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As If

let go too soon
This is actually a show that with just a bit more time, could have really found its feet and been a cultural phenom or at least a hit. I saw all filmed episodes (not just what aired). With each episode the show got tighter, stronger, funnier- and you loved the characters more. It just wasn't given enough of a chance. It had a really strong cast (they've all gone on to do great work in other projects) and they all gave great performances. The scripts were redone from the British version, with major changes. Some of the scripts could have used more work tweaking some of the rough spots and making it more cohesive. The wardrobe, music, hair and make up, were outrageous (in a good way) - but in later episodes they were able to find a balance that worked better than the first few. See it if you get the chance, its worth it. It really captured the youth culture of that moment and could have been a huge hit if only given the right support and a bit more attention and time.


very sweet
Worth seeing.

Its a bit sloppy in the beginning, but its a lovely story and very moving by the time you reach the end. I was worried for about the first 20 minutes, but eventually the movie seems to find its feet and grows into a very sweet love story. Between people, between cultures, between families, between generations.

I saw it at a festival and I would love to see it again, but I'm not sure where I could. I hope it comes out on DVD soon.

The best performances came from the great character actors (and non actors) who were used in the film. Great faces and personalities that really captured this culture. The scenes at the family gatherings were my favorite. So sweet and moving.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

worth it
General over view:

cons: the game is too short problems with the camera for some its too easy to beat

Pros: The game is beautiful - fantastic art. the music is awesome..and of course familiar. The acting is great. In particular the lead actors- The Apprentice, Juno, Proxy, Maris and Kota. The way their images were used in the animation was cool. The performances they all gave were great...also the voice actors for the smaller roles, I thought were good too.

The story is great too. There was a lot to fit in, and I didn't think they would make it work, but they did. I was happy with what they created and how it all tied together.

I think the main problem was over-hype. The game is great- it just was slightly less amazing than the initial hype lead everyone to believe. I don't know how they could have made everyone happy - but I think this worked for the majority of the masses. I know I enjoyed it and almost all of my friends felt the same way.

Interceptor Force 2

guilty pleasure
In a word, fun.

This movie is not deep or meant to make you think - but its completely enjoyable. The supporting cast is surprisingly good - especially Elizabeth Gracen and Adrienne Wilkinson. They both rose to the challenge - and surpassed the writing they were given. The special effects were better than I expected, given the lower budget - and the outdoor scenes were quite beautiful - filmed in Eastern Europe somewhere.

I would recommend it to people just looking for a good time. Check out the DVD for out takes and some hilarious special features.


see this film!
I saw this movie a few months ago...just now getting around to posting a comment. Saw it at a festival in Los Angeles. I was there to support another film, but ended up voting for this one because I liked it so much. Its beautifully made - not the kind of film you normally get the chance to see. The best part is the ending. I was most impressed by the performances - somehow in such a short time you find yourself going through so many emotions - anticipation, empathy, fear, peace, suspicion, revulsion and even laughter - but it never feels forced. The cast is made up of familiar faces. Great actors that I hope to see more of. The performance of Jim Beaver was unexpected - very different from his usual characters - and I loved what Adrienne Wilkinson did with this complex character and challenging part. The movie wouldn't have worked it you didn't feel for Carol and root for her. I'd like to see Reflections again - I hope it gets a DVD or other kind of public release where I can find it a second time.

Filmnut: Adrienne Wilkinson
Episode 28, Season 2

search this out
If you haven't seen filmnut, take the time to check it out! This is a great show. Each one hour episode is dedicated to an in depth interview with one person (occasionally a team. The questions are so well researched and that leads to some of the best interviews out there. Not the same 20 questions, not the usual random filler - but a full hour of great comments, questions and truly unique discussions. The episode with Adrienne is one of my favorites. She is charming and sweet and you see why her fans love her so much (and many fans were joining in on the interview submitting questions and posting comments in real time). She is funny and graceful and you can tell she loves her work. I am looking forward to whatever projects are in store for her. The filmnut interview introduced me to several of her projects that I had missed. I've since seen them, and was pleasantly surprised by the variety of characters and projects. My favorites were Reflections and Expectation. See them if you get the chance! I also enjoyed Lakeshore Drive which was shot in black and white -Adrienne has a true aura of a vixen in that one.

The episode with Katherine Fugate was also great. What a delight she is!

Lakeshore Drive

This film is SO beautiful. Its very rare that something is able to capture the glamor and sophistication of the late 1950's or early 1960's - but also the glaze that everything hides behind. This film has a sexy cast that live and breath the era. But it also captures the reality behind the image they are all living. When housewives survived on liquor and pills - all the while showcasing the image of perfection. The comparison between the glamor on the outside and the reality on the inside. This coming of age story tells how different generations of the same family are dealing with growing up, falling in and out of love and surviving another day. The dynamics between the relationships based on what each person is going through. Shot in black and white, which adds to the realism of the time. Lakeshore Drive takes place in Chicago during its prime. The cast is fantastic and manage to keep you mesmerized. I'm not sure where you can find this film. Maybe they will post it online or make it available on DVD soon? I hope so as I would love to see it again.

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