taking a pay check on this one that they were in some form or other contributing to film art. I am sure that the hipster art crowd in Hollywood are singing the praises of this movie to their friends saying that it is the most 'avante-grade' work since David Lynch's Inland Empire (another art movie that makes little to no sense as it applies to the art-scene).

Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate a director wanting to make some art film that is different and unique, but I have to draw the line when it gets this discombobulated. I know for a fact that most people will agree with my opinion on this flick. If it was something that had a clear and understandable plot, while maintaining a fresh, at times shocking and sobering fringe art feel....something like A Clockwork Orange, well that one worked for me just fine and it was 'arty'.

I gave this movie a 3 only because the actors were quite good at portraying their characters (as wacky as they were). The plot I could barely follow, but somehow managed. The music was the only true winner in this film, as it was well done along with audio and some catchy singing and beats. Hiddleston actually sings in this one and wasn't all that bad either.

OK so this one gets a three out of ten. Unless you are heavy into the LA hipster art scene then don't waste your time on this stinker. What starts out fine quickly snowballs into a giant turd.

The Rezort

B-Movie Zombie film lovers should enjoy this one! Those expecting Resident evil walk away now!
I went into this film expecting a B-movie zombie flick, a flawed gem among flawed gems basically. The reason there are so many b-movie zombie adaptations out there is because there is a market for it. Zombie films as we know them today have been around for 25 years. Before that there was the occasional zombie movie made. When the 90's hit it was all out zombie-palooza basically kicking butt with Resident Evil all the way through to The Walking Dead on TV!?! Within this red hot mess of zombie mess the market for b- movie zombie films was birthed. B-zombie films like this one worked, and fans like myself decided that we didn't need to have A-list movie stars and intricate and deep plots to be able to enjoy a good zombie horror film.

There is something truly terrifying about being eaten alive by a mob of human beings that has always given me nightmares. I assume that many others feel the same way too. ReZort is definitely a B-zombie movie. Hands down it has all the fixins' that go into the B persona:

  • Dystopian future earth where the Z apocalypse has come and gone recently - The last zombies from the plague on earth are kept on an isolated island where they are kept for adrenaline junkies who want to re-live the break-out in a machine gun splatter fest where the Z's are chained together to easily be taken down - You guessed it, someone hacks the islands computers and all the chained up Z's go free creating a real splatter fest - Just like Resident movies, there is a sinister company behind everything with sinister experiments going on - The difference that made this B-zombie flick a step above was that they actually had a few actors that I reckognized to pull a bit of acting off. - The other MAJOR factor that made this B flick a bit better athan the average b-Z flick is that it actually had some kind of a budget! - The director managed to get some government money for this middle eastern made movie I think because they had lots of custom vehicles, boats, buildings and structures from real movie sets...some of these things don't come cheap these days!

Plot: The film tells the history of the virus that kills 1/3rd of the earths population in just a decade. Having won the war, Earth has wiped out the plague and rebuilt. There is one island where some remaining zombies are kept for safari, and that's when the island gets hacked and mayhem ensues. Surprisingly it's not a bad movie. The plot isn't new, nor is it amazing, but it is fun and entertaining for a few hours. I rate it 7/10 on the B-movie scale as a good way to enjoy a late night movie. Don't expect Z-Nation, but rather a fast paced mind numbing show.

On the bad end of things the sound was not great, the actors were crappy minus the few recognizable actors they blew the majority of their money on, and the mass cgi effects were crappy.

Beyond all that enjoy the movie is worth your time IF you enjoy B-movie zombie flicks!


Disturbing, a dark dark movie
Before I get to knocking this movie, I would like to say that the soundtrack was literally awesome. The film takes place at a boarding school for girls and follows the paths of two girls. The film itself is quite darkly filmed, and when I say dark, I mean dark in an ominous and evil way. Unfortunately, the time lines are disjointed and quite hard to follow without reading about it online. In that aspect this film fails. On the positive side, the film was made in a genuinely creepy way and leaves the viewer with a morbidly creepy feeling. This is a movie about possession and murder. If you are looking for a happy ending, look elsewhere. I gave this movie director a 5/10. I would have given it a lower rating except the soundtrack and the way it was filmed are quite good.

Pass on this one, unless you can see it free of charge.

