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The Red Green Show

Great show.
The Red Green Show is a timeless classic. The people involved with making the show did a great job at being creative and funny. It might take a person with an odd sense of humor to truly appreciate the comedic value of the show, but its quirkiness is part of what makes it so entertaining. From unusual ways to deal with every day problems to finding the humor in otherwise mundane situations, this show is just as entertaining today as it was when it first aired in 1991.

War Room

Great movie!
It seems odd to me that this movie would have received such a low rating so far. Unlike many Christian themed movies on television, which are lacking in many ways, this movie is well worth watching. The production, story and acting are all as good, if not better than, any other movie you'd expect to see in the theaters. Without giving away any real details, the movie follows a family that seems to be falling apart and realizes they need a higher power than they can find in themselves to stay together. I don't know if I could say that there are any real mind shattering revelations in this movie, but it is truly thought provoking none the less. Obviously, people who refuse to believe in God and feel no need for faith aren't going to like this move, they don't want to be preached to. But I would highly recommend this movie to any one who does believe in God, and even to those who are open to believing.

Do You Believe?

Yes, a lot like Crash
I had just seen this movie and agree with another review that it is a lot like Crash. I liked that movie and I like this one even more. Both movies share a similar story where several peoples lives cross paths in many ways that tie into the story of the movie. For the most part, this is a family friendly movie, which I like, but it is rated PG-13 for a good reason. there is some violence, but it is minimal and just enough to tell the story. I'm glad it didn't go overboard like so many other movies do these days. One of the things I liked the most about the movie is that the characters showed compassion for others, for their own benefit as much as any one else's. One example is an older couple who lost a daughter invite a single mom and her daughter who are homeless to live with them saying "We need this more than you". Another is a couple who can not conceive on their own end up with a pregnant teens baby who ran away from home to save the life of the baby and was ultimately not able to care for the baby on her own in the end. Mercy and compassion are shown through out the movie, I could go on, and want to, but do not want to give every thing away.

God's Not Dead

Great movie, really well done!
I went to see this movie not expecting it to be as entertaining as it ended up being, simply because many Christian movies are low budget, which causes them to be "second rate" because of this. But I was highly entertained and quite impressed with just how well done this movie is. The casting, acting and story line are all top rate. The acting alone is very convincing, the actors portrayed their emotions with excellence. The story is convincing and thought provoking, the actors didn't just ramble off meaningless one liners. After seeing this movie, I am convinced that those who rated this movie so poorly only did so because They have a grudge against God, not because of the production of this movie. Everything about this movie is top notch. To those who are believers, and even those who are on the fence, don't let those who claim that this is a bad movie keep you from seeing it.

Chernobyl Diaries

Room for improvement.
This movie started off to be promising, making you wonder what was out there terrorizing the tourists and injuring or killing them. It wasn't a terrible movie by any means, but as the movie moves on the more it falls apart. The tour guide tries to contact someone using a walkie talkie when everyone realizes that they have no cell phone service, just to reveal that the matching walkie talkie to the one the tour guide was using was in the same van every one was already in. Another thing that seems pointless is that the van won't start because of damaged wires, so the tourists find wires to fix the van with, after the battery dies. This repair would seem pointless with no way to jump start the battery. The tourists find a map but still manage to go in the complete wrong direction. There are other things like these that seem really pointless that could have been rewritten to make the movie more interesting than it ended up being.

The Three Stooges

Good movie for fans of the original show.
After having read a previous review on this movie by a non Stooges fan who made it sound like it was a bad movie, I felt the need to write my own review. First of all, if you aren't a fan of the show, you might not like this movie, I understand that and it's fine with me. But having grown up watching the Three Stooges show every chance I got, I had to see this movie and loved it every bit as much as the show. The actors who played the stooges, both as kids and as adults, did an excellent job at portraying the characters in the original show. It was a job well done recreating the original Stooges as they really were, not just a cheap imitation. And while it may be true that the story in the movie may not be deep enough to make some people happy, the show didn't go too deep into a story either. The whole point of both the show and the movie is to entertain through the comical antics of the Stooges, both of which succeeded in my opinion. The movie is nothing more than a modern day version of the show, but definitely not less. Any true fan of the Three Stooges show will appreciate the movie, I would be surprised if they didn't. Those who don't care for the show won't care for the movie either.

Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls

good spin off from the original
I did watch the original Trading Spaces for a while, but quickly got tired of seeing people ruin their neighbors rooms, just to end up having the neighbors hate the results. Boys versus girls was based on the same idea as the original, but it was so much more enjoyable to watch. For the most part, the rooms turned out to be much better than in the original show, which made it worth watching. Another thing I liked about it is the teams would trade clues to see if any one could guess what was being done in their room. The teams would also have contests, like figuring out puzzles, with the winner having the loser do one of their chores for a week, like cleaning up after their dog. Overall, it was a good show, it's a shame it didn't last any longer than it did.

Shark Tank

overall a good show
Even though I do agree with the other reviews that the sharks can be a little hard on some of the people making their sales pitches, I have to disagree with the fact that this would be enough of a reason to not watch the show to begin with. Some of the people who do have legitimately good ideas do not get any offers. This seems to be for rather obvious reasons some times, the people don't want to let the sharks in on the entire business, they over estimate the value of their ideas, etc. But on the other hand, even if these people walk away with out a deal, they do get something of great value having been on the show. They get national attention which can (and has) led to other investors for their ideas. I like to watch the show just to see all the creative ideas people pitch to the sharks.


NOT worth watching
I was very disappointed in this movie to say the least. Without giving too much of the story away for those who might actually want to see it (if you even want to say that there is a story), I would compare this movie to watching a cold pot of water boil away. It starts off slow, and once you see the first bubble, you pretty much have seen it all. Once you've seen Miss Espinoza, you've seen all the characters. Quarantines story line is about as repetitive and increasingly intense as the boiling of the water. Again, once you've seen the first bubble, you've seen them all, it just builds up speed until there's nothing left, literally. What happens to the previously mentioned Miss Espinoza happens to everyone. And the kicker is that they even mention this half way through the movie when the reporter mentions that no one will make it out of building alive. That's the first time I've ever actually seen a movie where they so blatantly gave away the ending.

One Missed Call

Too much like The Ring
I saw this movie hoping that it would be unlike other movies I've seen. Unfortunately, I was wrong. It's supposed to be a remake of a Japanese film called Chakusin Ari, but it was WAY too similar The Ring movies. Phone calls mysteriously lead to peoples deaths. A young woman investigates, gets one of these calls, yet she survives. Why? because she solves the mystery. Hoping not to give too much away, the end result for these phone calls is pretty much the same reason for the calls people received in The Ring, but with out the need for a video to watch. Being reminded so much of The Ring movies, I was disappointed by this movie, but was entertained by it none the less. The movie is decent, but it leaves much room for improvement. As long as you're not expecting a meaningful story line or deep insights into why what's happening is happening, it can be entertaining.

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