The Night Flier

A Hidden Gem
Stephen King has many horror films made from his hit novels, yet only a few were made into true cult classics. Some movies were hits, and even fewer were classified as hidden cult classics like this movie. The most numerous of his films were the stinkers. Stinkers are King films that were made into terrible incarnations of the novels they attempted to emulate. As a hidden cult classic, the night flier never really made it big in the theatres, it was not critically acclaimed and the movie wasn't popular enough that common people would even recognize the name of it. With all of that working against the movie, it still managed to develop into a cult classic. Why? How? I will tell you the why, and it's because this truly is a good flick! The acting is good, the story itself is well written and conceived and the premise is great. The supporting actress who plays a beautiful yet brilliant ambitious reporter does a better than average job portraying her character. She is fighting to get ahead of her competition "Deez" but he is too smart, dedicated and one heck of a manipulator that manages to steal her credit, story and make her look bad at the same time.

What this fantastic horror story has working against it is the ending. The ending does tie up some of the loose ends, but not nearly all of them. In fact the ending leaves quite a few things for the viewer to decide on their own. If only the story filled in more of the back story on the vampire and tied this up in a pretty ribbon it could have been great!

I am convinced that if this movie spent another 30 minutes more on vampire back story and a bit more on Deez's outcome this movie would have pushed out of cult classic status and into horror classic. A great movie, one that I would recommend to any horror/vampire fan.


Apocalypse? Maybe " aCOPYlypse "
My facetious title obviously indicates that I think a certain amount of plagiarism took place in this movie. The apocalypse movie This Is The End obviously inspired the script writer in this movie. The 200' tall demon walking around like Godzilla was copied for sure. There are other aspects as well but I won't list them.

I think the idea for this movie is great. The apocalypse starting, demons attacking, the dead rising. Lore was established at the start with an explanation stating there is a gate in Jerusalem. Good stuff.

So where did it go wrong? Many places. Keep in mind that even with all of these errors I still found this movie entertaining to watch, going into it expecting little.

The acting is not very good. The character development is little leaving us to care little who lives or dies. The cgi is average, but acceptable. The overall story is average, perhaps lacking. What we are left with is a b-movie that has some entertainment value in it even with these shortcomings.

One thing that I found particularly annoying is how dumb the protagonist is. She literally makes every possible poor judgement to the point that it's almost unbelievable how stupid this woman is. Going into a network of dark underground caverns during the apocalypse is about as smart as going into the insane asylum...I mean how do these seem like good ideas? Keeping you best friend around who is infected and undead even after she looks like a demon...seriously?!

Knowing that this movie wasn't exactly Oscar worthy going into it kept my expectations low enough that this film was good enough to take up a few hours of my time on a Friday night. My advice, watch this one but expect little and you will find it good enough!

The X Files

Perfect Timing on the Return to Greatness!
I actually watched the episode before taking the time to write a review about it. Too many people wanted to be first to write the reviews to the returned series, and have managed to get away with it by providing a review with the most generic information possible, so much so that it becomes glaring clear they never actually say the first episode. I suppose you can't blame someone for wanting to be a part of the return to greatness!

I did watch the first episode, and it truly has been done correct! I figured that X-Files season 10 was either going to be 'boom or bust' endeavour. Lucky for us they really did right by it by bringing back all of the old regulars, bringing in some new talent that looks respectable, and changing the theme completely! It's no longer about the aliens vs. The human race. Instead Chris Carter has humans using alien technology as the root of all evil, the corporations behind them and the evil agenda's they are pushing!

9/11 was just the beginning according to an older, wiser Mulder. These evil cabals led by the Smoking Man are using ufo's, nanotechnology and sub-orbital UAV technology to track Americans everywhere and anywhere. Without spoiling the main story, which by the way tracks as far back as to Roswell, and as recently as 9/11.

There is a real tension that plays heavy to the U.S. conspiracy, even more than before! If episode 2 which airs tomorrow evening is as good or better than this, then we are in for a rare nostalgic treat! That's what a feel like when I am watch this show: A Nostalgic Treat.


The Shannara Chronicles

Game of Thrones "Without the Wrinkles"
This show is just like Game of Thrones without the old men. The cast on this show are all young and beautiful. The acting is decent, the director (Jon Favreau) is amazing as well. I have no doubt that this show is going to be great. Those bozo's on here that have given the show a negative review after watching only the first episode are likely not capable of recognizing a great new TV show. MTV has done a proper tribute to Terry Brooks by dropping "the large cash" on this show, giving it extensive movie sets that look great. The actors, while young and somewhat inexperienced will grow into their roles I have no doubt. Favreau (director) would make sure that what we get is a top notch retelling of Terry Brooks Fantasy novel series. Brooks is heavily inspired by Tolkein and it shows.

Those of you who are quick to issue out a low rating to this TV show should just go elsewhere, because I have no doubt this show is going to be EPIC.

Bravo to MTV for taking the leap into fantasy and spending the money to tell this story the way it should be told. Bravo to grabbing a top notch Hollywood movie director in John Favreau.

This show will be one awesome ride, so hang on folks.

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